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    Kosakyun reacted to Shikomizue in Unlimited Chat Works - Random Talk   
    @KosakiFag posting on Fuwa again? Is the world ending? It feels like I haven't talked to you in ages.
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    Kosakyun got a reaction from flamepaladin in Kami no Rhapsody Translation by Rhapsody Translation (Full patch released)   
    I like Eushully games and I support endeavors to translate them!
    Thank you for your hard work! 
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    Kosakyun reacted to Funyarinpa in Fuwanovel Confessions   
    Confession: This is my last post on Fuwa.
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    Kosakyun reacted to flamepaladin in Kami no Rhapsody Translation by Rhapsody Translation (Full patch released)   
    Hello everyone,
    Though a little late, I'm back with another progress update.

    For the translation, the script for the append and New Game+ is about 80% translated.
    Dany and Vuken are continuing with the tlc and edit for chapter 2 respectively.
    Nylios will continue to translate the In-Game Terminologies.
    Glupak will also continue with his work on the Menu Images.
    We've been a bit busy irl, so there wasn't much progress. But now that summer is here, maybe we'll be able to find more time to spend on this project .

    In any case, that's all for now.
    Thank you for reading and see you next time ^^.
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    Kosakyun reacted to Plk_Lesiak in I'm leaving Fuwanovel, because I'm starting to realize that this community and the VN community at large has hurt me.   
    And man, that's something you're absolutely entitled to. Just like expressing your own story and being frustrated by people that don't understand it and think they have no responsibility to prevent it from happening to others. But yeah, the way you fixate on people liking/defending this content is borderline bigoted. You might believe that they deserve the insults, but the moment you basically categorize them all as paedophilia/rape enablers, there's no place for discussion any more. I hate loli and violent porn and there are forms I'll publicly shame with no issue (vide Hajimete no Okaa-san or Musumaker), but you're more or less calling every VN fan ever a pervert and abuser by association. That's both over the top and kills any chance of dialogue.
    And I'm sure there's some VN fan pedophile out there that felt encouraged by 4chan and loli porn (because, could he be encouraged by Fuwa much in the last 3-4 years?). But take eroge into perspective. How big this community really is? What kind of effect it might have on society at large? How did it change over the years? I find the current VN community very diverse and progressively more open. Loli content is on the margins in places like here or the subreddit, often being shamed openly. I don't see many impressionable kids registering - I maybe saw one during my whole time here writing an introduction post. Not only there are fights way more worth fighting, you also go into it with such a backwards approach that even me, someone who's much closer to your position than most people around here, is getting weirded out by it. Sorry that it's the message I'm leaving you with, but yeah, you go so far that I feel obliged to defend lolicons and guro fans. Not a thing that I'd ever expect to happen.
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    Kosakyun reacted to Funyarinpa in I'm leaving Fuwanovel, because I'm starting to realize that this community and the VN community at large has hurt me.   
    I wrote this thread because I literally was personally hurt by the very people posting in this thread and their attitudes. I wanted to talk about how certain things we endorse and enable as a community can hurt people, because I've been hurt by this very same thing. 
    That's not the same thing as conservatives repressing gay people. At all. Frankly, the comparison is a non-sequitur.
    It hurts people who have been subjected to child sexual abuse (it retraumatizes them). Every single person who's not here to talk about lolis is exposed to them against their will. As you've acknowledged, this includes underage people. I've personally been hurt by this when I was underage (and don't even fucking TRY to come at me with your "but hurr your parents" defense). 
    I've been trying to "fight to educate people to do better". That's why I told all of you that encouraging and spreading and normalizing lolicon talk has actively hurt me as a person. It was meant to be a personal confession, an admission that I've been hurt by a community that I used to adore, to maybe at least get some members of this community to reflect on the fact that the way extreme pornography is discussed in VNs and Fuwa can instill the wrong messages in people and maybe we shouldn't champion messages like that as a community BECAUSE THEY CAN DIRECTLY HURT REAL PEOPLE. Instead, I've been told that I'm to blame for being vulnerable and getting hurt (hint: I'm not the only underage person on here, and I've also never seen anyone filter any discussion whatsoever on here to adults), that saying "maybe we shouldn't allow some things" is equal to tyranny and dictatorship, and that I'm comparable to people trying to repress and shame LGBT people into submission because "it shouldn't be acceptable to get off to rape or drawings of children" is apparently comparable to "it shouldn't be acceptable for a man to love another man". How can you even equate these things? How can you see people being free to love others regardless of gender and people being able to see abuse, traumatization, even torture, as something sexy in any capacity as equal acts or things? Don't you realize how you need to say "BUT I'd never do it in real life" to only one of those things?
