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    sirjabberwock reacted to BookwormOtaku in It's over 9000!   
    Really? Thought it was 1006 B)
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    sirjabberwock reacted to edwd2 in HCGs Questions '-'   
    I recall a quote that translates to:
    "there's mosaics in front of your eyes but none in your heart (imagination)"
    It is said that those who play enough will gain the ability to see through mosaics.
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    sirjabberwock reacted to Clephas in Where to find walkthroughs for Untranslated VNs?   
    Seiya-saiga, Foolmaker, Desertrain
    Foolmaker does the best, most efficient walkthroughs for VNs prior to 2012, and Seiya-saiga does walkthroughs for about 90% of all non-nukige, no-gameplay VNs.  Desertrain is mostly defunct, but there is a large number of walkthroughs for VNs up to two years ago on that site.
    Edit:  Also enter the name of a given VN (in Japanese letters) followed by 攻略 into a search engine.
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    sirjabberwock got a reaction from Mugi in CLASH OF CLANS!   
    Grindfest galore... Just imagine two lesbians going at it.
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    sirjabberwock reacted to B0X0R in How Global is Fuwa (What country do you actually reside in?)   
    Greetings! from the wonderful land of Illinois! 

    Literally five minuets later.

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    sirjabberwock got a reaction from Rose in Show yourself off (RL picture thread)   
    no picture? 
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    sirjabberwock got a reaction from droganpc in Show yourself off (RL picture thread)   
    In the vein of not trying to make this too serious:

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    sirjabberwock reacted to Kosakyun in FuwaRPG?   
    I'm curious about these 'random members' and 'famous members'.
    10/10 if you put our lord and savior Okami and our leader Facade in it.
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    sirjabberwock reacted to HMN in unforgettable skype quotes   
    "nee-chan" is dimdito btw

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    sirjabberwock reacted to Tay in New Theme Option: FuwaFabulous   
    Please be aware that there is now another theme option available for browsing the forums: FuwaFabulous

    How to change your theme
    Scroll down to the bottom of the forums and click "Change Theme" Select "FuwaFabulous"

    How to change the color scheme of the FuwaFabulous theme:

    The FuwaFabulous skin allows you to choose your own, preferred color scheme. To do this:
    Click the paintbrush icon at the top of the forums Select the color you'd like to use Click the paintbrush icon again to hide the color drawer
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    sirjabberwock reacted to crunchytaco in Show yourself off (RL picture thread)   
    A couple nights ago, my mom dug through a treasure trove of pictures to find my onee-chan. She passed away 3 years ago. 4 days from now will mark the anniversary of her death. Anyway, this popped up and I thought she picked out a really good picture of the four of us together back then. I'm the one clinging on to my Onee-chan in the center.

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    sirjabberwock reacted to crunchytaco in Sexiest image you ever saw (including girls)?   
    Well I can't beat that. I can only humbly post pictures of photos slightly beaneath it in sexiness from here on.










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    sirjabberwock got a reaction from Althoris in Show yourself off (RL picture thread)   
    In the vein of not trying to make this too serious:

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    sirjabberwock got a reaction from LiquidShu in Show yourself off (RL picture thread)   
    In the vein of not trying to make this too serious:

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    sirjabberwock reacted to Kendjin in Inclusion of GIFV format in forums   
    Don't use media tags on GIFV and it works.
    Add webM, ban 4ch!
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    sirjabberwock reacted to Nosebleed in A Guide to BB Codes on Fuwa   
    I'm extremely bored so I decided to make this. there's really no deeper meaning behind it other than it might be helpful to some people.

    This post details all the types of embedding and text formatting you can do on Fuwanovel using BB codes.
    I'll be including even the basic stuff you can do on the text editor for people that may use the forum on mobile devices (since there's no editor there).

