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  1. Omg so glad, still got my japanese copy of this beautiful vn
  2. Sunrider Academy Info: You are Kayto Shields, an ordinary man thrown into an extraordinary adventure. It was only his first day as the vice president of the Sunrider Academy student council when the unreasonable class president appointed him to be the school club manager. "These clubs cause nothing but trouble," she said. "I'm appointing you to take charge and fix them up by the end of the year!" Add to that another completely unreasonable bet with his little sister that he'll get a girlfriend by the end of the year, and Kayto's school life already seems hectic! But that's not even the worst of it! Kayto soon learns that the captains of each of the clubs he's supposed to manage have serious issues of their own. Surrounded by girls lacking any common sense, his whacky days at Sunrider Academy begin! You will take control of Kayto as he carefully manages both his student life, and his responsibilities as club manager. Study hard, bring glory to Sunrider Academy, and get a girlfriend! Piece of cake, right? VNDB Played the demo of this kickstarter visual novel some time ago and noticed it came out with the full version recently on steam and on there primary site. Just bought it from there site and looking foward to play this sometime today. Was wondering if anyone on the forums here or maybe another site has a walkthrough in case I need it since I haven't been able to find any through google search today. Also let me know if anyone has played the vn yet, I would like to see if anyone other then me enjoyed the demo before it got a full release
  3. Wow im sold as well . Goodluck on project /index.php?/user/13494-sovietgames/" title="">SovietGames!
  4. Awesome news /index.php?/user/6190-diamon/" title="">Diamon! Looking forward for the full release when it happens maybe sometime in 2016
  5. Need something satisfying and not so long

    Princess Evangile is 30-50hrs long and a really enjoyable romance vn storyline
  6. Sunrider Academy Vn 18+

    Well Steam only sells the all age version, You can buy the 18+ version from the creators site here. I also noticed that the steam version removes all the cg scenes when the main chracter gets a gf.
  7. Sunrider Academy Vn 18+

    Haha wish I could say my internet speed atm isn't going very well. Wife is using her new desktop for her otome's she bought today so shes downloading a few atm as well. I really love the demo so I know I will def. enjoy this vn while I wait for some of my favorite jap vns. Have a few I am following on the forums incase anyone wants to know: Nursery Rhyme Koisuru Natsu no Last Resort Koi ga Saku Koro Sakura Doki Amairo IsleNauts Magical Marriage Lunatics! Noble Works Koiken Otome
  8. Play through atleast the common route first, it shows that at the beginning since obviously u haven't done anything in the vn yet to unlock the scenes from your gamesave.
  9. Hehe love the comedy in the 2.0 demo hope to see more soon!
  10. Princess Evangile Release 2015

    Sigh just finished Rise routed and got my ending, such a memorable vn and wish it was longer ;/
  11. Princess Evangile Release 2015

    So far past Chapter 20 on all routes, may show some spoilers incase u dont wana click below but ill post how far I am so far on this vn No. 001 is for Rise route, No. 002 is Chiho route, No. 003 is Riksuko's route & No. 004 is for Ayaka. I'll most likely use the last 2 saves to unlock all the scenes including the sex scenes.
  12. Princess Evangile Release 2015

    shes so adorable. Hehe yea I feel ya people, really hoping we get the fan disk translation that would be my high hopes for 2015-2016
  13. Princess Evangile Release 2015

    Yea same here really love her personality and her cute animal thats always on her shoulder
  14. Princess Evangile Release 2015

    Playing through my first route on "Rise" so love this vn and really hope the fan disk version gets an english translation since it has routes for every girl in Princess Evangile. Its this version that i have posted below: Princess Evangile W Happiness VNDB
  15. Princess Evangile Release 2015

    Can't say much about it kyrt the demo pretty much ends after Chapter 3. Then game jumps around and remember this is only the demo, the full release will show much more on 3/27
  16. Princess Evangile Release 2015

    I Second that, after 5 minutes playing the demo i pre-ordered the vn
  17. I have posted about this in some other threads that have to do with IMHHW vn u can p.m. me since I got a working version. But I can't post the link since it's localized on steam.
  18. This is a translation thread so please stop posting your game errors, if you have problems running the vn go here and make a thread about your issue.
  19. Yea even though its at 98% they still got editing and qc to do so I am not sure if that's already been done since all routes got translated.
  20. NEKOPARA xp3 File extract!

    Sorry I don't mean to be rude or anything I have a wife that's spanish just was stating that most of use either read the vns in japanese or wait for it to be translated in english.
  21. NEKOPARA xp3 File extract!

    I doubt anyone will help out, since the game is already localized by Mangagamer in english. I may be wrong but I'm sure no1 really wants the vn in spanish since most of use are either japanese readers or english.
  22. Show yourself off (RL picture thread)

    Ahh wonderful kid picture when I was little with my mom, and sis sry if the size is massive, blame my phone please . by the way, do everyone have your photo as a child? lolz i really want to see that. (once again sorry if this is out of topic). Ahh found a old picture of my mom when me and my sis were younger such great times picture from about year 2010 with me and my 2 fun nephews And a recent one from 2014 of our baby daughter!
  23. Getting A New Pc

    For about the last 4-5 years I have been using this Intel core I5 2.5Ghz Windows 7 x64 laptop pc. Plan on getting a Desktop pc this year prob around 1k-2k just wondering what specs everyone thinks I should focus on. I Will probably get one with atleast 2Tb, Windows 8 since it works better now, atleast 3.5ghz-4ghz, 16 Gig ram, and Intel core I7. Idk what other things I should worry about since this pc will be for web design and future uses with Visual Novels, playing music/movies, and anything else. I use Newegg for the place I will be buying all the pc parts and building my own although I don't know how well people that sell there own custom build ones work. Some have got my interest but still not sure if thats what I plan on doing. If you have a good built pc let me know what I should do about this. I have been searching around what to do but still haven't made a decision on building my own pc or just buying one that's already made for people.
  24. Cocoro@Function Fan Translation Project

    Well shit! looks like the translation team is dead for this great vn ;/
  25. Just started a great year off playing some of the new Anime's that Crunchyroll released other then new episodes of "Naruto Shippuden", "Fairytail", And "The Fruit Of Grisaia". One of the new shows really caught my eye and really gave me a heartache. This anime is called "Golden Time" and I am not sure why but this show really pulled me in. Me and my wife watched the whole series and cried at some moments but the ending is amazing. So glad we found this show and hope to see more like it. Really reminded me of some vn's that are being translated this year and can't wait to play through some of them. Golden Time Banri Tada is a newly admitted male student at a private law school in Tokyo.