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  1. Fault Milestone Series

    Ok, please post spoilers in tags.. As I've yet to finish the two novels that have been released. I am In love with the artwork in this series! The characters are likeable, (Ritona best girl imo). The one thing that stands out is the complete lack of fan art. Especially of the "yuri" kind. I mean seriously. Nothing exists. Calling yuri-fags. Find me Fault Yuri. Asside that, I've just gotten to a part in ms1 where (edit, anyone know how to do spoiler tags?!) Discuss!, Please don't spoil me, Im really enjoying this so far.
  2. Fault Milestone Series

    Sauce on what you've heard? I'd support them if I could, But Im a Neet weeb. And even they have bills. I bought their games. (no yohohoho here)
  3. Sakura Series Stream ft. OriginalRen & Katatsumuri

    b...b..but it sucks so much ass... why should I pay attention?
  4. Piss off Fuwanovel in one sentence

    Lolicons are pedos and should be hung
  5. Post pics you like (Powered by Jun Inoue™)

    Dem feels. Best girl is Ded. Rip.
  6. Recommended VNs?

    Fault. Cartagra and Clannad. Planetarian, Air and for H scenes, the Non-steam version of Nekopara (trust me, you can thank me later)
  7. Rate the signature above you

    ^^ 6/10 because it made me feel.
  8. Are traps cute?

    Are traps cute: Yes. yes they are.
  9. The Fuwa shipping thread

    Because you live in a jew shoe box. And your waifu doesn't appreciate your sad arabic penis.
  10. VNs with the best story

    - Most in-depth Fault. The series goes into so much detail about the world and how things work. - Most epic Gonna have to say MuvLuv alternative too - The one with the strongest emotional hammer (sad / happy) Clannad/Cartagra or Planetarian - Best in your opinion Fault or Cartagra
  11. The Fuwa shipping thread

    VN characters: Ritona x Selphine Fuwanovel members: Sajaki x Ohio, Sajaki x HMN's Waifu
  12. Fault Milestone Series

    I'd say it's not a sign that the VN isn't doing very well, AFAIK it made its kickstarter and then some, and has quite the following. I'm just a Yuri hording pervert who wants to see Ritona get it on with Selphine. ~~~ And just finished the first part! I really am in love with the art in this VN. Onto the second!
  13. Tsubasa would know everything about Eve online. And get stressed about it. Black Hanekawa would show up, kill all the goons and steal their stuff.
  14. Rate the signature above you

    8/10 because.. saber titties.
  15. Your first VN experience

    I first heard of the visual novel Genre through the blogs of the Author of Megatokyo, (Fred Gallagher) He raved about Air and how great it was and even did a couple of parody pieces in his webcomic. As my interest in Anime/Manga grew I became more interested in VN's and actively went looking for them. Found Katawa Shoujo, Played it, Loved it. (and Lilly. Lilly - best girl!) Then found FuwaNovel, finally played Air, clannad and then Joined this community. Since then I've become rather picky about VN's. I really have to enjoy the artwork before I'll even look at the story. Fault, Cartagra etc are the style of art I particularly enjoy. I think KS opened a lot of doors for me, and I still like re-reading it now and then. Even if it is just to pay a certain blind girl a loving, sentimental visit.
  16. You wanna hear shitty luck?

    Sucks to be you.
  17. Ask me anything number 8 version 2.14

  18. The Temple of Nya~

  19. Rate the signature above you

    Quote is part of a piece of poetry that I've had published. Waifu - Kazuna from Cartagra. ^^ yours 7.5/10 simply because not centered and it makes my ocd twitch. Though the girl is cute.
  20. Ask me anything number 8 version 2.14

    Why So Tsun?
  21. The day that skype ruined me.

    *hands Kiri the staple gun* Ruin things. Ruin them all.
  22. Rate the signature above you

    5/10 no masterball in inventory.
  23. Introduces self

    Welcome. Grab yourself a Soda and a Moe. Don't feed the Lolis. They like the attention too much.
  24. unforgettable skype quotes

    [21:31:22] Yiğit Özçelik: I pulled of a 4x combo on Hpno-training My Mother And Sister once