    Frankly, this thread really was a fucking mistake, because I expected too much of this community. Apparently making sure people get to normalize harmful messages, situations and acts is more important to Fuwanovel than reflection on whether your actions can harm people. I'm not that disappointed that Fuwanovel allowed people to condone it, even though I hate it, that's this website's prerogative. I'm disappointed that it's something people would do, irrespective of if Fuwa allowed it or not. So my goal wasn't to get it banned on here or anything, either, I'd be taking this up directly with the mod team/administration/Tay if that was the case. No, I tried to talk about my own pain and my own doubts and my own regrets because I wanted to talk to the members of Fuwanovel. Instead, I got called a bigot because someone being disgusted that you can enjoy drawn child porn is apparently similar to someone being disgusted two guys can kiss. I tried to communicate my own regrets and doubts because I tried to educate people to do better.
    I'll be honest- On a personal level, I find this shit disgusting, and reprehensible. To an extent, I'm slightly embarrassed I've ever been a member of this forum. I find it, and all of you lolicons, fucking gross. That's enough reason to leave.
    The rest of my post beyond my thanks and "fuck the rest of y'all, I'm out" was precisely an attempt to educate people to do better, but I can't do that when almost everyone -even you- told me that my attempt to educate is an attack on freedom itself. 
    You can hurt people without intention, and people can tell you that they've been hurt by you. 
    I agree that it'd shake the community deeply. But many communities, including niche enthusiast communities, can and do have deep-seated issues. That doesn't mean they aren't worth facing and exploring.
    I don't want to come across like I intend to shame you for not being a sexual person, at all. However, this might've been far clearer to you if you were a sexual person. The thing is, trivializing the significance of fictional depictions of sexual abuse makes that abuse seem like something tolerable or acceptable to enjoy. Imagine if a similar level of extreme fiction wasn't involved in porn but just... fiction. Imagine if you knew someone who sincerely, intensely enjoyed reading stories about the Nazis committing genocide. And they told you that they go on the internet and talk about how much they love reading Nazi fanfiction. And now think a step more generally and imagine that this Nazi fanfiction was in the form of short stories and you couldn't go on general short story forums without coming across people who kept talking about how much they enjoy Nazi fanfiction (and to be clear, this fanfiction is straight up reveling-in-gas-chambers, 1000% antisemitism, enjoying reading about someone die in agony sort of stuff). Then someone asks "but why are you writing and reading and enjoying stories about Nazis committing genocide where the genocide is presented as if the genocide was a good thing?" and they get the answer "real Jews aren't getting gassed, so it's fine, I don't condone actual Jews getting gassed". 
    That's what it's like.
    It's after leaving this place for a long time that I started to realize just how little understanding I had for why people could be disturbed by lolicon shit and similar porn. But the thing is, talking about it by saying "It's fiction so it's fine" and not a word more makes it seem like what you're condoning isn't a big deal at all. It understates the messages sent by such fiction itself -extreme sexism at a bare minimum- and whether you like it or not, and however much you shift the blame, communities like this actively encourage and enable actual abusers. I can assure you that there's a VN enthusiast pedophile out there who, encouraged by all the lolicon talk, has actually abused children because getting off to porn of children is normalized in this community. A pedophile can, and I'm sure does, find encouragement in the lolicon community because when you go, say, read a doujin manga that features children, the comments on the site you read that won't be about how the readers need to ensure that they aren't repressing actual pedophilic tendencies, it'll be about how "hot" or "well-drawn" or whatever it is. This is even unintentionally admitted by a lot of pro-lolicons, who often claim that having access to drawn child porn gives pedophiles a "healthy, victimless outlet" for their desires (this clearly implies people are aware that abusers can and do peruse abusive porn). With lolicon trash this is somewhat obvious, but with stuff like rape, it sometimes won't even be acknowledged that what's being portrayed and glorified and fetishized in a given porn is sexual assault. And this mentality is literally parallelled by actual rapists. People who watch a rape hentai enjoy seeing the woman feel powerless and violated, and real rapists very much enjoy the same thing. Hentai protagonists don't care about boundaries, or informed consent, or ensuring the safety of their partner, and neither do many abusive partners in the real world. Don't tell me that people don't have unrealistic standards -not only in terms of body appearance but also in terms of relationships- because of and reinforced by (most/all) porn, because it very obviously, very clearly and very prominently happens (an example is women getting groped on Japanese public transportation which has been sexualized to the point where it has literally become its own porn subgenre), and there's no way whatsoever that drawn porn avoids reinforcing such tropes in any way whatsoever, especially when hentai can and does get even worse