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    sirjabberwock reacted to maefdomn for a blog entry, Hidden complexity   
    This is my favorite subject ever, yet I can't say the things I want to. The influence of the small things of life. Maybe because it's a very personnal subject. Something you feel 'inside', something that's hard to talk about because you never really tried to put words onto them, because you felt it and didn't learn it.

    To illustrate my thoughts, I'll use my favorite anime and Vn, respictively Toradora and Clannad After story).

    Unlike other animes or Vn, these do not try to impress you with deep or overwhelming plot lines, complicated stories, characters with massively traumatic backstories, and with cliché characters.

    These characters live normal lives, with their own problems. These problems don't involve the world, the land, the city, the village they live in. Simply them and their familly and/or friends.

    Tomoya's familly problem is far for being unique, nor is Taiga's (even if it is an hyperbole of the actual occurences) or Ryuji's. Yet these issues shapped who they are but are never justified by it.

    But then how do you make something that doesn't seem to hold any interesting material into my favorite ?

    You put an emphasis on their lives, on these problems, which they keep to themselves, but who hurt.
    People like to tell you your problems are nothing compared to others', famine, poverty, war, and the list goes on. But does that mean they are irrelevant ? Absolutely not, love, happiness, sadness are feelings we all feel. And Clannad and Toradora are the best at making the audience feel the inner turmoil, the intensity of what doesn't seem much but who are determinant in the characters personnality and course of action.

    My best example would be Kushieda

    Minori is an exceptionnal character. From what seemed like a clownesque girl, simple initial love interest from the MC, is in reality the most interesting character I know of.
    Hiding all her emotions behing a sad sunny smile, the lovely, happy and joyful character slowly falls into sadness and anger when the one she loved gets taken away from her.
    She is a very strong person, and does all she can for her best friend, but ends up hurting herself. Her qualities, her excepionnal tolerance and friendliness led her to her own sadness.

    All she can do is witness, unable to change the course of things. Minori Kushieda, will forever be an example, and I can only feel towards her a very strong feeling of empathy.

    In Clannad, Tomoya and Nagisa live their life, they aren't rich, they don't have big ambitions, they simply are happy. Clannad is a story about happiness and familly. Let us remember, that happiness is the goal of every human being and this couple is not exception. They love each other, and want things to stay that way.

    Clannad is a battle against unfairness, as if the world was trying on purpose to destroy them, and prevent them from living the happiness they diserve. And it is just heartbreaking to witness.

    Another quality in these to pieces, is the honesty of the characters. Anger, sadness, happiness, everything is witnessed in its most genuine form. As opposed to too many VNs and anime, the characters react humanly.

    It's not often that you can see, hear emotions of that intensity on a screen and live it that strongly.

    Everything I said might have made no sense. But it was important for me to at least try and word it. Take what you can from it. I just think, as hard or as comfortable your life may be. Do not underestimate (nor overestimate) the things that torment you. They have their own importance, even if just for you. There are no problems which are comparable for we are all different.

    And Clannad and Toradora are prime examples and illustrations of this.
    Feel free to comment and give your point of view on the subject and if you liked these as much as I did, please tell me why.

    Edit: So many typos
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    sirjabberwock reacted to LinovaA for a blog entry, The New Setup -- AkaGoei and Totono   
    The picture is entirely unrelated to most of this post.

    So, as many of you who play UnTl'd VNs may know, JParser is a lifesaver. It is both love and life, bae, and every other romantic term you can possibly apply to a normal human. In other words, for someone who is a JLP (Japanese Language Plebian), it is a god send. I've been using it up until now, which is about a month (I can't believe I've been reading AkaGoei for like a month..) and it has really been working for me.

    But the other day... something happened. Something that changed everything for me

    So I was talking to a certain SubaHibi fan the other day, and he informed me of a different way for me to understand moon runes. While my grasp of grammar has definitely improved, I still rely heavily on dictionaries to understand the other words, so I was all ears.

    As he spoke the name... it was like heaven itself had opened up and rained down it's infinite glory of kamige on to me.
    .... Rikaisama.

    What is rikaisama? It is basically JParser, only it actually gets updated. That and it is used in your browser. Problem is rikaisama is only for an inferior internet browser Firefox.

    Here is an image of what my setup looks like now:

    Looks a lot cleaner in my opinion.
    So let me break this down for you. Like JParser, mousing over words brings up defintions and different words for what it might possibly be. Making sure that ITH is set to automatically copy to clipboard, I have a site open that has a resizeable text box so I can paste what is on the sceen and check it out in my browser by mousing over stuff. Ironic that the page I am using is Translation Party, but it doesn't really matter what you use as long as there is a textbox. I am using Translation Party because a certain SubaHibi fan showed me to that site first.

    There ARE alternatives to rikaisama, such rikaikun for Chrome.. but rikaisama is more customizable. So yeah, sure you will have to switch over to Firefox if you aren't already using it. Honestly the switch isn't so bad.

