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    sirjabberwock reacted to Flutterz in True or False   
    I do like feet. I suppose you could say I'm attached to them.
    The next person likes terrible jokes.
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    sirjabberwock reacted to Kosakyun in Birthday thread   
    Happy birthday, jabber.
    May Christmastown forever live in your heart!
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    sirjabberwock reacted to crunchytaco in Unlimited Chat Works - Random Talk   
    Do you have animal like characteristics in you?
    I tend to walk with my wrists bent like a T-rex when I'm tired. 

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    sirjabberwock reacted to kyrt in Fuwa Anime Club: 1st Cycle   
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    sirjabberwock reacted to RinXD in Birthday thread   
    Happy birthday Kohai >>
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    sirjabberwock reacted to melo4496 in Birthday thread   
    Happy birthday sirjabberwock, B3A2T and Ariurotl.
    Also to others that I haven't seen before.
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    sirjabberwock reacted to Ezeefreak in 2014 -> 2015 ... Review, Thanks & Wishes   
    Hi there,
    I thought about making this thread to look back at my year 2014 and tell you something about it. So you can learn a little bit more about my humble person.
    Well, I would say my "offline" year was pretty usual. I worked the whole year in the same job at the same company and thats good because mostly I like it. I've an interesting task and much freedom. It wasn't that challenging but it's okay (I like to have some stress).
    My personal life was also the same. One thing that changed (offline ) was that I gained a new hobby which made my freetime more diversified. I've started to play golf (how snobbish ). It's fun and I kind of have a little talent for that. But I havent played a tournament till now so I'm still at the starting HCP 54.
    Another thing that happened is that I discovered Go!Go!Nippon! on Steam at the end of winter in 2014 and totally get hooked by VN's with that. DAMN!!! I played it not because I was so much into Anime, Manga & Stuff (I was totally not) but because I always was a fan of the japanese culture and way of life. After 2 or 3 months I've tried several other Vn's, I finally made an account here and thats the reason you all now have to endure my existence (MUAHAHA). With that several other changes came to my life. At first i was sucked in the Love Live Universe by the game in July. After I loved the game that much I watched the Anime that lead to my addiction for animes. And in the last month I watched Nisekoi and loved that also, so I had to read the manga. And now I'm also sucked in by that. You see it's a vicious cycle I can't escape anymore. But I also don't want to escape that because I enjoy everything of it.
    Thats the Review part I would say. Now to the thanks part. Therefore you have to know a little bit more about me. I'm a person who doesn't really enjoy it to be with other humans. Well, it isn't so that they don't like me or I don't like them (in contrast, I would say most people really like me, but only god knows why ). I'm just no real fan of humanity. Many people just cheat, lie and do nasty things. So I try to avoid it and have not really a bunch of friends, just acquaintance. My hurdle or beeing a friend is really high you have to know. I have 5 People i would call friends and all of them I know longer than 25 years. So that enough about that... What I really wanted to say is that I found here many people I started to like and maybe would call something like friends. I thought about listening them here but because I could forget something I will not. Everyone who feels adressed is the right one . To all of these thank you for that enjoyable second part of this year. It was a lot of fun and i'm thankful that you are here and chat with me. I hope that will go on in the next year.
    Another thing to the site here. I was part of a bunch of community but none o them caught my attention like that one here (I think nowhere i made even 100 posts and here I'm almost at 500). Also to all the people at TS3 -> thanks for your time spending with me.
    To summarize -> Thank you all for your beeing, I enjoyed every day and hope that will continue.
    So and now to the Wishes part. I'm not a greedy person so that will be short. I'm just hope I will be happy.I hope I can go on here and enjoy it to be around and meet many new people. In my job life I hope I can clarify my future. Somehow I've some wanderlust and I think I'll try to get a job in some other country.
    So I hope I didn't forget something or just wrote crap. IIf you have made it to that point -> Thank you for reading!!!
    tl;dr: Thank you all !!! I think I jad a really good year and you were part of that.
    And another fact... That thread I didn't made for my own. You all can post here your year and your wishes for the new one. Let us be a part of your thoughts.
    And now... I wish you all a happy new year and don't party too hard to see you here around next year .
    Edit: One thing i forgot. Thats the first Thread I created here so I hope you enjoy it ...
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    sirjabberwock reacted to Rose in How do you choose your Heroine/Hero?   
    All of those are valid methods and I consider all of them, aside from cohesiveness which I usualy don't care that much. Beauty always gets a heads-up since you know how she looks before knowing how she is, but it sometimes loses in the end. I think personality is the most important one since following a route while disliking the girl is plainly painful. I swear, if I had left Yumiko's route (Grisaia) for last, I'd have killed myself. 
    I don't think I have an absolute favorite, but I usually have one for each novel, like Saber (F/SN), Tonya (Ayakashibito) and Sachi (Grisaia).
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    sirjabberwock reacted to mdz in Koisuru Natsu no Last Resort Translation Project   
    Week 34

