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  1. It's same thing if some visual novel or any other media is in English and we miss some part's because author and reader don't share same thought process or if they are from different background so I consider your argument invalid. I am simply saying that most of it depends on translator. Author nor translator can't make perfection on how they thought it should be, but they can reach closely to it (Please don't flame me I am just expressing my opinion)
  2. I can handle it if they replace h-scenes with something else but it hurts me if they really changed angelic howl or toned down sex jokes.(I consider those things pretty huge change xd)
  3. He isn't really stupid Most of the plot is about himself getting into awkward sexual situations and people misunderstanding him. xd
  4. Reading Ikinari anata ni koishiteiru but I stalled it once I found out Also I will probably replay grisaia if I can't find any worth while comedy vn. :|
  5. I'm sorry then, thought he was making fun because I didn't provide more information. I am not paying HER anything I will soon have first fully drawn background image from her. She is doing mostly because she enjoys drawing also she goes to art high school.
  6. Not sure if you are trying to make fun? I will update thread when we progress.
  7. As I am not really sure where to post this, I think this is the most correct place to do so. I am looking for writer to help me some parts of story or maybe even have it own branch line. I have artist currently working it's first image for VN so I cannot really post it but I will post few of sketchs down below to show artist skill. (These Images wont be used in actual game it just to show capability of artist and some of them are old)
  8. As said above popularity and sales. But also sometimes depends on studios one example of that crosses my mind is Chaos;Head I don't think it is that heavily popular and anime was garbage. (correct me if I am wrong, only thing influenced chaos head into becoming anime was because it is based into Science Adventure universe)
  9. Have you tried unistalling then installing graphics drivers? I can also check over Team Viewer some stuff if you want? (I don't have game installed so can't help you more than that)
  10. Which drivers did you update? Also can you give more summary like which gpu you use. When you updated drivers did you had freshly installed OS? (Also I suspect did you edit some settings inside a game?)
  11. Scoot


    Here is two more pictures of L. I think this two don't have any issues. (just my 2cent)
  12. Scoot


    @Kiriririri @Shikomizue @Yukiru Arigatou gozaimasu Actually I am not looking for professional opinion because I am currently in production of VN with couple of friends(this picture is just a test to see how good artist is, so that I can help them improve). I will be making a new thread when couple of pictures(of VN) have been made, soundtrack and brief summary of game description.(No there isn't L in it) Keep it coming if you see more flaws.
  13. Scoot


    Would you consider this a good sketch? Or if not could you give suggestions what could be improved
  14. I can understand most sentences when I am using TA with jparser/atlas I just thought it wasn't right way to go word by word checking.
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