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    sirjabberwock reacted to TexasDice in Fuwanovel Confessions   
    Sometimes. But of most of the time. people were simply complaining about their non-relationshipping.
    Everyone did. Some boys wouldn't admit it, but everyone did, does and will.
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    sirjabberwock got a reaction from LiquidShu in First person shooters and their fake weapons   
    Hello RinXD, it has been quite a while 
    I gave up FPS games a long time ago, but I understand your point. My counter argument is this: balancing is a huge part of online gaming and having a guaranteed one-shot kill in a sniper rifle (no matter how realistic) isn't very balanced. They're usually put into games to be used in a scout-like role away from the pack where getting one shot kills isn't always fair to the other players (you also have to remember that most of the more popular FPS games are heavily focused on seizure-inducing pace unfortunately)
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    sirjabberwock reacted to Rose in Signatures Hub   
    (I can't make a proper banner right now so have a sign I made a while ago, just until I get my pc back)   One of the greatest joys of using a forum is undoubtedly having a pretty signature and/or avatar to show off. Thinking that, I decided to create the Signatures Hub, a place where people can share their works, tutorials - as well as those that do not belong to them, as long as proper credits are given to the creators -, resources and tips. In addition, everyone is free to ask for a signature/avatar, I'm sure someone will take your request and make a really great one.    For those who make signatures and avatars not for their use, but just because you enjoy doing so, you can drop them here for people to pick them up. This was something I did on a forum years ago, and I think it'll work well here too. People who want to learn how to make signatures can ask for opinions on their works and help with improving, also possibly taking requests once their confidence has build up enough for it.   Please, keep in mind the avatar and signature rules we have on the forums. No explicit nudity (genitalia and female nipples are in this category) No pornography (this includes implied sexual acts and bodily fluids) No gore (disembowelment, dismemberment, torture, etc.) No offensive content (profanity, hate speech, offensive symbolism, etc.) No seizure inducing GIFs (or GIFs that make people's eyes bleed in general) No signatures exceeding 400 Kbs in filesize   Lexicon As we have discussions about the works posted here, I found it relevant to add a lexicon for those who are interested in learning and don't know what is being said. Also, please check it before making a request as "Render" is word whose meaning is fairly unknown when it comes to signatures and alike.  

    To make things more organized and easier, if you want to make a request, please use the following model: Request: (Signature and/or Avatar) Character: (Specify where the character is from) Render: (If you already have a chosen one) Typography: (What you want written in it, the text) Other: (Anything else you may want to say/ask)   Meogii and Kurokusari have their own threads where they accept requests, so if you want something specifically from them, you can leave a comment there or send them a PM. Meogii's thread Kurokusari's thread
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    sirjabberwock got a reaction from Zenophilious in Show yourself off (RL picture thread)   
    I completely missed the second spoiler like a noob initially 

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    sirjabberwock reacted to Zenophilious in Show yourself off (RL picture thread)   
    Alright, I've hid behind online anonymity too long.  It's time for me to show my real face.

    So, yes, if you guys thought I'd look nerdy, you hit the nail on the head with that one.

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    sirjabberwock reacted to krill in Post your desktop screen shot   
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    sirjabberwock reacted to Kenshin_sama in Post your desktop screen shot   
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    sirjabberwock reacted to Nosebleed in Domino's Pizza Ad Campaigns   
    I think something might have gone wrong here...