than your average filmed porn. All media and all fiction reflects and reinforces cultural notions, anyone who's taken a single media studies class can tell you that. Fiction gives us stories that we inevitably relate to life itself because that's how people interact with art, we relate things to our own experiences. And you can internalize unintentional messages you might not have intended to receive or the creator of whatever you're consuming might not have intended to convey. People who absolutely care about race relations in the US for example might still harbor an unconscious bias against people of color because the media portrays people of color in a worse light. You might stop empathizing with people who have suffered terrible things IRL to the same degree, even if you don't intend to do so at all. Particularly in niche subcultures, this accidental internalization can reach a point where people can normalize fetishizing abuse to the point where people actually being abused -who cannot be expected to "know better"- can rationalize their own abuse, or where abusers can find justification for their abuse. Nobody consumes VNs in a vacuum, and nobody consumes porn in a vacuum. When the VN community at large makes it seem normal to jerk off to hurtful porn, people who didn't get into the community for the abusive porn and who don't have all the faculties or the willingness to compartmentalize and process how they react to and feel about it can receive harmful messages. And particularly, Fuwanovel for example is not a lolicon site. It's a visual novel site. People who come here for VNs are exposed to lolicon fetishism without their consent. How this might affect someone is extremely downplayed in most VN circles. You might trigger someone's trauma. You might simply send off the wrong lesson. Someone who sees lolicon fetishism is accepted somewhere might take that to mean other messaging elsewhere might similarly be "fictional only" and end up normalizing that as well, and that can lead to all sorts of shit like radicalization, which is what gets you mass shooters in the US. 
    Lastly, something that angers me:
    I fucking hate the notion that things you do on the Internet are free of consequence. You're free to do what you want online, but that doesn't mean that what you choose to do and support is free of consequence. It's like traffic. You might drive like there aren't any other cars on the road, but any crashes you cause are still your fault even if it isn't what you intended. The idea that other people are responsible for shielding themselves from hurt from you while you aren't responsible at all is nonsensical, selfish, idiotic, and evil. 
    edit: Refusing to examine how condoning lolicon and similar fetish stuff especially on a large scale is like driving on a road and refusing to slow down even though there's a car in front of you, then blaming the car in front of you for not changing lines and respecting your right to drive as you wish because any limitation on driving is a violation of the creed of Freedom of Movement, and saying you should have every right to drive without slowing down and other drivers are responsible for getting out of your way.
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    Kosakyun reacted to Plk_Lesiak in I'm leaving Fuwanovel, because I'm starting to realize that this community and the VN community at large has hurt me.   
    I think there's a bit more to that. What I like in the culture of political correctness (yes, I'm using the term unironically) is that it encourages self-reflection and being mindful of other people's feelings. That's what empathy is for me. For example, a group of people universally find some term offensive. I didn't know that, but if someone tells me that and it's a group that I have any kind of respect for, I won't use it, otherwise I'd be an asshole on purpose.
    On the other hand we have the abomination of outrage culture and treating everything even slightly questionable as a scandal. Vide Attack Helicopter Dating Sim and the discussion about that, I think my posts there kind of missed the point, but the one thing that frustrated me is that intention and context seemed to lose all meaning. It's only the hypothetical person that might feel insulted by it and their overzealous advocates that matter. It goes to the bizarre extremes such as Kim Kardashian not being allowed to impersonate Diana Ross on Holloween party because of Jim Crow and blackface... I mean, how the fuck did we get here from the genuine defence of vulnerable groups?
    With eroge we got to a similar point. There's a lot of content in it that I personally find objectionable and I don't really hide that. I openly argue for the availability of all-ages editions and would support replacing certain content for Western release (ex. Kara no Shoujo's rape scenes), if it was done with actual care. But the community never stopped me from enjoying the things I actually like and speaking my mind on all kinds of manners, while there are definitely those that would happily burn my entrainment with the whole forest of "questionable" otaku media. I mean, we just had one of the most wholesome-looking yuri VNs ever banned by Steam as potential child porn. An all-ages, light romance that teaches people Esperanto FFS. I don't want to whitewash all the creepy weirdness that comes from 4chan otaku and other fringes, but damn, reasonable discussion is simply dead by this point. If we're not going to be tolerant with each other, we can just all follow Funya and jump into a pit of fire - it's not like we have many other places to go to cultivate our hobbies, or enough people that share it to break into a dozen of factions.