    Weekly Line Progress: 777
    Resumption from week off after Shiori's route's completion.
    Beginning of Nagisa's route.
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    sirjabberwock got a reaction from Tyrael in Unlimited Chat Works - Random Talk   
    -puts name down for napkins-
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    sirjabberwock reacted to 傍観者 in 傍観者's Holiday Message and Pretty Much Entire Life History   
    Sure, why not?

    Merry Christmas, everyone. Hope you're all enjoying your holidays.
    Forgive my horrible timing, I was busy wasting my time in nord ruins of Skyrim these days.

    I've already wrote how did I get to know about visual novels in my small introduction on my profile page, but I don't mind saying it again here - I discovered G-Senjou no Maou on a hentai-streaming site. I've been using torrents for downloading for quite some time before that, so I searched for torrent trackers that might be seeding it and accidentally stumbled upon Fuwanovel. After finishing Haru's route I downloaded Grisaia no Kajitsu and If My Heart Had Wings afterwards. At that time I've become interested in the forum of Fuwa, and I registered my first account (it says "retired" now).
    My first impression was a little odd, to say the least. I've been an active member on an anime forum before coming here, but I haven't seen as many people having waifus and preferring 2D world to 3D as here. I enjoy both of them myself, but I still prefer 3D to 2D. I grew accustomed pretty quickly, made a couple of friends. "Kinda" tried to contribute to this awesome community of yours, but that good will didn't last for long. Partly because of my own laziness and partly because of the lack of any attractive things to contribute to.
    Now, "Pretty Much Entire Life History" part is coming up. Are you really interested?

    I'm 17 years old. Born in Russia, living in Italy with my mother and her partner. No brothers or sisters. My father can as well be dead. How the heck did I end up here? A few months after I was born my father took my mother and me to our parents to Ukraine. Upon arriving there he told us that he thinks he's not ready to have a family yet. Living us to our parents, he returned back to Moscow. My mother, after recovering after the stress, received an offer to go working in Italy. She accepted it, and I was left with my grandparents. A few years after she got there, she found a man who she fell in love with. They started living together and at that time she started to prepare the documents for me to transfer here. She spent more than 6 years doing it, and at the time everything was ready I was 12 years old. Upon arriving here the family of her husband started to create all sorts of troubles to me and my mother. We've never been able to discover the true reason behind it, but the most plausible possibility is that once her husband discovered that his children he had with his previous wife were being jealous of my mother and me he decided to get rid of us. Under the pretence of finding a job as a manager of a restaurant to my mother, he moved us with our belongings to a new place, where we spent 2 years until we had to close because we weren't able to pay rent nor for the restaurant, nor for the place we were living in anymore. At that time my mother got in touch with a man we're currently living with. He invited us to stay with him, and so we're living together for a third year already.
    Happy end? Not really. The man has tons of his own problems to solve, so he can't fully dedicate his attention to us. Can't say he's any eager about it either. To heat the house we have to use electric heaters because there's no heating in the place we're living. We can't keep constantly turned on either because the electric bill grows to the sky. We do have a fireplace, which fills the apartment with smoke whenever you try to start a fire in it. Apparently the chimney is too short for the smoke to escape efficiently. Perhaps I should add that there are no jobs to be found here. But we're living near the sea, so I suppose it's all worth it. Too bad it adds enormous amount of humidity to the apartment, though.
    Unlike Tiago, I'm a natural optimist. Everything has a positive side to it, you just have to see it. I like pondering about philosophical matters (that's a little hobby of mine). Aside from that - I love music, especially listening to it. Currently learning Japanese, but who cares.

    Pretty Much Entire Life History - check. Ah. Holiday message, right.
    Happy holidays! I hope you'll spend them having as much fun as you want, doing what you want when you want where you want. Thanks again for such an awesome community, everyone. Please continue being awesome.
    P.S. Heizei - I'm expecting a similar thread from you now.

