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    sirjabberwock reacted to Nosebleed in Show yourself off (RL picture thread)   
    Was playing Love Live all night, haven't slept for 10 mins. I might regretit later but eh.

    A super sleepless nico nico nii to you gentlemen.

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    sirjabberwock got a reaction from droganpc in Show yourself off (RL picture thread)   
    In the vein of not trying to make this too serious:

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    sirjabberwock reacted to Nayleen in Show yourself off (RL picture thread)   
    So, I'll actually give this one a try.
    Ren (and to a lesser extent Zaka) have already taken huge first steps and got their actual faces out there, something which a lot of people are very careful of considering our collective hobby - not that there's anything wrong with being a pervert.
    I'd like everyone who posts in here to adhere to a few rules, which should be obvious:
    Keep it civil - people might be shy, have social anxieties or any array of other issues you don't know of, so keep in mind that these are real people with feelings that I don't want to see hurt. If anything I want to see positive feedback in this thread. Feel free to show off with cosplay, plushies, yourself in a group of people (as long as they are okay with it, otherwise crop your image), or blur out your face, anything to make you feel comfortable sharing something so personal with complete strangers. Should you regret posting here for any reason whatsoever feel free to inform me or any moderator so we can remove your post. For the same reason I'd encourage you to use an image hosting service that allows deleting the image. Since we're dealing with pictures here, put them in spoiler tags to keep bandwidth usage to a minimum. Please keep meaningless discussion off the thread and/or take it elsewhere, like PMs or another thread where it is appropriate. I'll obviously be the first to post, even though it's kind of an old picture (mid 2013) and I don't let my hair grow that long anymore because of the silly locks - I might take a new one if I feel comfortable doing so.

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    sirjabberwock reacted to OriginalRen in The Original Ren Avatar Group   
    You win Fuwanovel.

    You win.
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    sirjabberwock reacted to OriginalRen in The Original Ren Avatar Group   
    I have made the biggest mistake of my life.
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    sirjabberwock reacted to Monmon in The Original Ren Avatar Group   
    I`ll use this as skype avatar.

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    sirjabberwock reacted to Palas in Fuwanovel Confessions   
    Confession: I'd love to know what you guys look like.
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    sirjabberwock reacted to LinovaA in [Ongoing] Forum Emoticons   
    I am just going to leave these here... Don't hurt me. o-o xD
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    sirjabberwock reacted to MetalUpa1014 in Your Political Compass   
    With that kind of narrow-minded thinking, you are clearly living in a delusional world. I have no patience with such people so far removed from reality, unwilling to even think outside their own bubble.

    When 97% of the scientific community supports global warming, your response to that is... a blogspot post about a bunch of dubious papers from an organization with no credibility and clear bias?

    Right, this is where I take my leave. Good day.
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    sirjabberwock reacted to Rose in I'm Proud to Be a Weeb!   
    ROFL. That picture, holy shit. Can we have a new emoticon with Ren's face?
    As for questions: When is the deadline? I can make something from what I have currently, but I'd rather show everything I got since that's the idea.
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    sirjabberwock reacted to krill in unforgettable skype quotes   
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    sirjabberwock reacted to Ceris in How to know number of posts per person in a thread   
    600 posts outside the thread, more than I thought!

    For those who don't know how to do this (I can't believe how I forgot) You click the number next to the word replies when viewing the actual boards and not new content

