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    Anime, Manga, Light novels, Visual novels, Rhythm games, League of Legends (quit), Illustrations, but most importantly, music from doujins, VNs, and anime... (and JDnB)

    Kamiya Yuu, Kantoku, and some other illustrators (can't remember the names) are the best!!!><

    Drawing anime illustrations and singing Japanese songs are my hobbies hehe.

    Interested in rare Japanese songs, videos, and pictures ><!!

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  1. I use ITH and Translation Aggregator with only Mecab and JParser tabs. You should use mechanical translations if your japanese isnt too good to get an idea on what they're trying to say.
  2. The project is on!

  3. Thanks for the reply! I did attempt to open the OGV files, but nothing really played. No sound or video. But I am aware they are media files. (Solved thanks to Checkmate and moemoe-kyun from AnimeShare)
  4. I was able to extract the WAR files from the game Gensou no Idea, and I have a couple of people looking into this, but I was wondering if anyone else in the forums were able to help. I am need of a tool or method of opening/decompiling s25 files and ogv files. I already made a post on the General Discussions tab, but sadly no one replied. Therefore I am attempting to make a post here as well since the Fan Translations tabs seemed more convenient for a topic such as this. I apologize if the double tab is against the rules or bothering anybody and will remove the other one if mentioned. T
  5. Well I already figured out that OGV are a video or media file, its just whenever I open them, nothing happens. s25 files are from my knowledge, files such as BGs, CGs, scripts, etc just formed into a s25 file. I just need a tool that can convert them into something readable. (Solved thanks to Checkmate and moemoe-kyun from AnimeShare)
  6. Hey guys, I need help figuring out what to do with S25 and OGV files, Google didn't help either. Hoping to get the script data out and start translating. (Solved thanks to Checkmate and moemoe-kyun from AnimeShare)
  7. So after some time, I was able to extract WAR files from the Visual Novel I am interested in, and I was wondering if anyone knew how to extract the S25 files and OGV files. Not only does Google not know what these file types are, I don't know what they are, and no leads on this matter. Would really greatly appreciate it if someone can give me some information on this. Thank you! Edit: The game is Gensou no Idea ~Oratorio Phantasm Historia~ And after some research and thanks from Moogy from tlwiki, I was able to find out the S25 and OGV files aren't meant to be extracted but decomp
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