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    sirjabberwock reacted to RinXD in Unlimited Chat Works - Random Talk   
    I have ADHD and I do all this o.o
    (older amv I did)

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    sirjabberwock reacted to solidbatman in Introducing: The Other Fuwanovel Staff   
    Believe it or not, the forums are not the only part of Fuwanovel. This may surprise some of you, but there are plenty of us that do work for Fuwanovel, often without any help from the "Fuwa Staff". I feel that these people are just as much staff for the site as the Forum mods, and I would like to take a moment to recognize them. 
    For starters, Zakamutt has almost single handily been carrying the Fuwa Gazette for a while now. He puts in a lot of effort to his Status posts and recruitment posts, aznd has been looking for a team fruitlessly for a while now. Not only does he work as the head of the blog, he also does a ton of the lifting on the official Fuwanovel twitter account, typically posting news at the same moment I do. He also just so happens to be the newest member of the Facebook team and has only screwed up one post to date. 
    Next up is another blog staff member. JuicyYuuji just started today, but nothing caught fire and no deaths were reported. Indications are he will do just fine.
    Down is considered one of the Fuwa Staff thanks to his moderation of the forums. He also does some off-forum work in the form of FuwaReviews and assisting in the Fuwanovel twitter account. I made him read School Days HQ, and he absolutely hated it. Despite that, he is moving on to the next review, like a trooper. A true survivor if I've ever seen one.
    Ryechu reviews nukige and forced me to read ToS agreements to see if we could even post the reviews. Turns out we can. Fuck you censorship. He doesn't just review nukige for FuwaReviews though. He also took on Cho Dengeki Stryker and Magical Witch Diary or something. He also likes Raichu. 
    No man insults Nohman, the third and final reviewer for the FuwaReviews team. He turns out some really good stuff and obeys my every command. You may also know him as Bill Murray, but I know his true name for those curious. 
    Nayleen is next up here. Fuck if I know what he does, but sometimes he breaks things, other times he fixes them. Just depends how much he's been drinking. He does some of the coding for Fuwanovel, so if anything seems broken, you know who to blame. 
    All hail the king of forum spam, Nosebleed. When he isn't posting 100 times a day on the forums, he makes Facebook posts for the page. Usually, he has to go in and answers questions that I reply super sarcastically to. We still await the day when Nico Nico Nii shows itself on the FB page. It will happen.
    Ryouuuuu/Kyouuuuu might not be able to decide on what his name is, but thats alright. We forgive him anyway. Our resident Facebook Key specialist, if there is Key news about, he is on the case. 99% of my skype messages from him are usually along the lines of "Angel Beats hyyyppeeee!!!!!"
    Beato is listed as a forum mod, but those pretty game download pages, thats her work. She is the one to usually get those pages up and running. We don't know much of her true nature, but as a Swede, I can only assume she controls Tay like a puppet. 
    dale is the reason you can fap to a high amount of seeds when downloading games. As the owner of the seedbox we use, nothing gets seeded without his permission. A warning to all lolicons. 
    For your podcast needs, look no farther than OriginalRen. Even if the episode count is out of order, rest assured you'll find plenty of interesting things in the episodes. Inner workings of the Fuwa staff, interviews with translators, and discussions with regular members all appear at one point or another. 
    There you have it. Most of, if not all of the Fuwanovel Staff. These guys work off the forums on the real parts of Fuwanovel. Please give these people some thanks and support for what they do off the forums as I feel they are often overlooked on Fuwanovel. 
    If I forgot anyone else, please let me know. As much as I try to keep up with the staff, sometimes someone will slip through the cracks, especially with all the new changes. 
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    sirjabberwock reacted to Ayana in Rate the signature above you   
    Sticks in the mind. I've got a good enough memory to remember that crane by. No doubt about it.
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    sirjabberwock reacted to Ceris in PSN still down   
    Well, you're on a website that has a very large number of VNs on it...
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    sirjabberwock reacted to solidbatman in PSN still down   
    Heyyyyyyyy, looks like all my single player games with actual good stories and good gameplay still work without the PSN.  
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    sirjabberwock got a reaction from Cillax in Hi this is my intro :D   
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    sirjabberwock got a reaction from Palas in Katawa Shoujo got a DLC   
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    sirjabberwock got a reaction from naki2 in Hi all   
    Welcome to the forums. I can confirm that Lilly is indeed the best girl.
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    sirjabberwock reacted to Palas in Katawa Shoujo got a DLC   
    ...Of sorts.
    I don't even know how to word this. Just... just go get it.
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    sirjabberwock got a reaction from crunchytaco in Hentai   
    Wonderful. Just Wonderful. 
    Also I must say I am extraordinarily jealous of your new avatar. Rock and Roll references ftw~
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