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Status Updates posted by Eclipsed

  1. I'm out of despair mode, huzzah \:Teeku: /


    1. TexasDice


      Congratz, now you're back in bad anime mode :Teeku:

    2. Eclipsed
    3. Valmore


      Who do we want? Ray!
      Who do we need? Ray!
      Who? Ray! Who? Ray! Who? Raaaaaaaaaaay!

  2. Who even uses Statuses anymore?

    Don't mind the ugly grays, I will use them to indicate whenever I'm in Despair Mode aka one of those busy as fk periods with skoo + work overwhelming my ass that I probably will only be able to spam Fuwa a couple times a week instead of 24/7

    1. Suzu Fanatic

      Suzu Fanatic

      Gotta work ontop of school huh? pretty rough - but its best done when young - stick with it :) Dont wanna be a middleaged neet like me :amane:

      I don't have any regrets, but at the same time, life would be tons easier if I had tried abit harder~


    1. Aniki


      Yes, my beloved. I have returned but not for long. You see, I must come back as soon as I can but I needed to see you- even if only once.

  4. Unfollowed and refollowed errbody in a 5 minute session to weed out my true followees, RIP if I ended up losing anybody

  5. (゚Д゚) ︵ ┻━┻

  6. So, idk how long you had Nepgear as your avatar for, but after a year of Fuwa and some 54 avatar changes, fate has decreed me to be Uni (for now)

    I-It's not like me posting here means anything though!

  7. Is there any way to manage notifications for followed people? I like to give Tiag / Deonkay / Brooke the satisfaction of knowing I like their content enough to follow them, but 15+ notifs upon logging in just cuz they posted throughout the day is kinda too much ;-;

  8. With the death of several prominent and beloved members of Fuwanovel along with my various walkthroughs getting ganked and, most importantly, the loss of the legendary Gravity Green theme and, least importantly, being tired of "thou ist Fuwastaff, thou shouldst manners", I have decided to call it quits and join the Legion of the Dead.

    T/L and/or TL;DR: Taking small break, will prob be back when CP: BD comes out on the 13th & make a thread (^o^)/

    1. Mr Poltroon

      Mr Poltroon

      Best of luck.

      And I even know you prefer Fuwafabulous...

    2. Darklord Rooke

      Darklord Rooke

      I don't think Fuwa-staff have ever been known for their exemplary manners. Look at Tay, partying like it's 1999 at every opportunity, reveling in debauchery and sin...

      Enjoy your break, Eclipsed, bring back pie, and don't forget to share!

  9. Nep-Nep fans: listen to Helvetica Standard's signature. Avoid Re;birth2's Conquest Ending :makina: . (note: BBCode usage intentional)

    1. Ceris


      I'm going to do it anyway :sachi:

  10. Can't think of good perma status to set.

    1. Ceris


      That's why I removed mine long ago~

  11. Time to party like its July 4th and hopefully not get a hangover and blow my face up with fireworks

  12. 5....4.....3....2...1..... CRASH!@# Zzzzz nap time wake me up when Fuw-

  13. Might have to start investing in dem energy drinks and/or coffee

    1. Rose


      I recommend Monster Energy if you go the energy drinks way.

    2. Tay


      Coffee. It's good for you, it's good for your heart, and it's fairly cheap and wonderful.

      Energy drinks = really bad for you = literally the devil.


  15. Love the profile cover photo~

    1. Flutterz


      The one I JUST changed it to or the previous one? :P

    2. Eclipsed
    3. Flutterz


      While I adore both pics, the previous one fit better... but when you shrink the page it cuts off the sides of the pic, and that really didn't work with the previous one. :P

  16. "I'll definitely, no... probably... MAYBE pass! ... ... ...Fifty-fifty."

    1. SoulJustIn


      Failure is the Mother of Success .....

    2. 12kami
  17. Operation: Corruption is ready to launch.

    1. Kosakyun


      Good luck, good sir.

  18. Hii, welcome to the forums!

  19. Water tastes good when I'm thirsty

    1. SoulJustIn


      Food taste better when you hunger.......

  20. My real name is Ricky T. Austin, age 32.