    I hope you may find something of use in some of these though~

    Text formatting Codes
    Text properties
    [b]Text[/b] Makes the text bold [i]Text[/i] Makes the text italic [u]Text[/u] Makes the text underlined [s]Text[/s] Makes the text struck Example:

    Font Size
    [size=1]Text[/size] Changes to size 8 [size=2]Text[/size] Changes to size 10 [size=3]Text[/size] Changes to size 12 (Normal size) [size=4]Text[/size] Changes to size 14 [size=5]Text[/size] Changes to size 18 [size=6]Text[/size] Changes to size 24 [size=7]Text[/size] Changes to size 36 [size=8]Text[/size] Changes to size 48 Example

    Text alignment
    [left]Text[/left] This sets the text to the left [center]Text[/center] This centers the text [right]Text[/right] This sets the text to the right Example

    Text color

    Note: All color values are in hexadecimal so make sure you know your hexadecimals if you're trying to manually set colors.
    [color=#FF0000]Text[/color] Changes the text color (to red in this case) [color=#00FF00]Text[/color] Changes the text color (to green in this case) [color=#0000FF]Text[/color] Changes the text color (to blue in this case) Example

    Alternatively You can also replace "#color" in the following code with one of the preset colors (just copy paste them) [color=#color]Text[/color]  List:

    Text font
    [font=arial]Text[/font] Sets the text to Arial font [font=comic sans ms]Text[/font] Sets the text to Comic Sans MS font [font=courier new]Text[/font] Sets the text to Courier New [font=georgia]Text[/font] Sets the text to Georgia [font=lucida sans unicode]Text[/font] Sets the text to Lucida Sans Unicode font [font=tahoma]Text[/font] Sets the text to Tahoma font [font=times new roman]Text[/font] Sets the text to Times New Roman font [font=trebuchet ms]Text[/font] Sets the text to Trebuchet MS font [font=verdana]Text[/font] Sets the text to verdana font Example

    Special BB Codes

    Hyperlinks [url=http://randomurl.com]Text[/url] Hyperlinks the text or image that's between the code. Example:

    Twitter linking
    [twitter]Twitter User[/twitter] Will hyperlink your twitter to your user and add an @ in front. Example

    Spoiler Tags
    [spoiler]Text[/spoiler] This will spoiler the text Example

    Horizontal Rule
    [hr] will add a line that extends across the post Example

    This code will make a list with bullets[list] [*]One [*]Two [/list] Example

    Acronym Code
    [acronym='Acronym meaning']Acronym[/acronym] Will give a definition of the acronym when you hover the cursor over it Example

    Member Code
    [member='Fuwa user'] Will automatically generate a hyperlink to a user's profile Example


    Embedding images [IMG]Image URL[/IMG] [img]Image URL[/img] Note: Make sure your URL ends in either JPG, JPEG, PNG or GIF Example

    Embedding .GIFV and .GFYCAT
    The forum software supports gifv and gfycat format, just paste the video URL and it should auto embedd.
    If it doesn't, use the media code.
    Please make sure to spoiler these in order for them not to auto load/loop on slower devices.
    Note: Don't hotlink gfycat videos , they will not embed. Just use the regular gfycat page URL (one that doesn't end in .webm)

    Embedding videos (only works for youtube and Vimeo at the moment)

    All videos from Youtube or Vimeo are automatically embedded on Fuwanovel if you just paste their URL so you don't need a code.


    Embedding MP3

    All Mp3 URLs are also automatically embedded onto the forums.

    Note: The URL must end in .mp3 for this to work.