    EDIT: And one more thing that people seem to gloss over in Funyarinpa's story... He was a minor, as I assume, openly active in a porn community for years without anyone doing anything. As much as I believe that it's not really my place to police what other adults do and most of them are probably stable enough to not be influenced by all the vile crap, no middle schooler should read euphoria. We might not be able to stop them anyways, but eroge communities are not a place where anyone below 18 should be allowed into. We should take at least that much responsibility for what we're spearing around here (not that it matters much at this stage of Fuwa being dead, but it's a good lesson for the future).
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    Kosakyun reacted to Funyarinpa in I'm leaving Fuwanovel, because I'm starting to realize that this community and the VN community at large has hurt me.   
    (This is difficult to write. Also, it's going to get personal, and if you need any trigger warnings, it's probably best to stay away, this might be disturbing for you.) IF YOU ARE NOT OF LEGAL AGE OR YOUNGER THAN 18 YEARS OLD, I AM NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR WHAT READING THIS MIGHT DO TO YOU, I DON'T RECOMMEND IT. 
    I found this website very shortly after I got into VNs, because I was looking for a way to play Ever17. That was 2014, and I was 14 then.
    It's been... five years. Fuwa meant a lot to me in that time, and I think it still does now. By making me an ardent fan of VNs this place sidetracked my entire academic career (love to read 'em and post on forums too much now  ) and as such will always hold a place in my life and heart. I still have one of the highest post counts on here, and I've seen a whole ton of people come and go. I'm one of the old guard so to speak, and I'm proud of that, in a way. Fuwa has changed in big and small ways since I joined... I wasn't here for Aaeru, but I was here for Okami and Ren and more Fuwapocalypses I can count.
    But I'll be leaving. It's a hard decision, but I think I've long truly left the things that once connected me to this forum in the first place. I don't know if I can or will get my account deleted, or do anything of the sort... I don't know how I feel, ultimately, about having been a part of this place for 5 years. I'm trying not to stop writing, because my decision to leave has to do with one of the most disgusting personal issues I've ever had and it's easy to give up on writing this and close the tab, and move on with my day.
    It's hard to sort out what I want to say. Since I'll be leaving, I also want to give my gratitude to this website and particularly some of its people, but I'll try to leave that to the end, ö. First, I want to discuss why Fuwanovel, and the VN community as a whole, hurt me at large. I've not posted extensively on here for a long time. And I think it'll end up staying that way.
    One of the reasons I started to get less involved here was that I got the impression we had some Trump supporters here (just as a general sentiment). But seeing as I continue to participate on other websites which also condone such bigotry, I can't really say that that's the only reason I am leaving. It's the administration's prerogative to allow that. 
    Another, more involved reason was actually due to something more general to the VN community (and actually even more generally, the anime/manga community). 
    The extent to which we condone harmful pornography. 
    Back then in 2014, when this was the main place I talked to people about my interests, this was also a slightly different place. We had a vigilante sort of doctrine, whereby we distributed torrents of fan translated visual novels to build a fanbase by simply getting people to pirate the games we loved. Many of you reading this (and probably the three of you that care) already know this, but anyways. I don't know how well it worked or how much it contributed in the end, but it hooked me. 
    Another aspect of 2014 Fuwanovel, however, was more insidious... Loli shit.
    I remember particularly a fellow going by the name of Steve being absolutely bonkers about this shit. Posting loli stuff everywhere. But this is not a Steve callout post.
    We've all heard the rationalizations... "It's fictional", "It keeps actual pedos from offending", "I am a lolicon because they're cute", "Free speech means nothing I say, do or condone has any consequence", the list goes on.
    But at the end of the day we had (have) a lot of people who still thought and think it's a perfectly normal and safe thing to do to jack off to drawings of children. If you're here to debate this with me, just close the tab and save yourself the trouble.
    Now, especially if you're a newer member, you might be confused about this loli stuff, they don't seem very prevalent now. Well, that's because the hosting service that runs the servers for the entire forum forced Fuwanovel to get rid of any loli pornography out of legal concerns a few years ago. There was a lot of mod-related drama about it before, too.
    So what's the issue if it's banned on here now?