    After all... Rikaisama has an optional name dictionary.. and if that isn't enough to convince you.. then I don't know what will.

    All credit for this goes to a certain SubaHibi fan. Thanks for showing me this method, as it is definitely more convienent. Or at the very least... it makes my screen look nicer.

    On an unrelated note, seems I haven't updated this in a little bit. I have been busy over the last few weeks, but I certainly have not forgotten about it (not that many people read this thing at all xD).
    I finished Aya's route and am on Tsuki's now, but I am taking a break from AkaGoei in order to play some Totono, if you couldn't tell from the above picture. Totono is kind of like a break for me, as it is easier to read than AkaGoei in my opinion.

    Anyway, thanks for stopping in guys. Hopefully I'll get something else up again soon.
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    sirjabberwock reacted to LinovaA for a blog entry, Threads you should check out - Week #3   
    The following list only contains threads made from March 28 to April 04, any older thread will be placed under the "Updated" banner if new relevant content is added to it

    If you don't know how the list works, please check the project

    Bunny Black 1 translation patch released! (Link)

    How Global is Fuwa (What country do you actually reside in?) (Link)
    Interest in a Fuwa Gaming Club (Link)
    How did you discover Fuwanovel? (Link)
    Spring 2015 Anime Discussion (Link)
    Weekly VN/Route Appreciation Thread (Link)

    Fuwanovel's Fantasy Quest! (Link)

    Blog Post
    VN Review: Dies Irae (Link)

    Blue* TL Project [Demo/Prologue Released] (Link)

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    sirjabberwock reacted to LinovaA for a blog entry, All Hail Scottsune   
    Hey guys, Lino here. So today, I think we need to take a moment and appreciate perhaps the most valuable member of the community. Scottsune Miku.

    If you don't already know Scott, then you need to hurry and get good, for Scott is all that makes the world live and breathe. Once the holder of the highest stat in every stat here on Fuwa, Scott is our idol and leader and we must all aspire to be like him. Leader of the greatest company in the world, he brings us songs sung by the character, Hatsune Miku.

    But don't take my word for it, here is an introductory video to everything that is Scottsune.

    And remember fellow Fuwans... have some fun with Miku~

    There also seems to be a religion surrounding Scott 'round here, not that a pleb like me knows anything.
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    sirjabberwock reacted to Clephas for a blog entry, A Few Things about Clephas Part 1   
    I keep getting questions like, 'Who are you?' and 'Why should I listen to you at all about VNs?'... not to mention questions that are a bit more personal. So, I thought I'd answer those questions I'm willing to answer (feel free to ask more in the comments, and I'll answer those that I can in a second post).

    Full Handle Name: Clephas Aurenius

    Handle Origin: A unique character I made up for a fictional fantasy universe some ten years ago. I've been using it as my sole handle for eight years now.

    Age: 33

    Country and State of origin: Texas in the United States

    Hobbies: Gaming, VNs, reading (fiction and non-fiction), otakuism, mini-reviewing untranslated VNs, anthropology, linguistics, brewing rum and root beer, cooking, and attempting to define VN terms that are actually a lot more vague than I try to present them for the sake of convenience *smiles slyly*

    Profession: ghost writer (don't ask me about this, look it up)

    Dream: To build an underground house in a seismically inactive (inasmuch as that is possible) area and retire. Take a six-month trip to Japan and tour the hot springs, shrines, and temples.

    Likes: Efficient and/or cunning work. People with a non-harmful sense of humor. Pragmatism. Chuuni-fiction, fantasy, science fiction. Good stories.

    Dislikes: Wasting time (from my perspective). Being mentally inactive (this is actually painful for me). Foods with jalapeno or parsley in it. Sloppy work done when a more efficient method obviously exists. Political corruption (outside of reasonable limits).

    Personality: I have a rather massive temper, that I manage to restrict through breathing exercises and violent video games. I value thinking as something that is both necessary and enjoyable. I am excessively introspective, to the degree of actively mocking myself and being self-derisive when I think I might have been in the wrong on some level. I am a natural troll who reformed himself as best as possible. I tend to think that everything is funny on some level, even my own stupidity and outright disaster. I am a recovering megalomaniac.

    My role-play: The 'forums' Clephas is actually quite different from the original Clephas, in that he is a lot more comical and exaggerated. He is the megalomaniacal and overwhelmingly arrogant side of my personality, deliberately exaggerated to the very limits, to the point where it is actually funny. He is something of an insane deity who devours universes and envelops them in his infinite stomachs, using avatars to interact with those inside. He honestly thinks eating people (both whole and chewed) is an expression of love. He also does various seemingly (and most probably) meaningless things solely for the sake of his own amusement.