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    sirjabberwock got a reaction from CruelN1N1 in [Recomend] Manga   
    I already told you this, but read Molester Man~~
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    sirjabberwock reacted to Katatsumuri in Fuwanovel Confessions   
    Confession: I think Tiago's voice is soothing to listen to, and now I want to talk to him in RL.
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    sirjabberwock reacted to Ezeefreak in Who is your favourite?   
    so I'll try a little "game". It's called "Who is your favourite?" (what a huge surprise). It's pretty simple an similar to a lot of other Threads here. You just Answer the person above you and can throw in a new "topic" for the following poster and he makes the same and so on...
    Rules / order of events:
    1. I start with posting a title of a VN, Anime or Manga
    2. The following person posts his/her favourite character of that manga, anime or VN. It hasn't to be a heroine, It can also be the MC or a sidecharacter. But do not just simply throw in names here. Write at least 2 or 3 characteristics/features of that character that made you liking it.
    3. Post the the title for the next person...
    "Love Live! School idol project"
    Honoka. Because she's so passionate, energetic and always move forward.
    Pretty simple (and maybe dull?!), or? One thing to that... I think you can say a lot about a person if you know what stuff/characters he or she likes and why is that so. So I created that not just to throw in names here, I created this to learn a bit more about you'll. I hope something think similar and I'm prepared that this topic may will die  ... But I hope you'll will participate if you feel like it.
    So I'll start with the one I'm watching at the moment...
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    sirjabberwock got a reaction from CLuBLioN in Person above you avatar appears out of nowhere in your bedroom while you sleep. What do you do?   
    I meant perverted high five~~

    example, hehe:

    I'll help you with your destruction of humanity too though 
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    sirjabberwock reacted to Totodile in Fuwanovel Confessions   
    Confession : I seriously stalked nosebleed and solidbatman in the forums for a week once
    I like detailed animated displays of human copulation

    for no reason other than to look at it
    I started reading VNs for the reason of said displays. 
    I'm all about the satire even in a serious situation.
    i pride myself in being a prick at the least suitable times.
    Apathy is my way of showing emotion.
    I am sometimes eager to help but will ditch it halfway if i find it tedious.
    The more violent the thought the more likely you'll find it in my head .
    I hate improper grammar and non-existent punctuation more than i hate religion.

    I really hate religion.
    I actually like Hitler for reasons but i'm no Nazi so don't get it twisted.
    I'm Black and i'm neither racist, homophobic, anit-christian nor sexist, i treat everyone with equal levels of pure lovely hatred.
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    sirjabberwock reacted to Ryechu in Increase Number of Recent Topics to 10?   
    I like looking at the new topics that are put out, but sometimes there are a lot that come very quickly, and sometimes I miss one or two topics I would have been able to contribute to.
    We have plenty of white space, any chance we can double the number of recent topics?
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    sirjabberwock reacted to Decay in Accepting Donations in Translation Projects   
    It also makes you a much bigger target for legal action, companies will be more aggressive with C&Ds if a group is accepting money, even if it's just donations. They don't want anyone earning money off of their work.
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    sirjabberwock got a reaction from Kenzo in Far Cry 4, Assassin's Creed or The Crew?   
    Just buy Fallouts 1, 2, 3, and New Vegas and be set for all of eternity .

