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  1. Japanese Help Thread

    More likely it's just omitted as everyone knows she's talking about the 30s. Japanese like to abbreviate and omit things. Actually the Japanese aren't the only ones.
  2. Japanese Help Thread

    Huh, I thought I was supposed to translate another one that looked like feudal stuff. Oh well. Ms Orin is the owner of Tanmonoya (or whatever the game says how that's pronounced, or dry goods store, though the word for owner used is usally reserved for female owner of inns). She's also my neighbour, and have been taking care of me from time to time.
  3. Japanese Help Thread

    Sorry I can only say I don't think your translation is right. At the very least the second clause should be "It would probably have been better if I fell for it." Could you tell me about the characters? Maybe that would help.
  4. Japanese Help Thread

    What game is this?
  5. Japanese Help Thread

    Context and lines before and after please.
  6. Japanese Help Thread

    Having absolutely no idea what "causative volitional" mean, I'll just transfer it. Are you all right? (Are you feeling all right? Literally "Is your body all right?") Shall I have them (someone/her soldiers) bring something?
  7. Japanese Help Thread

    Dark Jeet Kun Do, on the other hand, is a mysterious martial arts created by Bruce Lee when he was corrupted by the dark side of the force and summoned to the parallel world of Pangaea.
  8. Japanese Help Thread

    The first one. I'm pretty sure Mizunokuchi is the name of a place, not a person. The second one 2010年宇宙の旅 is 2010: Odyssey Two, the sequel to Stanley Kubrick's 2001: A Space Odyssey. In 2010 the film climaxes with Jupiter gets turned into a miniature Sun to fuel the growth of new life on Europa. So obviously someone is a sci-fi nerd. How that relates to gaming I have no idea. Also the formatting for this site sucks. Is there a way to edit in HTML?
  9. Japanese Help Thread

    "You didn't wish to for it, but you are the niece of the Hierophant. And that's why you are here, right now, thinking the way you do. You don't need to deny that." It's hard to make a character/context appropriate translation without more. But it reads like Analiese might not like being the Hierophant's niece so much or think she's not up to the position. He's saying "I am who I am because I was born without an Icon. You are who you are because you were born as the Hierophant's niece. There's no point denying destiny."
  10. Japanese Help Thread

    It is said that wherever she went she left behind only piles of men's dried corpses.
  11. Japanese Help Thread

    Isn't it just "I'm telling you there are things you can't get from club activities"?
  12. Japanese Help Thread

    The wording to me doesn't read like describing current action but rather character or narration explaining "the essence of Prime School duelling style". If it was describing current action the particle should be を and the verb 返し, but it's が and 返り. So I wouldn't use "it was". Well even if the wording was describing current action I would use "he turned...". As it is if i find "take" confusing, then I would use "consider" or "think of". But like all previous posts I really just explain and give suggestions, the translator has to make the line match the context.
  13. Japanese Help Thread

    According to google 合 is how you count the number of times weapons collide. I am assuming the line is either an quote explanation or a narration. "Take one full power strike, like swordsman's weapons clashing, and turn that, as if if were a faint, into a second, a third strike. That kind free changing action is the essence of the Prime School duelling style."
  14. Japanese Help Thread

    Can you tell from the sound file how many syllables were blotted out? Half? One? Two? In any case the easier's way to translate this is just "Say it's weird! Say it or I'll XXXX you!" 素早く describes something done quickly, urgently, as fast as possible, etc はやい could mean many things: early, fast, quick Also I've never heard anyone say 素早くしろ it's always はやくしろ
  15. Japanese Help Thread

    Sorry context plox. There's so many way to interpret that. Also what's blotted out in ○ ? Can you tell from the sound file? Or was nothing blotted out?
  16. Japanese Help Thread

    The fuck are you translating? Whatever it is I am making sure I don't read it. Anyway going by only what is given, they are laughing at her and breaking their promise to spite her for trusting them. Also 望み is double meaning on hope. The world's crap so you were an idiot to have trusted us sort of thing. I still can't tell whether it's tiresome or not because I would need more character background and dialogue. But what's for sure is it's a negative.
  17. Japanese Help Thread

    Need more context to answer that. All we can tell from こんな時代に、望みなんか持つからさ is that someone think having wishes in this age is stupid/abnormal. Why that is and whether or not it's tiresome depends on the rest of the character and story. It could be "that's why you fail" or "that's why you get disappointed" or even taken a good way "that's why you're special".
  18. Japanese Help Thread

    イカレてる = crazy に決まってんじゃん = に決まってるじゃないですか = of course/for sure/duh/no shit That's all I can really say without context.
  19. Japanese Help Thread

    1) He won't look at me. Or look me in the eye, or face or whatever. He refuse to look at me. All depends on the context how strong you want to make it. 2) "Of course he/she/it/you/me is crazy!" Can't tell you want whoever means by that without context.
  20. Japanese Help Thread

    I think there are two typos. 愛されるところなのかもしれない and 時々酷い冗談を言ったりする He's saying that her saying mean jokes once in a while is also part of the reason she's loved as the mascot.
  21. Japanese Help Thread

    The line means "Be thankful (for it)" said in a punkish way. Without more context I can't really tell you what he means by that. Is he joking? Is he bullying? What?
  22. Japanese Help Thread

    It's just. "Each person gets one."
  23. Japanese Help Thread

    Assuming we're not talking about sports or fighting techniques or things to do with physical hitting It means to be absorbed, devoted, concentrated, put your whole heart into doing something.
  24. Japanese Help Thread

    Both of those will depend on the vocabulary given by the VN itself. 格納星 is literally storage star. That means whatever the VN says it means. Experiment body could make sense but personally I'd use something like Experimental subject, Experiment subject, or simply just Subject, though.
  25. Japanese Help Thread

    よまず には いられない It means I have/had to. In this case "A graceful smile. But I couldn't help but notice there's something behind it."