    Note: If you want to just link any type of media in URL form, you can use the hyperlink code.
    [url=http://randomurl.mp3]http://randomurl.mp3[/url] Example

    Embedding Flash
    [media]http://randomurl.swf[/media] Will embed anything flash If you want to edit the dimensions you can do so by replacing #width and #height with the desired values [media]http://randomurl.swf/#width,#height[/media] Example

    Remember these are just the basic codes, you can combine them to do all sorts of stuff too but I'm not going to get into that too much.
    Just make sure that when you're combining you don't mess up the order of the codes, particularly with Special BB codes
    So for example if you want to hyperlink an image, you would use [url=http://randomurl.com][IMG]http://randomimageurl.jpg[/IMG][/url] Never [IMG][url=http://randomurl.com]http://randomimageurl.jpg[/url][/IMG] Example

    And that should cover just about everything you might possibly want to do when formatting a post, though if I missed something, feel free to let me know.
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    sirjabberwock reacted to Nayleen in Inclusion of GIFV format in forums   
    Hype train?
    Hype train.
    Posting the .gifv URL is enough since the forums are set to auto-convert, otherwise wrap them in the tag.
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    sirjabberwock got a reaction from CLuBLioN in Inclusion of GIFV format in forums   
    I was actually considering making a thread for this very purpose a couple days after imgur lauched the GIFV format but never did >.> I think it'd be a great idea because http://i.imgur.com/DfbZclK.gifv
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    sirjabberwock reacted to Kendjin in Inclusion of GIFV format in forums   
    GifV Media Tag
    As many of you know, Imgur released a new "format" called GifV. It is pretty much just a h.264 video without controls that plays on loop.
    The main reason for this, was to decrease filesize, as GIF is not an ideal format for longer files or larger. (there is also hope that mp4/webM format may be allowed in the future)
    As more and more content on the site is moved towards this new format, we are left without means to link these as we would a GIF file.
    I'm posting this here, mostly to see if there is interest or issues with this, at which point we can push for implimentation.
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    sirjabberwock got a reaction from LiquidShu in Fuwanovel Confessions   
    Idk why everyone has to include "confession" before their posts. It seems overly redundant in a thread about making confessions 
    Katawa Shoujo will likely always be my favorite Visual Novel because of its impact on me as a person. It has some flaws, yes, but that won't keep me from reserving a special place for it in my heart.
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    sirjabberwock reacted to Palas in Cave! Cave! Deus Videt. Episode 0 Review   
    Cave! Cave! Deus Videt: Episode 0
    There is a notion amongst the visual novel community that visual novels are about visuals and story, "hence visual novel!" The music lover will step out and claim the soundtrack constitutes a large, in fact the largest part of why we love visual novels. Someone might point out that choices and more complex forms of interaction are what set visual novels apart from other storytelling mediums or games, depending on which side of the "are visual novels games?" contention they stand on. Regardless, most people will agree that these are all elements that serve each other, the story probably being the one to be served, in order to create a meaningful experience.
    This isn't the case of Cave! Cave! Deus Videt: Episode 0, by We Are Muesli and released in 2013.

    Well, I know a girl from the visual novel next door who would disagree
    There is narrative and there are visuals, as well as music and choices. The thing is, they hardly serve each other. You could say the story and the visuals are one, which is only natural for a visual novel based on paintings - the game revolves on Jeremy Bosch's work, conceptually and story-wise. There is little narration - you have to rely on the art and the dialogues to understand what is going on. Which is funny, considering the art style hardly tries to approximate itself from what it's representing. Sometimes you just don't understand what is on the screen.
    That's when Cave! Cave! Deus Videt will ask you what you are seeing.

    That Gnarls' Barkley music video
    This screenshot is from the very beginning of the game, right after a chopped voice says that you'll undergo a projective psychological test for educational purposes. At some point, it'll claim your phone is generating interference. You'll then be introduced to the situation: Hoodie, a high school student, disappeared during a school trip to the Museu Nacional de Arte Antiga at Lisbon. His teacher is at the police station, being questioned about the incident. Then, you're introduced to the protagonist - Hoodie himself, four hours earlier.
    While at the museum, Hoodie meets a Stranger who, among other things, tells him his phone is generating interference and offers him two routes. There are a lot of small recurrencies, triggered by your choices or not, that give off the feeling that the game is always playing a prank on you, a feeling very much known (and dear) to those who played Earthbound. Like there's someone watching you and the game is reacting to you. Thus, it would be weird to evaluate the characters in Cave! Cave! Deus Videt, since this visual novel is more about you than about, say, Hoodie. 
    At some point, the Triptych of the Temptation of St. Anthony - the painting Hoodie most wanted to see - will be the subject of some sort of puzzles. Either that or you'll have to face a quiz about Bosch's life. As much as these puzzles are psychological tests for educational purposes, since you end up learning about the symbolisms in the painting or the painter's journey, they also carry the story on in a way that only they could, since they are also about Hoodie and, lastly, they are about the player. This is clearly demonstrated in juxtapositions of Bosch's paintings close-ups and scenes of the game.

