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  1. @garine Yep just send everything to NowItsAngeTime. It is easier to let one person collect everything instead of all of us collecting stuff from various sources.
  2. Well, if you were saying that: moving the nose left and right was called pitching, then yeah, you were wong. The thing is, your first picture was missing the lines about the lateral axis, which is kinda key in knowing what they were talking about. In any case good job, if you or anyone else finds more of these typo's or mistakes please let us know so that we can fix them SoonTM. (looked at your other pictures, those are all obvious mistakes that will be fixed).
  3. pppfff took me a while to find the sentence in the raw script, but I found it! https://imgur.com/a/3iJ3Q (left is original; right is edited) Apparently it is a copy and paste error that happened during the QC. Nice catch! @garine Oh and did you just shush me...?
  4. You mean that the sentence seems to be repeating? Where does this scene take place, common route first part, in the simulator or are they flying?
  5. Nope, it is called yawing... http://howthingsfly.si.edu/flight-dynamics/roll-pitch-and-yaw However, in real life flying it is always a combination of both three actions.
  6. Soontm might be sooner than you think