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  1. To make it simple: Windows 8 RT - ARM powered devices. Windows 8 - X86-64 devices. VNs won't be compatible with Windows 8 RT.
  2. Hahaha i don't think they are the way you think (x
  3. OMG, 3 people actually pledged the 7k reward.
  4. I've played Fate Stay Night, Fate Route and UBW Route on VNDS. Everything is working fine. I tried Clannad on VLRN but I got stuck at the blue sky before Tomoya talks to Nagisa. Edit.: Its working now, I replaced for a newer patch than the one I was using (:
  5. Oct 15 D: First time using kickstarter... *open wallet* Its Clannad, must help
  6. By Amazonesses you meant the people who live in Amazonas? hahaha Btw, thanks (: Thank you! OMG this moe is *o*
  7. Fate, all the 3 routes, is fully playable on vnds, I'm more interested in porting Ataraxia when its released.
  8. Why is this thread abandoned? Hahaha I enjoy vns on tablets way more than on PC. Is thereally anone here with vnds translation experience? I would like to do it sometime.
  9. I couldn't get the joke xD as recommendation : Steins;Gate and Shikkoku no Sharnoth. Thanks o.o Hi! It was actually raining this morning, but this was like a miracle hehehe. I loved F/SN, I must finish Heavens Feel yet, but so far UBW seems to be the best one, and Saber is my fav char (: I knew about Ataraxia, I can barely wait for it hehehe. Thanks for the moe (:
  10. Thanks! I hope too (: Hahaha, I hope for that Thanks! Thanks, glad to read that. Since I don't know many brazilians that like VN, this is a good news!
  11. You seen to really like high school comedic romantic slice-of-life hehehe. I've been told that Clannad is a train of feelings! xP I will take a look at those! Thanks! I see that Tsukihime is also from Type-moon, I will look at it for sure! Are u from Brazil as well? Thanks for the recommendations (:
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