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  1. Majikoi S Translation Project Discussion

    Im new in this thread and ive finished the English Majikoi S already and really appritiate the team for that. Can you update information about what are you gonna do with A-1 ->4 project in the main thread? Thank you!
  2. Majikoi Translation Discussion

    U can post your picture in imgur.com or any other sites allow you to upload photos, and then you copy the BBCode link to the post you want, there you go :3 On the other hand, thanks for your hard work and Merry Xmas everyone!
  3. Majikoi Translation Discussion

    Translation is a thing but patch making is important too... anyway, keep up the good work! :3
  4. Majikoi Translation Discussion

    Tks for your hard work but can i ask that your quality checks are work from a kind of doc file with text only or checking in a actual progressing patch in the game already? Bad grammar sr.
  5. Majikoi Translation Discussion

    Good job, keep doing guys, im rooting for you Still, I wonder how long will it be until Majikoi series from A, S, A-1 to A-3 are fully translated Btw, Majikoi A-4 will be release this month, hail! :3
  6. Majikoi Translation Discussion

    Not really related but can i ask which route had a scene where Momoyo and Shakadou crush each other just like Shakadou said in Chris route? Can you hide it in tabs in order not to spoling to other people? Thanks in advance!
  7. Majikoi Translation Discussion

    Well i did read it and yes it did say that the patch is not completed yet but down there is the full-game patch and my thought was "that link should have the patch already then" ... not sure bout that then i'm asking here, if u've a prob with my skimming, i'm sorry. Btw thanks for reply! :3
  8. Majikoi Translation Discussion

    Guys is there a download file with the full translate up there right now? cuz i really want to play Avage route :3 Btw, i already have the full game with this link here http://fuwanovel.org/novels/maji-de-watashi-ni-koishinasai but it didnt have the Avage route, cuz of that i want a link with the new eng patch only, not the full game? Thanks for minding! :3