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  1. Im reading this now, thank you. i was about to read nozomi as my first route. im gonna go with sonya instead. Excellent set of heroines with a capable and charming mc at the same time. Absolutely love the original game. I read it in psp which has taeko's voice. Man, voice acting is so so so good.
  2. I was playing Koitate on psp emulator on my phone, but now I have my laptop so i can play it on my laptop! on a psp emulator! lol I tried the pc version for koitate, but the protagonist is not voiced. Sad! I adore the VA of Taeko so much that i had to continue reading it on a psp version. I'm now on my second route with ren. The first one was with Yukino. Absolutely loved it.
  3. Happy birthday Clephas, have a good one
  4. If you like comedy go for ALcot honeycomb VNs, preferably those without fantasy elements Harupoco is a good choice
  5. Tons... Lost memories by marie - & ed Tokisoku op by shimotuki Asairo op Tsunagu mirai ed by duca Null by chata Amatsutsumi op Hapymaher op Hoshiori yune mirai op Ruri no tori by shimotsuki Koi no recipe by marie Presto in hatsusaku by KOTOKO Reincarnation in nanarin Totono OP, monochrome Muramasa op Hoshizora tea party op and ed Focus love by marie Liblume in inochi no spare Skip by chata Etc My current fav singer would be Chata.. previously it was Marie. Then before that it was Shimotsuki Haruka
  6. Kimi to Kanojo to Kanojo no Koi Every VN reader should read this game. It has a brilliant concept that can change your way of thinking and be more open-minded regarding the medium, outstanding art and excellent soundtrack that will engage you in the story and one heck of a baseball experience.
  7. Reading Reminiscence. For those who have finished Akagoei but still hesitates on doing this one... hesitate no more. The protag is as awesome as Kaito, in a different way. The comedic level of akagoei is still there and darn. It's battle of wits! Good stuff. I want Aki's route nao
  8. Thanks Clephas Wow it's detailed, that's awesome o(´∀`)o
  9. Wow... Reminiscence turns out to be pretty interesting. Last time I didn't pay much attention. We have some awesome protag on this one. And! A tsuntsun!!! Kazuhacchin!♡はぁ...はぁ...

  10. Clannad for family, Little Busters! for friendship. Both are good vns. Though I personally think Little Busters! is better. These are long vns with tons of slice of life scenes... Though I think that's what you are looking for. Personal recommendations would be Majikoi series and Grisaia series
  11. I'm going to try Reminiscence for the... third time? I hope I can finish it this time.

  12. Looks like we have quite similar tastes though I would say I have little or no experience in horror VNs and rpg. Caucasus ~Nanatsuki no Nie~ - I noticed you like Kara no shoujo 2. High five!! There's a high chance you'll like this too. I did. Inochi no Spare - I just love this game. It's not just about romance, the family theme is what I like about this the most. Houkago no Futekikakusha - most utsugest of the utsuges I've seen. Nanairo Reincarnation - great mixture of mystery comedy and drama. Uhm. Probably my no. 1 recommendation for you in this bunch Akeiro Kaikitan - has more horror feels than the previous game nanairo reincarnation. Read this after nanairo, it's good stuff Sakuranomori Dreamers - Mystery. Love the ADV feels, be ready for some utsu feels right from the start
  13. Finished Hatsuyuki Sakura (30 hrs). Overall it's a nice VN with stellar cast though I have to say that I don't care about Shirokuma, I hate her and her VA. It's very fun to read for me with all those comedy and character interactions right from the start, like the manly conversations with Nozomu. There's also the Valentine's day scenes for example.. The ousama game, the basketball... lol Even the mob characters are great in terms of comedy. Favorite heroine route would be Aya's (well Sakura has the best but...). I love the way it was delivered. Felt completely new. Plus factor would be the voice acting... Shounen-kuchou. Ahhh~ reminds me of Touko of KnS. It just feels good in the ears you know... For the dramatic part of things... I wasn't immersed and am not much into it. I don't like the whole ghost affair to be honest. Though I have to say that I got the longest goosebumps I ever had from reading a VN. It's a good read, and I can understand why a lot of people love this VN though personally, it was nothing awesome ('cause I didn't cry). Best things I like about this would be Hatsuyuki for being a tsundere yankee and the comedy.
  14. Umineko is just so long.. It'll take hours and hours of your life. Hoshimemo is good stuff. Very nice atmosphere
  15. I'm extremely biased here but KnS2 is a nice read. Has over 50 characters, reiji is voiced, with top-notch art (like really, it's pretty) and bgm. Storywise, overall great plot and I didn't see it coming so well-played ig. Never bored considering that it was lengthy. Most of all, the game has Yukari who is the best imouto ever.
