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  1. You forgot Nastuki. According to trip, Natsuki is the shortest route. I don't remember my exact times, but Marika is a tad longer than Misa and Sora would be in the middle overall. Touko is apparently long, but I haven't finished that one yet.
  2. Musings: all the school routes have some structural overlaps with one another due to the time-frame of the events and I like that all of them play out differently and partially happen in entirely different locations based on who you are dating.
  3. Nothing elaborate, I just check my watch before and after I read. The entire VN is basically filler, that's kind of the premise of HoshiOri. It's a genuine SoL, without the usual "lets throw an hour long misunderstanding in there". Rikka's route has one drama thing happening, which the script builds up to in advance and after it's resolved (doesn't take that long, our protag is pretty competent for once), that was it.
  4. A popular strategy is to just go for the girl that shows interest in the protagonist the earliest (I c... I mean scientists call it the low hanging fruit solution). Me, I'm a wild card. I just go for whatever and usually end up with a route I don't care about in my backlog because I couldn't restrain myself from saving my favorite for last.
  5. Somehow, I did not actually get bored. There was the point at the 8 hour mark when I looked at the clock saying out loud "wait, they're still not a couple?" but aside from that I kind of just ate that route in one go excluding sleep and food breaks on a weekend. Being invested in Rikka most likely helped, I love her. HoshiOri is a baffling VN, as I couldn't believe how invested I was in a story about what amounts to nothing. After spending all this mundane time with her, I felt as if I was actually married to Rikka. This VN sincerely makes me reconsider ever thinking "this melodrama is dumb, but you have to have something going on in your plot right?" about other moege.
  6. Heads up for everyone going into Rikka blind: Her route is long. REALLY LONG. I clocked it in at 29 hours, the other routes I finished in a third or less than that time.
  7. I wish I had magical translation notes that let me translate something without knowing the language. Lucky OP.
  8. I think the common route would've had a neater impact if it ended in a life lesson.
  9. I could probably teach a class on Chiho's route. refer to this post. It's kind of a mess.
  10. I'm (pleasantly) surprised that only a single voter took the purist combo of all equal length + same number of H-scenes. Human brains are prone to pattern recognition and preference, so I expected more people to swing that way.
  11. I'm on the complete opposite end; I hate the "realistic" (can't fit enough quotation marks around that word, so I wont even try) first time scenes, where the guy busts before putting it in, the scene has to stop in the middle and/or the everpresent painful hymen breaks. The main attraction of fiction is escapism, so why would I want to escape into incompetent fucking? Same reason why I don't want to see condoms. I have to deal with this sense-numbing garbage IRL already, because out here pregnancy and disease are actually a problem. So keep that stuff the fuck away from my fantasies at least. @the original topic: Drawing a good H-CG is hard, considering you have to see the important parts without obscuring the POV of the camera. Everyone hates floating dicks, so sometimes the art requires a dumb and uncomfortable sex position to show everything off or to simply have more variety. If we go by an average 3-scenes-per route, 4 main characters basis, drawing the same 2 or 3 positions 3 or 4 times would get both boring to draw and to look at pretty quick. That applies to porn in general and is the reason why it's 18+.
  12. Something I've wondered about after finishing Edelweiss a while ago and at last sinking some time into HoshiOri. What does the public think? For me personally, I think nothing good can come out of padding out a script without much substance or cutting down a master piece that still has stories left to tell. From a business standpoint, it obviously does make sense though. Imagine grabbing a title for a particular girl on the cover and find out she gets "shafted" on content. Bonus poll added, because it's related to the running time imo. PS: Responding "Depends on the title" is not allowed.
  13. Texas Dice quick-cuts: 3 Problems with Natsume's route No deal-breakers by any means, just three things that are there.
  14. TexasDice


    I would be interested to learn how much of an imprint popular genre-shifts in media have/had on visual novels in particular. What I mean is stuff like the Skyrim craze, which actively contributed everything western-fantasy-like in Japan to sell better (Fire Emblem sales) and even got them to make their own skyrim games, like Dragons Dogma. Those things in the context of VNs would interest me.
  15. I came here to call the mosaic-cucks out on their stockholm syndrome, but they are unfortunately self aware of it, so it's no fun at all.
  16. So far, Hello Goodbye is so bad that it's good. I sincerely hope the quality doesn't increase post-prologue, because it's way more entertaining like this.
  17. Windows 10 and my visual driver should be up to date. Should.
  18. This is one of the buggier VNs I've read for sure. I can't minimize the the window for example; if I bring it back up, the image freezes even though the sound still plays.
  19. That's wrong and had nothing to do with my point but ok cool.
  20. Don't worry, Barney is I am here to save you, by explaining how Pepe Silvia Chiho works As we see here, it's not that complicated of a story. The execution of it all is just pointlessly confusing. Everything happening between step 14 to 18 happens in a span of 20 minutes and Chiho's epilogue is basically just her attempting to tell you what happened in 15 minutes of straight expository dialog. I don't think would've been a bad story if someone ironed out those clunky parts in a second draft, but the real issue with Chiho is that both she and her route feel really out of place. The tone, content and character has nothing to do with anything else that is happening in Sukisuki. (Even QP fucks off for almost the entire thing, although they did adress that.)
  21. I use escapism to nurture my crippled mental state, so I obviously get really deep into those feelings. On the condition that the writing, atmosphere and/or characters made me care enough.
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