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    sirjabberwock reacted to Tay in 2014 Year-End Survey Public Results (Posted Serially)   
    Hey everybody,
    I'd like to thank everyone who took the time to take our 2014 Year's End Survey. We've received a lot of excellent input, and as I start going through and analyzing the data I'll do my best to publish it publicly for everyone to inspect. Not necessarily just because I think transparency is good or that the community will find this interesting, but because the caliber of responses we received certainly deserve public discussion. I have >80 pages of feedback, suggestions and input from this survey, and I really can't thank you enough.
    The files I publish publicly (here on this board) are somewhat modified from what I'm providing to our leadership board: I intended the essay questions (the optional fill-in-the-text-box responses) to be for myself and the leadership council to analyze and discuss. They very well could be made public later a few weeks down the road, but they aren't included in this (or the upcoming) public brief documents. So far there's nothing incendiary in them (in fact, there's a great deal of hilarity) (you have my thanks -- analyzing this stuff isn't always exciting work), but there is a lot to unpack. That's the only reason for not including them just yet.
    I've got a little history in statistics, but I didn't design this survey to be a scientific metric. Some of the questions were poorly worded, and the reach of the survey wasn't intended to be comprehensive. Some examples:
    On the survey I asked how many people were aware that Nayleen had coded the front site. Had I been thinking I would have realized how dated that piece of trivia actually is, and reworded the question to directly ask how many users were aware that Nayleen is our webmaster and more or less works alone keeping us afloat Several users took the survey multiple times. I'm glad to say that I was able to detect these repeat surveys and did average their scores (any quantitative answers were averaged (wasn't hard, repeat surveys were all 100% identical) and the most articulate of the essay questions were retained while the other repeats were discarded), but it does represent a weakness of the survey. I don't think this is avoidable, as the survey was done voluntarily without compensation Another weakness: I specifically required forums registration to take the survey (a user had to post in a specific thread, requiring a forums account). This was done because I wanted to tease out core users (not because I didn't want a comprehensive accounting of site usage, but because I wanted core users' feedback in the second half of the survey) There are suggestions in the data that the population of users who took the survey are predominantly core Fuwanovel users -- those who keep up on the forums, read and are aware of community projects, and are somewhat acclimatized to the western VN landscape.   
    Some final points:
    #1 - There are several more instances of poor questions on the survey. I'll try to point them out as they occur to me. I wrote the survey on my own, so I take full responsibility for it.
    #3, 4 - The first file going public focuses on general site usage and awareness. As you read it please recall that due to the population who took the survey, it's probably not wise to extrapolate too much from the results. As I've said to the Leadership Council, however, the results are still non-trivial and deserve careful consideration. It's still the weakest part of the survey, however. Once the second half of the survey (the feedback sections) begins to roll out,  I think we'll all be very glad that this survey honed in on the core userbase. These are the sorts of people who keep the pulse of the community and whose feedback is most valuable to us as we work on finalizing reforms.
    This thread will be updated as new sections of the survey are rolled out to the public. Links to each of the documents will appear in this first post, but I will post replies to alert the community when new documents have launched. Feel free to discuss the results in this thread, however.
    Lastly: this survey touches on lots of sensitive issues. Like I said -- with 80+ pages of feedback we're bound to run into issues that bother us. I'm asking members and mods alike to keep the discussion respectful. This thread is not the place to debate opinions about torrents or boards or redesigns.
    Part 1 - General Usage and Awareness
    Fuwanovel 2014 Year PUBLIC Release - Part 1 General Usage and Awareness
    Part 2 - Feedback
    Homepage, Blog, Social Media, Chat
    PUBLIC Fuwanovel 2014 Year Official Release - Part 2a Homepage 2b Blog Social Chat
    Forums, Meta Discussion
    Coming Soon
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    sirjabberwock reacted to Zodai in -At the End of a Summer's Knight- [Short VN Development]   
    (Note, this hasn't been updated in a while.  If you wish, you should probably consider it dropped, but if it still interests you, shoot me a PM anyway.)
    Many salutations, esteemed forum-goer!  Thank you for your visit.  I can assure you that we will be having a splendid time here.
    Seeing as how the OELVN community has just been hit with a severe blow, both with the cancellation of Dysfunctional Systems and the announcement of a sequel to Sakura Spirit, which no doubt must be causing severe pain to our fellows, I have taken it upon myself to take up the developer's banner once more, and bring victory to Fuwa-kind!
    At the End of a Summer's Knight, is a short 4-6 hour Visual Novel, mostly kinetic with the exception of a single choice halfway through the final act.  The story takes place in Europe, in an undecided/fictional country, during what may or may not be the period of the French Revolution or something similar.  Somewhere around the enlightenment period.  Anyway, political turmoil, fancy suits, badass assassins, lots of swords and lots and LOTS of fighting.  Oh, and if we're ever short on music, I think most of the music from that period has entered open-source by now, so we might just be able to use that, which would be ab-sol-utely splendid!

