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    Kosakyun got a reaction from Vokoca in Alicesoft Titles ---- Translation Updates   
    Hi there! I haven't seen a topic about Alicesoft titles being translated (except for the one about Kaeru no Panyon), so I made one myself.
    This was made in assumption that there isn't one already out there.
    Admins are free to lock the topic if deemed necessary to.
    I will be updating the topic periodically, so stay tuned for updates!

    Daibanchou! Big Bang Age
    Translation by: Seiha Translations
    English Patch: here

    Kaeru no Panyo~n
    Translation by: Tulip Goddess Maria
    Download: here

    Translated by: Ludo-Rathowm
    (It's the all-ages widescreen remake of Mamanyonyo)
    Download link: here

    Dungeons & Dolls
    Translated by: Ludo-Rathowm
    (A dungeon crawler by Alicesoft)
    Download link: here
    English Patch: here

    Toushin Toshi
    Translated by: Arunaru
    Download link: here

    Toushin Toshi II
    Translated by: Arunaru
    Download link: here

    Rance I -Quest for Hikari-
    Translated by: HGTP Translations
    Download: here
    Alternatively, you can also download the digest version to save you time.
    English Patch: here

    Rance 02 -The Four Rebellious Maidens-
    Translated by: HGTP Translations
    (It's a remake of Rance II in Alice 2010)
    Download link: here
    Rance II has a digest version as well. It is based on the original game from 1990. It still has the same story, basically, but might not include some things released in the 2009 version.
    English Patch: here
    Yes, the Rance I and II digests have the same English Patch.

    Rance III -The Fall of Leazas-
    Translated by: Tulip Goddess Maria
    Download link: http://rancetranslation.wordpress.com/2013/09/02/rance-iii-fall-of-leazas-re-release/

    Rance IV -Legacy of the Sect-
    Translated by: Tulip Goddess Maria
    Download link: http://rancetranslation.wordpress.com/2013/09/04/rance-iv-legacy-of-the-sect-release/

    Rance 4.1 -Save the Medicine Plant-
    Translated by: Tulip Goddess Maria
    Download link: http://rancetranslation.wordpress.com/2014/01/25/rance-4-1-release/

    Rance 4.2 -Angel Army-
    Translated by: Tulip Goddess Maria
    Download link: http://rancetranslation.wordpress.com/2014/03/28/rance-4-2-release/

    Kichikuou Rance
    Translated by: Arunaru
    Download link: http://arunarutranslatescrap.wordpress.com/2014/09/13/kichikuou-rance-english-translation/
    SLC's 200% Window Expansion Patch

    Sengoku Rance (Rance VII)
    Translated by: Yandere Translations
    English Patch: here

    Slash, Thrust, Burn!
    Translated by: 2.0 Translations
    English Patch: here

    Rance 5D -The Lonely Girl-
    Translation being done by: Aten Gnu and Maria
    Progress: 85% translated, 80% edited

    Rance VI -Collapse of Zeth-
    Translation by: Arunaru

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    Kosakyun reacted to Ouraibaa Hjyuraa in Unlimited Chat Works - Random Talk   
    All right, since even Tiago left out some info, I'll clear everything up.
    Miyako's translation will be finished in a couple of weeks because Kosuna will no longer be able to work on it. Then it will be given to Dowolf for translation check and correction (And there will likely be a lot of corrections), so that will take some time. After that, it is given to me for final QC, which may also take a while, and finally to Azengar for patch. So it won't be released in a couple of weeks, but completely translated in a couple of weeks.
    Agave's route and QC is 100%, and just waiting for Azengar to make a patch.
    Kazama's route is 100% translated, but haven't started QCing yet.
    Chika's route is 100% translated, but haven't received it yet, as Dowolf wants to check it over.
    I will release Agave as soon as the patch is ready.
    Kazama's and Chika's routes will be released together.
    All patches will be compatible with Yandere's translation.
    Uncensor patch will be released with Miyako's patch, and will be optional.
    Does that answer everything?
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    Kosakyun reacted to Decay in Your first VN experience   
    My first VN was Phoenix Wright... if you can call it one. Eh, it probably doesn't count. So in that case, my first "real" VN was probably Fate/Stay Night several years ago. Then after that, I read almost nothing for a long while. I wasn't against the idea of visual novels or anything, but I just wasn't familiar enough with them and sort of scoffed at the idea of reading romance oriented stories, which most VNs are. Well, a disproportionate amount of translated ones aren't, especially several years ago, but I didn't really know that at the time. Eventually on a total lark I decided to watch a romance shoujo anime, Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun, which I actually kind of enjoyed a little and led me to periodically watching other romance shows or shows with romantic elements, such as going back to watch Eden of the East. Then some time last year I watched Clannad because I saw a lot of recommendations for it and enjoyed it a whole lot. I learned it was an adaptation of a VN and got back into the format, I became totally absorbed by almost all genres of visual novels, enjoying stuff I couldn't possibly imagine enjoying a few years ago. I don't remember what the first VN I read in this resurgence was, maybe G-Senjou no Maou? Thinking about it, it could have possibly served as a gateway drug for romance themed VNs when I was still thinking of only reading story games, as it bridges that gap somewhat well.
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    Kosakyun reacted to crunchytaco in When do you consider that you finished a VN?   
    Sill, I haven't seen you in ages. Where did Rance forget you this time? 
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