    What Fuwanovel means to me: In a lot of ways, Fuwanovel is my last community. I've just seen too many otaku communities collapse under their own weight to willingly involve myself with several at once, anymore. In many ways, I joined Fuwa solely because I thought it would be fun to argue with Aaeru (and it was immensely fun). I respected her for the strength of her beliefs, even if I disagreed with her on a number of points (pragmatists rarely agree fully with any idealist). Fuwa now is the community I've come to love, with the people I've come to love (Marie, Tay, solidbatman, Nayleen, fun2novel, Flutterz, Zakamutt, Mephisto, etc. etc), and so I'm more or less in it for the long haul. I chose this community because it was a lot easier to talk about VNs here than in the more Jaded tlwiki-related communites.

    What are VNs to me: I like VNs, both as an enjoyable storytelling medium and as one with an immense potential for growth (if someone can just kick the industry out of its nukige/moege and cookie-cutter chuunige rut). They are emotional and intellectual rides (better on the emotions in most cases), that frequently have an impact far out of proportion with their actual quality.

    My VN Experience: Tsukihime was my first VN... and it stunned me when I first played it back in 2007. I immediately devoured every single translated VN, in a marathon that lasted about two months... then dove into my first untranslated - Jingai Makyou - on 9/14/2008. As I'd been fansubbing for over a year by then, I'd thought I had a full grasp on Japanese as a language... but it was a rather rude kick in the butt. Translation Aggregator with Jparser presented me with a challenge that allowed me to get around the lack of kanji knowledge on my part... in exchange for mastering how Japanese syllables were put together in reverse (normally a skill learned through kanji, rather than learning it first, then learning kanji).

    A few last comments: No, I do not have and will never have a Facebook or Twitter account. If you really want to chat with me live, pm me and ask me to get on IRC (rizon). Do not ask me to help translate more than one scene of a moege, as doing more than that (even for a friend) would make me want to scream. I do not have a lot of free time, other than that which I use to play VNs, so no I don't go to otaku conventions. I can cook a traditional Japanese breakfast... but sadly, the only parts I really like are the natto, the miso soup, and the pickled vegetables (cooked fish that tastes like cooked fish makes me feel sick). I have a fourteen-year-old calico cat, whom I adore and who tolerates me as a favor to me as her devoted slave.
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    sirjabberwock reacted to Ezeefreak for a blog entry, Clephas - The Infinite Stomach   
    Hello y’all! Ezeefreak from the Recognition Team is here this time. Today we’ll highlight another one of our precious members. If you’re able to read a VN in Japanese or even in ordinary English, then the probability is really high (near 100 %) that the member, we are introducing to you, already read that one you’re reading now or plan to read. Maybe you even found it on his suggestion, in one of his fabulous reviews or on a list he made. Well, I think y’all figured it already out that we talking about Clephas.

    Clephas is real pro and expert when it comes to VN’s. He has read more than 500 (in words FIVEHUNDRED) VNs by now. So he knows a lot about this media and also shares his knowledge with us. If you ask for a recommendation he is always one of the first who contribute. If you want to read something about a VN it is mostly enough to search for a review from him. In his VN of the month topic he shows us all different kinds of VNs, some that the most of us never even heard about. Also he is one of our most active bloggers on the site and showers us with incredibly detailed and interesting posts there. He is also a Moderator of the FuwaChat and probably already ate the most of the people from there.

    Well, let me show you a little overview over all the awesome work he does on Fuwanovel:

    - Clephas' VN of the month
    - There are also lot of other informative posts like VN Companies, their nature and habits or Why Japanese is easier to learn than you think
    - Clephas made a lot of helpful Lists and recommendations, see yourselff here, here, here , ... and so on It would really take to long to liste every single one .
    - A must see for every lover of VN's is definitely his blog.

    He contributed a lot to this community and like I said at the beginning, is a real expert when it comes to VNs. It would be too much to list every helpful and excellent post here.

    We from the RecTeam, the Staff of Fuwa and all the other people of Fuwa thank him for the work he does and hope the he will us show more from the world of VNs in the future.

    Thank you!
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    sirjabberwock reacted to Rose for a blog entry, Reporting for Duty   
    Hello, everyone! I'm Rose and I'll be in charge of the Recognition Team, which consists of me and myself so far. I'll be looking for more members soon so if you're interested in helping me, keep an eye out for announcements on the "Help us Out" board. Tay's post pretty much explained what will be done by the team so I guess I'll be only sharing some info about me.

    I've been reading VNs for almost a year now and I've been in love with the medium since my first contact with it. Guess what? Yeah, my first one was Katawa Shoujo. I decided to volunteer because I believe that lots of cool people and projects, even the less noticed personal ones, deserve some recognition, so trying to be part of the team was the natural course of action. I don't really have much more to talk about me other than misc info which you can find on my profile, so I'll stop here.

    Now, as for what you can expect from me and the team. Primarily, we plan to highlight projects and threads as well as individuals who deserve it. As the team leader, I'll make sure some quality standards are met to when posts are constructed, as well as work on additional methods to thank all the amazing people we have on the VN community as a whole.
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