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  1. i just started watching season 1 and I like it. Edit: Now I've finished it. Log horizon is very reminiscent of playing a Eushully game as there is a huge emphasis on world building. This isn't SAO, where you have some hero guy saving the world and collecting a harem (which is closer to Rance). The individual relationships and management of politics are done really well, and the insight in to motivations / character depth is extremely impressive. The show also scales up properly, an important part of world building (the last time I've felt so impressed by the scaling steps was in
  2. I'm not a therapist, nor do I have any experience in regards to the human psyche, but if I was to make an uneducated opinion it sounds you have some issues with low self esteem, or put on a veil of low self esteem to conceal/protect yourself. If affordable, I would recommend doctoral help. If that is not an option, I would attempt to carry out the following procedure. (Take these suggestions with a grain of salt) 1. Reestablish what your daily routine is, and adhere to it strictly until you feel you have attained a semblance of stability. 2. Examine yourself, or at the very lea
  3. I've been watching worlds, although i'm not sure I'll keep watching if it turns in to a korean stomp fest as they pull out their real strategies.
  4. I've found that not taking a bunch of science/math courses at the same time has helped a lot.
  5. It blocks some stuff like the gold, and it's just kinda ugly, would rather not have it to be honest.
  6. Mephisto

    MotM Proposition

    I think nominations is a good idea. I don't agree with having three rather than one though, as it cheapens the value of the prize. Feelings will be hurt in anything remotely competitive, and cheapening the reward while at the same time increasing how upset one will be at not being one of the chosen three will only make things worse.
  7. So been trying to do some things with a stream, does anyone know how to make a league of legends layout for 1600x900? I did a test stream with some random layout, but it kind of sucked, lol. http://www.twitch.tv/mephisto_fuwanovel/b/573794791
  8. He looks interesting and potentially powerful but also really easy to outplay. Basically hecarim.
  9. It looked like nosebleed was arguing with himself when I first glanced through this thread.
  10. Azir is pretty fucking strong. He has no place in a team really though, and gets blown up easily.
  11. It's the president of something, the kanji is 委員長
  12. So I was bored, which led me to looking for a game to mess around with on my phone. Then I found this game called "Cross Summoner" (afaik it's only available on the japanese app store in japanese, but maybe I'm wrong). I decided to try it out, and was surprised when it actually didn't feel that bad to play. The gameplay is pretty smooth, and it's much like a VN in which there's small story segments before every story fight/character story fight. There's definitely cliches flying around (The intro just kept making me think of Madou Koukaku, and the robot things kept making me think about R
  13. Lacks guild of awesome protagonists. Or any male character actually.
  14. holy shit, this game is like huge. good luck. Didn't really like the gameplay much, but the world it is set in is pretty cool.
  15. Just make complicated passwords out of things you can remember. I attach my library card number on to basic passwords to add complexity and stuff all the time (14 digits). I used 9029 as a pin for a while since pins have a limited number of digits it accepts. Another password I use is the password my account at the first place I worked was assigned, as it was a pretty well made password and memorable.
  16. Disappointing draw, the Nico isn't even score .
  17. It's just a thing, not entirely sure how to describe why. Will mostly see this in older settings.
  18. threads merged, i bet you feel awkward now
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