    That guy in the bottom right corner scares the shit out of me
    There's something deeply narrative about how the art style changes all the time. There are a couple animated sequences, but what is being animated is less important than how it's being animated. There's also a delightful sequence in which they inserted a clip from a movie, an actual old movie, and changed the intertitles so that they'd be a scene in the game instead of, well, a clip from a movie. It's quite funny, actually, and pretty inventive too. But most importantly - these changes are how the visual novel reaches out to you, not to tell you a story, not to please you aesthetically, but to efectively talk to you about art, reality and other such deep themes.
    All in all, Cave! Cave! Deus Videt is just the kind of game that is an insight on what we can do with visual novels - besides, of course, being one hell of a visual novel itself. Sometimes it's the kind of intellectual pleasure that makes you give that makes you smirk and go "well played", but sometimes it really scares you out because, quite frankly. that's what Bosch's paintings seem to do.
    Do play it. You can download the Episode 0 for free and support Episode 1 on Steam Greenlight. Perhaps we're in front of a masterpiece.
    Score: 8/10
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    sirjabberwock reacted to Katatsumuri in Masochistic Gamers - Dark Souls 2   
    I have. Played through DS a while back, and Is currently slugging myself through DS2 at the moment.
    While doing this, I started talking with a few friends who also played it, and we came to a conclusion:
    Dark souls isn't hard, and neither is it difficult. It's simply unforgiving.
    When you die, you can recover your souls. Your progress isn't "reset". it's still there, but there is a potential to lose it. Dying in Dark souls isn't a big deal. There is the potential for punishment, but you can do something about it. And if you learn how the different bosses and enemies work, you're simply not going to be dying much. Dark souls is pretty much unique, in that there are solutions to anything, and you just gotta find them. 
    Take the pursuer in DS2 for example: If you just strafe towards his' right, many of his' attacks cannot hit you. It's not 100% perfect, and nor does it work for all his attacks, but it makes the fight significantly easier. Part of playing Dark souls is learning how things work, and thus, how to defeat it. Don't focus on attacking the enemy the first time you fight them. Instead, focus on surviving, while only taking potshots at them while you're certain that they won't retaliate in time.
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    sirjabberwock reacted to hsmsful in Late Introduction   
    So yeah I found that I didn't make an introduction thread when I first came here so I am making it.
    not because someone told me to make it or anything , hmph
    First things First, I am a human being. Don't trust whatever other people say about me, I am a normal human being with a dick aka I am a man. This leads us to the second thing, my name is Hossam. My name means sword in arabic but who needs to know that? I dunno.
    My age... well my age can be found by this equation : x^2 - 32x + 256 = 0
    the answer is 16, you don't need to try to solve the equation.
    After that, I have been reading visual novels since summer 2013 .... wait a sec... it's already been over a year? I am growing old 
    What I have read is ... fuck that, you can find it on my vndb, stop being lazy.
    How long have I been on fuwanovel? I don't remember T.T, I rarely post here, mostly I just read posts and don't find anything useful to say so I stay away from posting.... they told me that trolling on a forums is bad.
    What I waste my time on other than visual novels and anime : fapping , fapping and probably league of legends (addiction T.T)
    I think that's enough for an introduction post.
    I hope we will all be friends and enjoy our time together before I die or Isis gets me which will be way worse than dying >.> 
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