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  1. I sort of miss my PSP when I see games like Sword Art Online being made for it. Has anyone played it yet? Also, I'm planning on purchasing a Natsume Rin Nendoroid, I just ordered Kurdryavka Noumi too. I will be stalking some websites for a preorder starting tomorrow.. I don't really have a figure collection as of yet, but this may be the start of it.
  2. Day 22 Update Day 22, right? Think so.. This is the final hours of my spring break week and I can honestly say that is did not feel like a break. Time to review and refresh my plan.. This will be a longer post, so I do apologize ahead of time. Currently, I am at 350 Kanji characters. This time I will state that I am way behind schedule on my original plan. I am fairly disappointed that I could not get near my goal even considering that I am late on providing the update.. The good thing is that the method is effective and I am remembering what I have reviewed and studied. So, here is what
  3. I have too, but the knowledge just wasn't sticking with me. Rosetta stone was throwing too many random phrases and characters in the mix trying to cover everything at once it seemed (Grammar, Characters, Speaking, Reading) which may work for some people but not so much for me.. Nor did I have the motivation that this community has provided. I'm very grateful to be a part of this challenge. I've progressed much more in the past two weeks compared to 2 months with Rosetta Stone.
  4. I would highly recommend reading Tay's latest update to his blog. He has included some good advice about getting back on track and staying focused. But to hear that you are still going at the Kanji is great news. School consumed a lot of my time in the past two weeks and there were days that I could not even study the Kanji. I believe that it is important to set that time of day that you will study and make a habit of doing it. I don't think I could check for errors in your first 100 lines, but I'm looking forward to reading it anyway when you have them complete. That's a good goal to reach fo
  5. Welcome to the group, Kisaragi! I love how you thought out your goal as 100 Kanji in 2 days, new perspectives can give you a boost of motivation. I'll be cheering you on throughout your studies. When learning at a higher pace, reviews can make a very large impact on how well you remember the characters. But if you do ever become stuck throughout your studies, you can be sure the community here will have some great advice too keep you going. Best of luck!
  6. Waking up in the morning is so difficult.. I said that I would wake up in the morning and I still have a lot of trouble with it. (I even have 20 alarms set... Literally) Your posts and updates are always inspiring and supportive. My support goes out to you and all of individuals studying Kanji. I was going to write a longer and in-depth reply but I share the same opinions as Ryoji. The community here is amazing and the support that everyone contributes helps to create a healthy environment for Fuwanovel. I believe that everyone can complete the challenge. Your passion for learning and desir
  7. Wow, there are a lot of good movies listed up here already. I have not seen Hachi but I really need to.. Perhaps I will order it. But yes, Tay, I will agree with you that Shindler's List was a life-changer. Ryoji's movies are very good choices as well. I really enjoyed 5 cm per Second, Makoto Shinkai's works are all very impressive.
  8. Day 12 Update Here is my "Day 12" update. It was supposed to be posted two days ago but I was quite busy. Funny story actually, seeing that I wrote a 10 page essay that was never exactly assigned by mistake and... Anyway! That's another story, here is where I'm at. Ending today, I will be at 250 kanji characters. I'm feeling confident right now in my progress. After studying a new set of Kanji characters, I never quite get them right on the first day. But they work themselves in during the reviews. I must say, the Anki software has been a major asset to my studies. I've purchased the
  9. Much agreed. Studying something you enjoy makes it all worth it. Good job, Ryoji!
  10. This is an interesting thread. I could share some images here, I just took them with my phone. However, I have two desks. (One for my desktop and one for my laptop/schoolwork) I enjoy my main desk since I somehow fit most of the things I need there: Desktop, Blu-ray player, Xbox 360, PS2, Nintendo Wii, Printer, and I just keep my laptop stacked on-top of the printer.
  11. Day 3 Update: Well, I do have to say that it has been an interesting start to these studies. Actually, it's been fairly enjoyable to study the new Kanji. However.. I do realize that I will have to make some revisions. Where I am at currently I feel positive about my studies so far. I have been following my schedule... And then some. I am currently at 125 Kanji, 25 characters off of my original rate of 50/per day. I've watched close to no anime in the past 3 days. Spent no time on visual novels in the past 3 days. Average of 3~4 hours of sleep in the past 3 days. So the result is as
  12. Congratulation Ryoji! After reading through your blog updates, I see that you have made some great progress over the past month. 800 Kanji is the next step. I have complete confidence that you'll hit this and all of the future goals to come, keep it up.
