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  1. Yes, Clannad is easy-to-read in ENG.
  2. It's about the Anyone even got it? I just finished VN and received
  3. Grisaia Kajitsu ON

    Oh, got it. Thanks.
  4. Grisaia Kajitsu ON

    Here's the question. I still not finished the main route, but I don't understand: if Grisaia has not "true end" just how it connects with sequels? (Meikyuu and Rakuen) In these 2 games storyline continues as if nothing had happened or what?
  5. Best route in Key's Visual Novels

    Clannad, Tomoyo route
  6. Oh, thank you very much, it works!
  7. unfortunately it doesn't work, maybe I have to install game on another PC and check this out again
  8. Win7, 32bit, JP locale, re-installed game and patch about 5-6 times, PC rebooted (笑), still no success... Hey guys, does anyone here already read Air with this patch? There is a strange problem with savedata, how to put it... So, at first it surely works out properly: when I save my game and close the REALLIVE.exe and then run it again — saves appears to be working fine. But after a few hours, when I close REALLIVE once again and run it: http://puu.sh/3Wh44.png there were no any saves, just empty slots, wtf? Saves works fine with original version: http://puu.sh/3WeY7.png Also I noticed some differences between next screenshots: http://puu.sh/3VOW7.png (when game works fine) http://puu.sh/3WhlQ.png (broken saves) Any ideas?
  9. Little Witch Academia 2

    yea, can't wait for the lwa2 (dunno why, lol)
  10. Final Fantasy XIV

    Just tested PS3 ver., well, the game is so laggy and has no anti-aliasing, I'm a little disappointed. (esp. about lags)
  11. Little Busters!

    Hey guys, can smb tell me, who is this girl at the left of picture? I wonder if this girl is Komari, but then why Futaki at the right?
  12. I don't pay any attention to seyuu even in anime, sbt.
  13. Yeah, it's working fine now, thanks! https://www.dropbox.com/s/1k4m15z77sdw4nb/Photo%2020.03.13%2C%2021%2018%2027.png https://www.dropbox.com/s/wj1lchut0kqfoc6/Photo%2020.03.13%2C%2021%2020%2042.png