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  1. I consider full-screen text to be abhorrent and subhuman.
  2. Chiho attempts to explain the plot of her route - (ca December 2018, colorized)
  3. That's some 4D chess level pathfinding, good god. I would find it a lot less appalling if I could open the menu in the choice screen. Being unable to load from there is the worst.
  4. Any chances of that translated walkthrough ever happening? I've been trying really hard to get Ayame's reverse confession, but it's just not happening.
  5. On a technical level, this title is pretty impressive and I enjoy the (not retro, what should I call it? Classic?) art style. Unfortunately, the script simply isn't good. Focusing on two girls at the time is not the worst ideafor a story, because this way the information about them and their personalities is more focused and the characters are by default stronger than if they were split by four or five. But on the flipside, there is a frequency problem. The guy who gets to pick between the 2nd set of girls is an unbelievably irritating side-character you meet while reading through as the first character. That not only disconnects you as a reader, since your vehicle into the story didn't just change color. On top of said vessel changing from a car into a boat, the guy you are suddenly supposed to insert yourself into the guy you've spent the last 20, 30ish hours hating because he's just a twat. This main character disconnect also leads to other issues with the split. Kurumi should in my opinion clearly be a romance option for Tooru, not Naoki. The way these two bond over the common route is way more intimate that the dumb expository backstory you get from the game. I wholly believe that the entire script would benefit from dropping Akira's route entirely, not making Naoki the second protagonist and moving Kurumi's route to Tooru. For more traditional issues with the script, there's only two routes for the main characters and only one of them has a proper ending until the after story. Going 50/50 on satisfaction isn't a good ratio.
  6. It kind of IS a big deal, when Sekai's one, out-of-the-box, big release doesn't even release properly and the dumb fuck responsible for the company's PR tweets "What did you expect, I hated this project from the start lul". At least Koikuma happened.
  7. Never say no to Yuzusoft, SB is instant sale. Making*Lovers is interesting, I'll give it a shot for the premise.
  8. I actually really like that beating the route and unlocking the love flower gives you an "Extended Cut" of that heroine's route, because you see all the common route events as a couple. Rinka's route floored me, will genuinely remember that one for a while. After I picked "Don't", I didn't expect to get another 5 hours of route when I went back and picked the other choice. Yuuki was almost an airtight read, I actually like both endings in their own way here; the confess ending has better bookends, but the normal ending feels more earned if that makes sense.
  9. Okay, I am very sure that is the best line of text I have read in a while. It doesn't burn, it sizzles
  10. Thank you. What a weird choice to lock them both and still spoil what I assume are half their CGs in the intro.
  11. 15 hours in and I haven't even seen dudegirl. I will end up with an eyepatch, a new continent and a national holiday after navigating this VN.
  12. Without big spoilers, a simple yes or no answer from someone who say the/an ending: I've finished the first read without picking anyone out of sheer scientific interest and now I'm wondering
  13. Joined the fight. Thoughts after 6 hours: - I refuse to accept that 2 of the 5 heroines really exist - this choice system is the second most annoying thing I've ever seen. Whoever thought releasing this without a walkthrough was okay should be held responsible in court. - How and/or why did they waste this much time and that many resources for Maya if it doesn't lead to anything?
  14. But then we have Sanoba, Koikuma and etc which are 18+ highschool games not removed from the store. The usual steam consistency makes it hard to pinpoint a specific, general cause, because some offended admin could one day decide to nuke every single game on the store that involves somebody wearing a red t-shirt.
  15. Not using "Onii-chan" was a good choice. Using "dude" was a bad choice. Result:
  16. I got used to getting cucked on superior side characters by now. It always happens, the pain dulls over time. No reason not to have fun regardless.
  17. Can't wait to get the bad ending first try because I'm too much of a coward to confess. Just like in real life.
  18. These two most likely only delete anime games they think nobody would notice disappearing. No deleting Koikuma for example, that made way too much money.
  19. Can't believe this wasn't explicitly mentioned yet: Read the route you want to read most first and the one you want to read the second most, last. Procrastinating the characters you don't care much about makes it almost impossible to get yourself to read the entire thing.
  20. After a 3 year long break between routes (oof), I finished Edelweiss. Somebody once told me the teacher route is the best route. I disagree (Natsume was the best) but Mei takes second place. By the way, the H-scene balance in Edelweiss is kind of hilarious: Haruka and Natsume only have 1 scene each, Mizuki and Mei get to have two and Ran has four. I smell writer bias.
  21. I accepted my punishment out of goodwill for the rules, so I won't force anyone. But if some people feel the same as I, they are free to follow my example.
  22. I kind of enjoy how misleading this thread is, not gonna lie.
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