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    sirjabberwock got a reaction from Shiki in Show yourself off (RL picture thread)   
    Oi Hikari~ o/ 
      *Agreement intensifies* 
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    sirjabberwock got a reaction from Palas in Show yourself off (RL picture thread)   
    I love how this thread's survived for so long
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    sirjabberwock got a reaction from HMN in Show yourself off (RL picture thread)   
    I love how this thread's survived for so long
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    sirjabberwock reacted to Palas in Complete This Conversation - Episode 02!   
    I open my mouth, running over all the characters I have seen in visual novels.
    image guysprite_confused
    As all schools I've been to by proxy make up a mental slideshow, my agape mouth slowly turns into a grin.
    screen iris shut (0.3)
    screen iris open (0.3)
    wait 0.5
    screen iris shut (0.3)
    screen iris open (0.3)
      wait 1.0  
    I look down and stab my food.
    image guysprite_miffed
    me "Well, fuck that. You've got a point. Go play Saya no Uta, then. It has got adults."
    (Disclaimer: I have no idea how Ren'Py code works)
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    sirjabberwock reacted to Tay in Complete this Conversation   
    (Last time…) Guy: "Oookay. I still think they're porny." (< not a word)   Me: "That probably says more about you than the art style."   *Tay gets slugged*   Me: "Owww!"   Guy: "No, but really. Why not just read a book or comic instead?"       (And now for the "epic" conclusion!)   Me: “What do you mean?”   Guy: “I dunno. Why read *that”—“    *he waves a finger lazily at the PC screen*    “when you could just read a comic or a book, instead?”   Me: “Um. Because variety is a good thing? For example, do you eat the same thing for lunch every day?”   *Uncomfortable moment of silence.*   Me: “You do, don’t you?”   Guy: “Yeah, generally.”   Me: “Dang. Way to pull a Ford on me. Okay, so, that was a bad example –“   Guy: “Ford?”   Me: “Henry Ford. The guy who made the cars? He’s famous for the line, ‘You can have any color [of Model T] as long as it's black.’ Meaning: sameness is boring.”   *Guy’s eyes are still glazed over*   Me: “Okay, fine. Tell me a hobby that interests you.”   Guy: “NASCAR.”   Me: “Um. No. Try again. Give me another one. A better one.”   *Tay gets slugged*   Me: “Owww!”   Guy: “Music, then.”   Me: *Rubbing arm* “What kind of music?”   Guy: “Oh, all kinds.”   Me: “What’s your favorite song?”   Guy: “’The Angry American’ by Toby Keith”   *Uncomfortable moment of silence*   Me: “I’m feeling increasingly justified, here. If that’s your favorite song, we’ve got bigger problems to deal with.” *Continuing rapidly to avoid more pain* “Okay, so, by comparison – don’t you like listening to more than just that one song? Or to just Toby Keith? Isn’t it good to get some variety?”   Guy: “I guess so. But I do listen to him most of the time. I don’t like much else.”   Me: “You’re making this very hard, [Guy]. Anyway, I’m sure that if you searched your soul you’d discover that variety is a good thing and keeps life interesting. I do read books, but I also read these things—“    *pointing to PC screen*    “—because they’re fun. And different.”   Guy: “And porny.”   Me: “What is it with you and that word?”   Guy: “It’s just what they are, [Tay].”   Me: *mucho annoyed look*   Guy: “I’d be too embarrassed to get caught reading one of those.”   Me: “How mature of you.”   Guy: “They can’t be that much different than a book, man.”   Me: “You’d be surprised.”   Guy: “Not likely.”   Me: “How about we make this interesting?”   Guy: “Fine by me.”   Me: “I’m going to let you borrow [my tablet] for a few hours. You’re going to play one of these ‘porny’ games. If it doesn’t impress you, I’ll buy you lunch. If it does impress you, however, you buy me lunch. And if it makes you cry, you have to take my afternoon shift.”   Guy: “Fine. But if I hate it, you have to take my shift tomorrow morning.”   Me: “Great.” *tap* *tap* *tap*    Guy: “So what am I reading?”   Me: “It’s a sunny little thing called 'Planetarian'.” *hands over tablet*   Guy: “Wish me luck.”   Me: “Good luck. Oh, and I locked the other apps, so you can’t snoop. Sorry.”   Guy: “D*@%.”         The After-Story: [Guy] loved Planetarian and he definitely cried. Lunch was delicious, as was having the afternoon off. He’s interested in trying another “porny game”, though I do not know which one I’ll recommend to him. I have not yet actually told him that there is, in fact, porn in some of the games. Mostly because I really hate the word “porny.”
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    sirjabberwock reacted to SovietGames in Love, Money, Rock'n'Roll [Romance | Drama | Mystery | Eighties] [KICKSTARTER ENDED]   
    The Eighties; the romanticism of the early rock’n’roll; the making of the trans-national corporations; the spirit of freedom and rebellion against society. Political intrigues, world unbound by the vice of globalization, and the birth of modern business model. The time when money could buy everything and meant nothing.
    The main character, Nikolai, is a son of two engineers who emigrated to Japan from the Soviet Union when he was a child. After his parents' tragic death in a production incident, he has been living alone, attending a local school for foreigners and children from wealthy families. One day he gets caught in a whirlwind of events, intrigues, political schemes, and complex human relationships. Is he destined to get out of this storm unhurt, or will he be swept away by the hurricane of life that is more complicated and threatening than he could ever imagine?
    This and many other things you will find in Love, Money, Rock'n'roll", a new visual novel in development by Soviet Games. Immerse yourself in an engrossing story, find the secrets of the powerful Corporation and the purpose of the mysterious Project, choose your path and find your love.
    Dozens of hours of gameplay
    With more than 300 000 words planned in the script, LMRnR is one of the longest visual novels out there.

