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  1. As I am currently reading Subahibi, it is only natural to bring up a discussion about Alice in Wonderland, and its influence in literature. The first question is "why"? What exactly is it about this story filled with ridiculousness on the verge on nonsense that causes it to continue to captivate people to do this day? Is it just one of those things that unless you reference you don't get to be part of the "cool writers club"? I honestly don't remember that much of what happened in the story at this point since I read it a long long time ago, but I'd like to hear thoughts on it if any
  2. The problem is that it's wrong. そうであれば is just a bunch of grammar, and is in no way related to 壮.
  3. Alpharom refused to make the game work for me.
  4. This thread died so I felt like reviving it for lulz. It isn't a secret that translating is a pretty unrewarding task that takes a lot of time and effort. I fee like what Sanah was referring to with all the "professional quality" stuff is less the expectation of random people who download VNs, but more the crowd that download the english patch of a game, put a stick up their ass, and point out all the mistakes that were made/portions of the translation that were not perfect.
  5. Uhh. I upgraded the TA and now it's really weird. It parses so much... randomly? lol. It parses そうであれば completely as a phrase, and shows you the definitions for 壮
  6. Where does one update TA. I still have the original one from sanah i think.
  7. Fair enough. It would have been less annoying though, since you have no choice except to suffer through the "have sex to restore magical power" trope.
  8. The gameplay in some of the games can be pretty fun at times, but the story and the random H-scenes are really annoying to have to deal with. Rather than working from the perspective of "it makes sense to have an H-scene here with this person", they approach the problem from "we want an H-scene with ____. In order to do this, let's set up this scenario so we can get away with an H-scene and make it fit in to the 'plot'". The loli-dragon trainer game would've been a lot better if you didn't have to have sex with your "daughter" to keep her alive because lolplot. (also if the ending wasn't lame
  9. If you take out the sex scenes, there isn't very much left.
  10. My dad smoked his whole life. One day my mom told him "If you want to see your children graduate, you have to stop smoking." Three years later, he died of lung cancer. My Mom told me, "Don't smoke, don't put your children through the same thing". At 24, I have never touched a cigarette. I must say, I feel a sense of regret, because playing Clover Days for 5 minutes gave me cancer anyway.
  11. I ended up starting to read Subahibi, and since Rose was the first one to suggest that I guess you win. This game is something else though what the hell. Sometimes it gets really hard to understand despite it being really easy to read most of the time.
  12. It's been a while (prob 1/2 a year) since I've really sat down and read a VN now. Convince me to read a VN by giving a recommendation and a reason why I should spend the effort/time to read it instead of doing other stuff. Untranslated/translated doesn't matter. Would prefer not reading something by Hino since I don't think I could muster up the effort of going through his prose right now. Genre doesn't really matter as long as the protagonist isn't retarded/annoying. If anyone succeeds I'll boost them to diamond i'll translate something for them. (Not too long, a chapter of ma
  13. League is being featured on NHK right now.
  14. holy shit that nihongomori japan channel is fun to listen to for some reason. Even if you know what they're talking about it's fun to watch the videos.
  15. Mephisto


    The creators of the game are going for their cards actually having a real economy kind of thing. Gold is used pretty quickly on rolling the chest things from booster packs at the moment, and it takes a long time to accumulate gold. There also isn't a large free player base, so the value of gold is actually the highest it will likely ever be at this moment (unless people stop playing). As new content is released that gives gold, gold will become easier to get, and less valued. (Unless there are introduced ways to turn gold straight in to actually useful cards)
  16. Mephisto


    The problem with 60 size decks is that it increases the RNG factor by a lot, and you need a lot more resources to make a decent deck. The game seems to be balanced pretty decently, although some of the NPCs are just completely RNG. Also really hard to get anywhere without paying some money to at least get started. Not enough free content yet other than grinding the ice whatever thing which is pretty hard with the shitty starter decks.
  17. Mephisto


    The deck sizes in this game are absurd. 60 cards is way too much, a 30 card deck would be much more reasonable.
  18. @_@ are we playing elsword again
  19. Damn that sounds nice. We played against a team similar to yours in the quarters and rekt them, then had a really rough first game against UBC before 2-0ing them, and then got completely rekt while having an off day against SFU :Z. We were able to beat irvine in a Bo3 series once in scrims too so we were soo close. Oh yeah, momentos from IEM.
  20. RIP NACC the dream. We couldn't scout our opponents since they all practiced on smurfs, and our adc was way too nervous. Oh well, not bad for a team that's only about 1-2 months old. The west region is definitely going to take it now, likely UBC > SFU > UCI > RMU
  21. The west region is literally hell. We were just scrimming UCI. Went 2-1, but they underperformed pretty hard the last two games. Every team still in the qualifiers for the west bracket is a contender and challenger team :Z.
  22. you can add me if you need another person to drop in from time to time to answer questions. ID: pichumy
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