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    Tsunderes, Japanese Comedy, Detective-mystery, Piano, Classical Music, Mathematics, Shigusa Satsuki
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About Me


Top 10 VNs

1. Inochi no Spare

2. G-senjou no Maou

3. Kara no Shoujo series

4. Tokeijikake no Leyline series

5. Dies Irae

6. Nanairo Reincarnation

7. Kimi to Kanojo to Kanojo no Koi

8. Ao no Kanata no Four Rhythm

9. Tsuisou no Augment

10. Houkago no Futekikakusha


Top 3 Heroines

1. Suenaga Haruka

2. Kuchiki Touko

3. Nanatsuki Venio


Top 3 Protagonists

1. Tokisaka Reiji

2. Kazami Yuuji

3. Koga Michiru


Top 3 Imoutos

1. Tokisaka Yukari

2. Nonomiya Ai

3. Minagami Sakuya


Most beautiful VN character - Shigusa Satsuki


Hi fuwa, this is melo4496 - or simply melo. I learned japanese because of my love for eroge, and I never regretted spending my time for it. I started reading visual novels on summer of 2014 - the time when I was really bored I needed something to spend time with. Before this I was so into Classical music focusing mainly on piano pieces, but was later engulfed in the world of eroge, after finishing G-senjou no Maou.

For starters I've read a dozen of translated vns but then noticed that most of the games that I really wanted to play are untranslated. This was generally influenced by the posts of our resident veteran, Clephas. That's when I started learning Japanese on September 2014. I never studied grammar and vocab through textbooks, because it looks so tedious and uninteresting. After doing researches (mainly in fuwanovel) and going with the approach I think is compatible for me, I pursued learning the language. After 3 months I started my first untranslated moege which ridiculously took me another 3 months to finish completely. Bakabaka!! (*ノдノ) 

It's my pleasure to help other vn lovers out there who also want to learn japanese for reading untl'd vns, pretty much what rains did to me when I was starting. Lalo na kung kababayan :D

Vn Preferences

I like / I love:

Comedy - Tsukkomi-boke, Slapstick, Shimoneta, Teasing

One True End

VNs with lots of Character - Just look at KNS2. They have around 50 characters there I believe. I appreciate that.

Tsundere - 言うまでもない!

Tsundere neta - べべべっ別に。アンタの為にやってるわけじゃないんだからね!かっ, 勘違いしないでよねっ!(頬を赤らめながら)

White-haired heroines - Nantonaku..


Mystery - Serial killings, detective protagonist, those with clear answers

Romance - realistic character development

Sport - Aokana is a masterpiece for introducing Flying circus

Good Art - I consider KNS2 as the game with the best art, from the games that I have read so far (Hosome)

Tameguchi and Waruguchi/Yankee style speech - Specially if the character is a girl. Kani from tsuyokiss is the best example lol. For male characters, Dies Irae's Wilhelm and Shirou's dialogue and conversations are music in my ears


BGM - Leyline, Inochi no Spare

Certain VAs - I'm very particular about voice acting. Not sure if it's something special but I recognize same voice actor playing different characters in vns right away. There are also times when I'm not even listening to their voices but suddenly struck me that "...wait, doesn't x and y have same VA?!" and most of the time I got it right. (ドヤ)


Arisugawa Miyabi. Latest VA I love. She played Touko in HoshiOri, Misato in Sinsemilla and of course, Suenaga from Houkago no Futekikakusha. I love her acting... It's so moe and kakkou ii at the same time!


Kazane. Yurippe from Angel Beats!, Akari from Noble Works, Yayoi from Hapymaher, Velvet from Akeiro Kaikitan.. Personally like her tsundere acting. VA with the best shriek! lol


Kawashima Rino! Great talent in voice acting (from Yamato Nadeshiko to Badass heroines). I love her voice and I always end up liking the characters she play. Specially when she is doing Yukari's (KnS). She also voiced the famous Haru of Gsenjou


Misonoo Mei. The quality of her voice fits perfectly for Hitozuma-type characters. I remember her as Kikyou&Fuyou in Nanairo Reincarnation. I can also hear her voice in "other" characters like Girl Student A, Girl Student B.. lol


Aji Sanma. Found her voice striking, when she played Marika in HoshiOri (marika is love). Then I found out that she also played Kuchiki Touko in KnS..


Isshiki Hikaru. She's Yumiko of Grisaia. She is very versatile. I didn't notice that she also played Natsume-san in KnS who has very heavy and funny accent.


Kitami Rikka. She is everywhere. Most of the time she plays Tsundere Characters. That's why I like her!! She is Airi of Mashiro iro, Rikka of HoshiOri, Alice of Hapymaher, Makoto of Saku Uta and Tamao of Hello Lady. Tamao's voice acting is superb!


I don't like / I'm not fond of / I hate:

Science fiction

Keigo - Nanka tsumannai.

Maid heroines - Because they use Keigo


Action VNs

Fight scenes

Moe-type art

Bokukko - with the exception of Leyline's and Kani

Loli - with exceptions

Heroines who talk slow - Sakuno of Mashiro Iro, Moe of AkaGoei

Heroines like Nagisa of Clannad, Eustia

Certain VAs -


Listening her voice for an hour will definitely make me crazy. Why does she have to be a character in Leyline!!!???


She plays loli characters and her voice makes my head ache..