    Well... 3 things. 1. I've seen no self reflection or serious discussion of this, I don't think I've seen anyone seriously reflect on the extremity of pornography that is allowed to condone here. 2. The mentality that normalized being a "lolicon" (in normal person terms, pedophile) is still alive. 3. I've realized how much it hurt me. 
    Acting like there's no repercussions to enjoying jerking off to ANY DEPICTION OF children, or rape, or coercion, or manipulation (and probably incest) all-too-common in visual novels is... reductive. It's dangerous. We might've enabled someone who saw the lolicon posts on this forum, and decided to make that a reality- and we'll never know. But whether that happened or not is irrelevant. At the end of the day, Fuwanovel is still a place where even if you can't talk about loli stuff, you can talk about Starless or any number of games that make a fetish out of depraved, fucked up, harmful, sexist shit, without examining what it does to you or other people. 
    I know there's no question of whether it's harmful or not, because I've slowly come to realize that it directly hurt me and my mentality about sex and sexuality. 
    Now, it might be because that I browsed this place while underage for years. Maybe my parents should've known better than to let me use the internet unsupervised. Maybe just warping the mentalities of children and teenagers is a worthy price to pay to freely discuss VNs. Maybe *I* should've known better, but known better than to stay in this place after I saw the word "lolicon" be used in casual conversation for the first time.
    But in direct part thanks to VNs and attitudes I saw on here, I became someone desensetized to and able to condone (and get off to) absolutely disgusting shit. During sex, the girl tells the guy not to do something but the guy ignores her and does that thing anyways? It's fine, she enjoys it. A scene where at least one character is a high schooler? Lol it's fine this is anime, and she's hot. Fucking someone who doesn't even know what an orgasm is because they're just that uninformed about their own body? Not manipulative at all! A scene where the girl's extremely embarrassed but the guy just doesn't care and straight up gets to fucking her anyway? Who gives a shit about communication and consent? Fuck a character that looks like a 10 year old, who fucking cares as long as you can find a group of people to reassure you that it's okay? 
    Now, this isn't exclusive to Fuwanovel. The entire fucking anime, manga and VN community turns a blind eye to this shit. 
    I'm fucking 19, I've regularly immersed myself in this content and this way of looking at media and pornography that the Fuwanovel community and the VN community fed to me on a near-daily basis for five years. That's 25% of my life. A long time. 
    I'm only now realizing just how fucked up and directly hurtful to real people this is. Did you know so much as hearing about people who casually masturbate to drawings of children can send victims of child sexual abuse into panic attacks they take hours if not days to recover from? Did you know that when you masturbate to porn featuring coercion or worse for a long time you can become a person who can be aroused by someone else's sincere pain? Do you know how easy it is to develop misconceptions and unhealthy understandings about sex, sexuality, and consent when almost all porn condoned by the people you talk to on a peer basis every day makes a mockery of the concept of treating someone you're making love to as a person? 
    I played Euphoria at 15 and I still get extremely disturbed and uncomfortable when I think about it.
    I'm not even necessarily a victim of any of this. Just months if not weeks ago I casually recommended pornography that does exactly this to people on here. I've played my deliberate, informed, willful part in normalizing getting off to ANY depiction of abuse whatsoever. I am complicit.
    I don't know if I talked about it on here before, but I've been struggling for years about knowing I am a person with some of these fucked up fantasies. I wouldn't even think of doing anything about it in real life, because I know it can fucking hurt people. But it took me five years to even understand why even learning about it can make some feel preyed upon or manipulated. It's just... not healthy. It's fucking creepy, it's gross. I literally hate myself for it, and deserve to do so, because it's a thing to be hated.
    Being able to derive pleasure from someone being subjected to pain, or being violated, or being manipulated or coerced... That's gross, creepy, unhealthy, and harmful.
    If you still want to get off to depraved shit, at least keep it to yourself and to spaces where people are willing to examine what indulging in such fetishes does to them and the people around them. 
    It's not a normal thing to do. It's dangerous, in the truest sense of the word, and if you want to consume media that normalizes abuse, it's your full responsibility to ensure the safety of people you reveal that activity and spread such media to.
    I know, because I normalized it in my head, and I'm still working to understand how it can hurt other people, because I've thrown the part of me that can empathize with that and then told other people it's okay to do so as well.
    You might be able to deflect blame from yourself by saying it's my fault or my parents' fault that I hurt myself by engaging with proponents of extreme pornography in the VN community. That's on you.
    But I know I, too, am to blame for condoning these things that I didn't realize hurt me. 
