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  1. Hmm.. Just to lay out possibilities here are the time's that people posted they would be studying at torbin12: 15:00-16:00 (US) (Not sure EST or PST) (possibly busy) Vax: 8:00? (??) Ryoji: 20:00-21:00 (??) Tay: 6:30-7:30 (US) (???) thrvmn: 19:00-22:00 (??) CartmanJr: 22:00-24:00 (??) Mephisto: 16:00-22:00 (PST) As you can see, there are some severe problems with the list I attempted to make. I think it'd be pretty cool if we could seriously organize a way to work together on learning. Just to cover all bases, other people learning japanese/know japanese: Steve Mikel Bolver
  2. Day Three Update Kanji Status: Around 300 words studied. May be more since the flash cards deviate from the pdf of edition 4 of Heisig's book. Reflections: The Kanji is progressively getting harder, as expected. There are also many potential problems developing. The first problem has to deal with my short term memory. Whenever I remember a Kanji word after looking at the English description I can't be sure whether or not I actually know the word, or if I am only forming the connection due to working with the word recently. Part of this problem arose from the fact that I divided the
  3. I wasn't even aware Beethoven had a version of Turkish March as well, I also learned the Mozart version. It was quite fun to learn at the time. I also don't play much classical anymore although for different reasons. A majority of the music I'm playing now comes from things I hear online that I want to play, and I usually end up trying to learn those instead of learning classical songs. (And yeah, they do take a lot of work) By synthesizer do you mean a keyboard? Depending on how old it is, you might need a MIDI to usb cable to connect it to a computer/laptop(new ones have direct USB to USB
  4. Yeah I understand where you're coming from since I thought of it from that angle as well. The greatest danger is if I let the massive amount of work swallow and consume me. As it gets closer to the end (or even the middle section) I will likely have to slow down, but at that point I should be more aware of my limitations. Thank you for the support as I am sure I will come to rely on it in the near future (especially for assistance in reviewing. I think it'd be awesome if I could find someone to review with. It'd essentially be the other person typing out the kanji character via skype or so
  5. Heya all, didn't actually notice everyone made a seperate post until now, so setting it up now. Goal 1: I want to learn Kanji, Hiragana, and Katakana, as well as the grammar for it within two months. (Basics of course, not full in-depth madness) Goal 2: I want to be able to read a full Visual Novel that has not yet been translated in to English Goal 3: I want to improve my abilities enough to be able to assist in a translation project before Summer ends I am aware that all of these are extremely lofty goals, but I find that I learn most efficiently by forcing myself to aim high. O
  6. Thanks for the welcomes! @Down yeah, I'm aware that two months is definitely a optimistic estimate, but it's in the realm of possibility. Setting a goal like that just forces me to work harder to make it reality, which is always good motivation. @Tay Just to clear up misconceptions, those videos aren't of me actually playing (although I can play the first one pretty well now and almost there on the second one) and as mentioned a bit earlier, favorite is definitely Steins;Gate @Tief The actual death waltz or the touhou song that is referred to as the death waltz? Regardless of w
  7. Ohh, that does make sense. It actually is the same in chinese, as the pronunciation of certain words do change based on the sentence. That fits in perfectly with context-driven pronunciations, thanks.
  8. Hiya zoom, Piano-wise it's mostly whatever catches my fancy that I can find sheet music for. I learned how to play Innocence from Katawa Shoujo since I really liked it, but the piano portion is kind of empty without the violins. Recently I've finished Eikyuu no Kizuna ( ) <- a video of someone else playing it and I'm currently working on Gate of Steiner ( ) <- someone totally amazing playing it. I'm nearly done with gate of steiner, I just need to get the arpeggiated portion down. (It's the part that sounds the most difficult.) I have all the chords and the rest of the stuff do
  9. VN Name: Robotics;Notes VNDB link: http://vndb.org/v5883 Is there already a translation project for this? Haven't heard of one Hack/no hack: Not entirely sure what hacks are used for Why do you want it to be TLed: It's from the same producers of Steins;gate and Chaos;head, the former of which is undisputed awesomeness, and the second of which had an interesting concept. Although most reviews claim Robotics;Notes was a let down, I think it'd still be an interesting read. It'll likely take a long time before it gets translated though. (Although there's an anime for it that apparently sucks)
  10. Thanks for the explanations, they really help even if I don't completely understand yet. In chinese these words would've been pronounced 学校 - xue xiao (School) 方 - fang (direction, method) which is nowhere near the japanese pronunciations. It looks like the meanings are similar though, which makes me happy.
  11. Hi everyone, I've been a lurker of this website for a little over a month or so, enjoying the content offered here. I'm not sure why I enjoy visual novels so much, although it is probably related to how much I like reading in general. As most people likely did, I started out watching anime before I drifted over to where I am now. I found it rather disappointing that although my friends in real life can enjoy anime, most of them shy away from visual novels. That's part of the reason this community interested me so much, since it made me really happy to find people who liked reading visual novel
  12. Thanks for the comments. I've no doubt that Chinese will be invaluable in learning the language itself, but I was wondering if I should try a different method than the one in J. Heisigs book, since his does not teach the pronunciations with the way it's written. To put forth some examples of what I mean, 一 - yi 二 - er 三 - san 四 - si 五 - wu 六 - liu 七 - qi 八 - ba 九 - jiu 十 - shi 月 - yue 日 - ri 口 - kou 田 - tian 目 - mu Those are the chinese pronunciations of the first fifteen words in his book, but I'm sure the Japanese ones are completely different. I was worried it'd
  13. Alright awesome. I intend to be starting today, although I doubt I'll be able to get a copy of the book so quickly. I have pretty much no background in learning Japanese itself, but I come from a Chinese family that is currently living in America. I had some basic schooling in Chinese when I was young, but I gradually stopped learning it due to laziness. I do recall some characters and stuff, and I can still speak it with relative fluency (enough to hold a conversation). I'm not sure if any of that will be helpful in learning Japanese, but if anyone else comes from a similar backgroun
  14. I noticed that the sign up date already passed by a little more than a week ago. Is it still possible to take part in this and try to play catch up?
  15. Keep in mind that a visual novel is a book, and a "bad ending" is simply an ending or route that the book does not cover. It does not mean the choice itself is a bad choice or wrong choice, it just means that it isn't the choice the protagonist in the book chose, and therefore is not written about. A good example of this is in Fate Stay Night, which has a ton of bad endings. There are times you have to make an idiotic choice to progress, since that's how the book is written. That idiotic choice is no less idiotic simply since it was the correct one to choose, and the other choices are no less
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