    Art is probably going to be our weak point, so I'm assuming this will likely be presented in NVL mode, to draw more attention to the writing as opposed to the art.  Engine will most likely be Ren'py.
    For now, there are about seven to eight characters who would need some sprites, though this is subject to change.  (I certainly don't plan to add any more, at the very least.)  I don't believe many individual sprites across those will be necessary though, as we're trying to keep this minimum to low budget, if money is involved at all.  Best-case scenario, either we're able to release for free or we can put the funds towards a 'next project' if possible.

    --Protagonist's daughter (7-9 years of age.)

    --Rebellion Leader (Older than Protagonist by about 5 years.  Charismatic, not afraid of killing, strong and dies about halfway through.)
    --Fellow Rebel (Otherwise known as 'Genderbent Battler'.)
    Bad guys
    --King (Dies in the opening sequence.  Might not even need a sprite, just a CG or two if we can manage it right.)
    --Prince (Damn good with a sword.  Personality would usually be that of a rival character if we're following standard shonen fare.  A year or two younger than the protagonist.)

    --Bumbling other prince (Prince's fancypants cousin from god-knows-where.  Installed as a figurehead by the prince after the king's death.  Arrogant and not very bright.)
    --Genderbent Beatrice (What, you can't have Battler if you don't have Beatrice, can you?  Originally a rebel member, stayed behind during the opening sequence and got captured.  Then he goes half-insane as time goes on, eventually turning 'full-on evil' for the sake of bloodlust.)

    --Guard Captain (Not easily aggravated, and actually quite calm.  Uses a bow in a world where guns are just starting to become more commonplace.)
    Note:  Genderbent Battler/Beatrice are only referred that way for humor's sake in addition to that being their origin, and will probably be quite different as things develop.  Please don't consider those the most important parts of their character.  Remember, Battler is female and Beatrice is the male.

    After that, there would be the outline.  Consider this a less-detailed flowchart.  It should cover all of the major events in a summarized fashion.  Names will be given for the characters, but these are not thought through and are more of a placeholder/inside jokes.
     >>> marks indicate that it has moved to the next scene.  This will only cover the very basics, so don't expect it to be in-detail.
    --ACT I

    --ACT II

    (The summary is taking a bit long to write, so I'll finish it later.  Act III is the last one.)
    As for the writing itself, if I'm the only one like I expect, I'll likely write them in traditional novel format in a Word Document, then move them over to the Ren'py engine on a scene-by-scene basis, regardless of whether or not the art/sounds are finished by then.  They will be added in as they are completed.  Other writers are welcome to come if they are interested, however I will most likely require a sample of former work.  Artists and sound people are in the highest priority, followed by managers and programmers, and then additional writers.  They all have a chance, but the lower you are the higher-quality work it might take to get accepted.  Larger teams take much more work to manage.





    Now that that's done, I have one last thing to say.  While the possibility of this being sold exists, do not come into this expecting to get paid.  Should this be of high quality enough I will do what I can to make sure those with the effort and willpower get what lies at the end of the tunnel, but I will make damn sure that you put out the effort if you want this to happen.  Half-assed work, and that goes for any of you, won't be worth a penny in the commercial market.  I'm sure we all want this to go as far as it can, and I will make it happen with all of my strength.  But do not think you can make something so much as a physical reward without putting out every last fiber of your being into this.
    And with that, I suppose that's everything.  Should we get some examples of art, writing, etc created, we shall put it up.  Maybe a demo or two as well if we're able to.  But until then, I ask of your patience.
    I estimate a release around August 2015 if everything goes smoothly.  Maybe later.
    Good luck, everyone.  If you're interested, please PM me or make a post below.
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    sirjabberwock got a reaction from Eclipsed in Greetings. ( ̄´-` ̄)   
    Welcome to the forums. That is an interesting lineage you have there! I wholeheartedly agree with your comment about Katawa Shoujo, them feels gah~
    So we shouldn't read Alternative then?
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    sirjabberwock got a reaction from Deep Blue in What is the cutest image you have ever seen? (including girls ;))   
    Irrelevant. Lilly best girl.
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    sirjabberwock reacted to Clephas in What is your favorite type of visual novel?   
    You forgot chuuni.
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