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  1. Honestly I am under the impression they never even started. They made a lot of promises and kept none of them, like the 5 languages patch (which is a very ambitious goal) and the English partial patch they set for a date long past.
  2. Noble Works isn't a harem, only 1 girl per route within 5 main routes and one side route.
  3. Ah, so that's why, was wondering about why they weren't being tracked. I don't think they mentioned WagaHigh aside from the 18+ content question, but I do remember reading at one point they were going for a simultaneous release for the English version and the Japanese version, but since they didn't mention that here, I would say it's safe to say that is not happening. It seems like WagaHigh and Tenshin Ranman haven't gotten any new info updates (until now) since they were announced, so it is good to know they aren't letting any of these VNs just sit around without working on them, even if they are keeping us out of the loop in regard to progress.
  4. Well, my big takeaway from this is that Akabeisoft has no intention of localizing with 18+ content, especially with the SnK prefundia info we recently got. Also nice to get some info about games I honestly thought they forgot about, like Tenshin Ranman and Wagamama High Spec. Though I guess they are holding off adding them to the tracker page until they have consistent progress on them.
  5. Didn't the fb group become private shortly after they announced their project? At least that is what I remember seeing not too long ago.
  6. Well, this is a nice development. I figured that someone would step up to finish the last bit of the game, but I wasn't expecting a collaboration effort like this. Also, going back and editing the rest of the game and translating menus is a nice bonus.
  7. Just tested it and it seems to have fixed the line splitting issue since I saved right before one and just applied the patch. Much appreciated, the line splitting was annoying me way more than it should have.
  8. I have played a bit of Mera's route and so far it looks like a good translation. Though, the editing could use some work since it does cut off words between lines every couple of lines.
  9. Pretty sure they already said the next patch is going to be the complete patch. Not really much of an issue anyway since it is in editing and QC right now for the full patch anyway.
  10. They never released any partial or anything, the project pretty much disappeared without a word or any real information about it.
  11. Would be nice if this gets picked up again, really like the futuristic setting.
  12. Well if it was what MDZ did it was Mina, that was what he posted on his site anyway.
  13. So since the project has essentially disappeared from the internet, I think it's safe to say it is dead.
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