  13. Much agreed, slowing down can help you understand things better. A key factor is that you've missed 0 days. That's dedication, and you'll go much farther with studies everyday. Good job, onward to 1000!
  14. I do have the game. I've only done a few missions as of yet, but it is very enjoyable. So far I have no complaints about it.. Although the permanent death setting is pressuring to consider every move carefully. It's an interesting feature that I have not played with before and I'm determined to beat the game without resetting myself. I'll try to go straight through it.
  15. So after a few complications with everyday life, I'm ready to begin my studies today as day 0 and moving forward as such. I'm not going to say that I'm "stealing" Tay's set up for the blog introduction.. But rather I'll honor the set up and keep the consistency of all the blogs together. Even though that's just a nicer way to say that I'm using his design. Goal 1: Learn Japanese Kanji, Kana, and Grammar for 2013. Goal 2: Incorporate Japanese manga into the program and attempt to read through at least 1 volume of a manga in 2013. Goal 3: Learn approximately ~800 Kanji characters before co
  16. You should give it a try fuzzion. I'm just about to start as well. I'm going to start breaking up my days though since I have college and work to consider, but I'm confident that a little a day can still go a long way.
  17. Oh interesting.. I did apply the patch that I used for my Windows 7 system, but I still could not get it to run. I must have messed up somewhere along the way. Sorry about that. But I'm glad that you've fixed the batch. Good job.
  18. I apologize for my repeated posts above. I hit an area with a bad signal and.. yeah, the request went through more times then needed. Anyway, I have experienced some difficulties during this installation, this is primarily due to the fact that Windows XP does not support Japanese Locale settings without additional installation files. I've installed Rewrite onto the system and received the general error that states that it is a Japan only game. In order for me to run the game, I'd have to locate some Japanese language files online perhaps... Since I do not have an installation disk in which
  19. Okay, I thought so. I end my work shift in about ~5 hours, then I'll attempt to locate a computer to test it on. I'll give you an update later today.
  20. Does the windows version play a factor on the batch? I run 64-bit systems myself, but my mother's old laptop or my grandmother's old computer may be running a 32-bit Windows XP. I still need to confirm this... I will do so after my shift at work today.
  21. I know that I'm a little late on signing up, but I would also like to begin a challenge here. With the new semester at school, I really wanted to fall into a comfortable pace before adding additional studies. I think that I am ready now. I've just placed an order in for the resource book and plan to begin as soon as it arrives (Most likely 2/19/13). I do not have a background in Japanese or Chinese languages, but I have attempted self-studies in the past. Sadly, they have went into the direction of dead ends due to time constraints and loss of motivation and energy. This guide and method o
  22. Tears 9, 10 was an interesting visual novel. According to the Visual Novel Database (http://vndb.org/v8407) it is available on both iOS and Android as a remake version. Even though it is very short I found it well worth the purchase. I believe they even have a sale currently at $0.99 for the New Year with the original price at $3.99.
  23. Gah, I completely forgot to finish that true end too. I was sure I got everything covered with the exception of the EX routes.. Perhaps I forgot with my determination to complete Refrain. But anyway, with regards to Riki... Now, back to Kurugaya's route.
  24. Welcome to Fuwanovel Riichan, Everyone here is really friendly and helpful, I'm sure that you will find it pleasant to talk with everyone on the forums. I'm in the process of reading Ever 17 too (In-between my job and college work) and I'm finding it really enjoyable. I hope your enjoying it too. Oh, it seems like there are quite a few people here that are interested in studying Japanese further; myself included. There is a sticky thread in the Anime/Manga/Game/Other Talk section about learning Japanese.. You may want to take a look there. I will be participating in it as well once I get
  25. I can't remember the exact type of IC used to control the LEDs, but it was a type of counter.. It was about 5~6 years ago that I've worked on this one. You may be exactly right though with the 7490 though. I remember working on that too. Sounds exactly right, Snowpoke.
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