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  1. Majikoi Translation Discussion

    Happy New Year !! Finally there's already something good to look forward to this 2015 thanks for the hardwork guys ~
  2. Majikoi Translation Discussion

    Then we'll both have a cookie .... But still Dowolf is a beast so I'm losing my confidence xD
  3. Majikoi Translation Discussion

    They said they may do it.. let's just wait for majikoi first..
  4. Maji de Watshi ni Koi Shinasai sure is a great VN

  5. Many of us say that school is fun.. Well that already confirms that almost many of us are liars...

  6. Majikoi Translation Discussion

    Isn't it more fun if you can't predict the outcome of each route ? It will depend on your choice so why would you need a walkthrough? just asking though xD
  7. Majikoi Translation Discussion

    Oh by the way will the next patch work with the one's yandere has posts.. I mean they used a non-unicode thing that works with my laptop since it's only on single language
  8. Majikoi Translation Discussion

    I can't wait for the next patch.. Good Luck !! It saddens me that Miyako's Route isn't one of the finished ones .. Oh well maybe they "saved the best for last" xD
  9. Losing... Always a pain but never a bore !