    An immersive tale
    Full of love, intrigues, music, betrayal and self-sacrifice. With a multitude of choices that define the development of the story.

    Dozens of hours of gameplay
             To ensure best possible flexibility and performance 

    Four heroines
    Each with her own story, temper, and several possible endings

    Lots and lots of art and music
    Several hours of music, more than 80 event CGs, more than 80 BGs, and all of this – of prime quality

    LMRnR is planned for release on Windows, Windows Phone, Linux, MacOS, iOS, Android, and as a web-version simultaneously
    Official SoundCloud playlist
      Himitsu     Himitsu is Nikolai’s childhood friend. She is kind, caring, she always worries about him, sometimes even too annoyingly so. But is simple friendship really enough for her? Maybe the years of devotion earned her something more?  
      Catherine is Nikolai’s ex-girlfriend who left Japan about a year before the beginning of the game’s events. Their parting wasn’t the prettiest and Nikolai still carries quite uncomfortable memories about it. Perhaps he would have forgotten them with time, but Catherine suddenly returns and, moreover, transfers into his class. Why did she return? Does she still love him? Does he still love her?  
      Ellie is the granddaughter of the board chairman of the school Nikolai goes to. She is a self-willed, proud girl and thinks highly of herself, but cannot be said to lack ardour. Is everything really as simple as it looks at the first glance, or is there more than meets the eye behind the image of a spoiled young lady?  
      Kagome is the representative of Nikolai’s class. He has never paid attention to her before, but a certain sequence of events makes them come to know each other. Kagome isn’t loved in the school, and she isn’t really burning with desire to become friends with anyone either. Is there a reason for her behavior? What hides behind the facade of a simple unsociable girl? What secrets does she hide?  
          Planned Languages: Russian and English
    Planned Platforms: Windows, Windows Phone, Linux, Mac, Android, iOS, Web Planned Age Rating: 18+/16+. The game will be released in two versions.
      Please visit our website and read the first blog post for additional information about the game.
    You can also send us an e-mail and follow our twitter, tumblr, facebook, and RSS feed for future updates!
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    sirjabberwock reacted to krill in music while gaming, your own or the ost?   
    when i play games i almost always listen to one of my playlists that i made for the purpose of playing to game too. with some games if i like the sound of the ost i will listen to that instead but its rare. so what about you guys do you only use the ost? or do you play your own music? do you have a preference? if you use your own music what kind do you usually play as you game?
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    sirjabberwock reacted to Flutterz in Rate the signature above you   
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    sirjabberwock reacted to Mr Poltroon in So I left my mic on for hours...   
    I've done plenty of videos, you know? 
    I don't care what they sound like, I'm here to please the plebs. Apparently it sounds somewhat Scottish, or so some have told me.
    My favourite quote as well.
    I was born with it, might as well share it. (I'm much amazingness, hohoho  )
    Don't forget to make a three page miscellaneous thoughts post.
    How dare you skip?! Actually, please do. It's best heard in the background at random.
    Professionally so.
    For anyone who hasn't noticed, you can hear my native language near the end, and what my family has to put up with when I'm pissed. And yes, I do still live with my parents. It's a perfectly fine house to inherit, and I'm not getting married (at least no one told me anything), all is well.
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    sirjabberwock reacted to Rose in Katawa Shoujo gets a physical version in Japan   
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    sirjabberwock reacted to Deep Blue in Katawa Shoujo gets a physical version in Japan   
    katawa shoujo for me:

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    sirjabberwock reacted to krill in Katawa Shoujo gets a physical version in Japan   
    ok i haven't checked fuwa much recently and haven't posted since the switch to . net but this is the kind of news that i just cant resist, KS was my intro to visual novels, it got me hooked and im very happy to see that its getting a physical release even if its japan only. congrats 4leaf.
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    sirjabberwock reacted to Down in Sakura Beach   
    I'm done. We're closing up.

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