  16. I love Chata... My current favorite is this. Soramimi! Soramimi oriru~ Itsuka kiita uta, omoidasu!
  17. I would love to have a Christmas hat, good sir
  18. Omokage Railback Few words about it. I don't like Juri tbh. Also Masashi is bland. As for plot it was nothing awesome but was quite interesting. Things I like about it 1. Strong side characters. 2. Art. It's a pretty game. Just look at the interface. The character art is great and the cgs 3. Nanoha. Kawaii desu. Favorite heroine is Lemon. 7.7/10
  19. Yahari Kawashima rino ssune Suwabe Jun'ichi for male (reiji of kns)
  20. I want to reread this thing. I have the same thoughts except that I'm waiting for Zwei for Saki too. lol I was amazed with the concept of FC, but the protagonist is weak-willed. He should regain himself on Zwei, yes. Houkago no Futekikakusha (21 hrs). I have tried this last year but was too scared and dropped it after knowing their situation. こんな世界なんていやだよ!うわぁぁぁ~ お母さああぁぁぁん~!yeah I was something like that. Though because of Inochi no Spare, I became quite confident so I read it. Turns out I developed a strong resistance towards tragic stories. Looking at vndb, the distribution of votes is really wild. While I can understand why some readers hate this game, I just love it so you can do nothing about it. Houkago no Futekikakusha is a fantasy-utsuge with mystery and chuuni elements. A pattern can be seen in the routes, but it never felt repetitive. I hated Shiori-sensei but hey, I came to like her and it turned out that she had the better route aside from Haruka. Kanade though is simply the cutest heroine (piano girl~ otoko no roman!) and am quite disappointed with Asagao because she felt like an incomplete tsundere... My route rankings will go as Haruka>Shiori>Kanade>Asagao. For heroine rankings, it will go as Haruka>Kanade>Shiori>Asagao. Asagao is by no means a bad girl or has a bad route. It's just that, it appeared to me that she didn't shine in her own route. lol. On the other hand, Haruka is the best. I have never seen a heroine as otokomae as her before. I'd say she's more courageous, and more kakkou ii than most protagonists in VNs. She is intelligent, can think calmly even on extreme situations, and will never leave those in need of her help. Plus the VA... Wow. I'm loving her VA (same as Misato in Sinsemilla), which strikes me as sexy and cute. The contrast between her girliness and "manliness" easily puts her in my list for top 3 heroines in VNs. Itsuka who is partially-voiced (Narita from Hello lady), doesn't fell too far behind from Haruka's awesomeness. He is a ganbariya, has strong sense of responsibility, and doesn't hesitate to sacrifice his feelings for the class he treasures. He seeks to regain their carefree and casual days more than anything. Thinking about it, he's a little bit simillar with Dies Irae's Ren, but Itsuka is better. Ren kind of always try to act cool in front of the girls, but Itsuka is naturally kakkou ii. Outstanding cast. Top-notch voice acting of all the characters. Heroines and protagonist aside, the couples in the game stood out to me as well. The CGs are good. Around half of them are those you would expect from a chuuni VN. The bgm are mainly piano pieces that effectively adds to the atmosphere. Games like this sure have good bgm eh. It has few icha-icha (thank God) and h-scenes but there is a patch for additional h-content. Kanade is so cute there... Overall I was highly satisfied, and it was a lot better than I expected. I was literally clapping my hands on the ending. My biggest complaint though is that it wasn't able to make me cry. I got teary-eyed 3 times, but that's it. It's a very emotional VN but the fantasy elements prevented me from deep immersion into the story. This always happen to me. I-It's not like I don't have a heart or anything. I just find it difficult to imagine myself in the same situation as the characters in a fantasy VN. Aside from that, I wanted to see more of their slice of life scenes, even in the form of flashbacks or something. The cast is just so good, I wanted to see some more of their normal life. "Another story" for each couples would have been pretty interesting too... Too bad, I'll just leave that on my imagination... On another note, I'm not bothered in most readers complaint as to "Why on earth do the characters have to suffer on this nightmare!!!". I was like 別にいいじゃんか。細かいこと気にすんなっての lol Screenshots There goes the last VN for me before starting, most probably, the busiest jiki of my life so far. And I wanted to read the Newton's apple game and Dies irae's english version too... Hiatus, hiatus...
  21. Finished Tasogare no Sinsemilla. Length is 35-40 hrs. A fantasy-mystery VN by Applique. I have to admit this is not my thing. There are 7 heroines and finishing all routes including the fragments will lead to the Sinsemilla episode which is the best thing in the game. However I'm not much impressed to be honest. My biggest problem is that I only like 3 out of the 7 girls (Sakuya, Misato, Akane, 2 of which are even sub heroines) making the routes of the girls I don't like, hard to enjoy and stressful. I find Iroha bland, the way Ginko talk exceeeedingly annoying, and there are even two children. My dislike for most of the characters ruined it for me. That being said the 4 "main" heroine routes are technically pretty good. Overall, imoutoge. Sakuya is a first-class imouto. http://i.imgur.com/mq8neAb.png .............. Finished Kimi to Kanojo to Kanojo no Koi (13 hrs). 嗚呼~すっきりしたぜ。Kami yo, I feel so proud finishing this game. Thank you for this xp lol Top-notch art, bgm, presentation and concept. I have no idea that I have a VN like this sitting on my backlog for years. This is my first Nitroplus VN and it's wArPEd aS f U C k. Recommended to those who like baseball, I guess... haha... ha ha ha ha. . .otoko no. . .roman daze. . . . Miyuki. . . aishiteru. .ze. . . . http://i.imgur.com/Mkay36y.png My favorite character in the game. Love the voice acting. http://i.imgur.com/iXz20vJ.png The best girl in the game though
  22. Pretty much common in the mystery genre. Never bothered with them Finally got in the mood to read some new VN after rereading KnS series. I'm on 3rd terrace in the second episode. Satsuki is a goddess http://i.imgur.com/6vq8TKk.png and Chizuru is a bitch http://i.imgur.com/E02ONgR.png For new reading, have just started Tasogare no Sinsemilla. The setting is Countryside, which is my favorite setting. The art is so good. It makes me wonder why this VN's art is more refined than Tsukikage no Simulacre, which I tried a little bit before. Sakuya hasn't appeared yet, but I can see that she will be my favorite heroine. Looks like it's going to have mystery! I would love to know why a lot of people love the game. http://i.imgur.com/zairJ4J.png
  23. Welcome to the forums
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