    It's not worth it. Getting off to fucked up shit is not worth telling someone coercion, rape, or any abuse could or should be enjoyable in any capacity. Even if you tell yourself that fiction, perhaps the clearest reflection of people's cultural, philosophical and personal beliefs, has no bearing whatsoever on real life.
    I want none of it anymore. I want to do better than that. Be better than that. 
    And I think that means letting go of the me that used to be OK with abusive pornography. 
    And that means letting go of Fuwanovel.
    And that's why I'm leaving.
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    Kosakyun got a reaction from yelsha57 in What are you playing?   
    Started playing Da Capo three days ago. I thought it was about time I tried playing through a moege.
    I've currently finished four routes (Mako, Moe, Sakura, Nemu) and so far, Sakura and Nemu had the most interesting ones. Reading a little about the next games' synopses and stuff had me getting more interested, so I'll probably continue onto the next games when I'm given the chance to get them.
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    Kosakyun reacted to Mr Poltroon in Unlimited Chat Works - Random Talk   
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    Kosakyun reacted to Shikomizue in When it's been almost three years since you sent a friend request on discord and they still haven't accepted   
    @Eclipsed what do you have to say for yourself?
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    Kosakyun reacted to Templarseeker in Birthday thread   
    Happy birthday to me lol! And its raining hard here too huhuhu
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    Kosakyun reacted to Fred the Barber in Birthday thread   
    Thanks, everybody! I really appreciate the warm wishes.
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    Kosakyun got a reaction from JoshB2084 in What are you playing?   
    Started playing Da Capo three days ago. I thought it was about time I tried playing through a moege.
    I've currently finished four routes (Mako, Moe, Sakura, Nemu) and so far, Sakura and Nemu had the most interesting ones. Reading a little about the next games' synopses and stuff had me getting more interested, so I'll probably continue onto the next games when I'm given the chance to get them.
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    Kosakyun got a reaction from Mr Poltroon in What are you playing?   
    Started playing Da Capo three days ago. I thought it was about time I tried playing through a moege.
    I've currently finished four routes (Mako, Moe, Sakura, Nemu) and so far, Sakura and Nemu had the most interesting ones. Reading a little about the next games' synopses and stuff had me getting more interested, so I'll probably continue onto the next games when I'm given the chance to get them.
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    Kosakyun reacted to Kenshin_sama in Shikomizue: The Great Acronym Maker   
    Good luck!
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    Kosakyun reacted to Shikomizue in Shikomizue: The Great Acronym Maker   
    I just use the first things that come to mind that work together. Glad you liked it.
    Pulling out the big words already are we?
    Goddamn X's.
    That's two words, but I'll work with it.

    Gdi Saki. Here goes nothing.
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    Kosakyun reacted to Shikomizue in unforgettable skype quotes   
    Again, not Skype or a quote, but nowhere else to put this.
    (Also, sorry for the formatting, not sure how to fix it easily.)
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    Kosakyun reacted to solidbatman in Reflect on your VN History!   
    I read Analogue: A Hate Story and loved it. Read Katawa Shoujo and was like, "meh". Read Ever17 and was like "this shit is pretty great." Read Clannad, had a lot of fun and really liked it. I really liked visual novels it seemed.

    Then one day it happened. The smallest of busters appeared. Now I hate everything and everyone. Especially you reading this. 
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    Kosakyun got a reaction from Xykros in How Global is Fuwa (What country do you actually reside in?)   
    I'm a Filipino weeb.
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    Kosakyun got a reaction from Xykros in Hello, Fuwanovel community!   
    I have no idea how you found me, but I am here to respond.
    Welcome to the forums, youngblood! Are you ready to continuously question yourself as to why you joined this community? If you are, then you're more than ready to be here! 
    It took you a while to formally enter this place, but now that you're here, there's no escape. <3
    I hope I get to know you more. <3 Ifyouaren'tthatguyI'mthinkingabout,ofcourse.
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    Kosakyun reacted to Chronopolis in Mahou Shoujo Translation Project   
    Mahou Shoujo (Mahosho) Translation Project

    TL: 11/40 Chapters (updated 2/28/2016)
    Editing: ~3/40 Chapters
    QC: 1/40

    You can always check the Live Progress Report on google docs. That page will always be up to date.
    Project Introduction
      Game info (and screenshots)
    Looking for: None at the moment
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    Kosakyun reacted to littleshogun in VN Reading Club - April 2016 (Imouto Paradise!)   
    Okay, last route on Imouto Paradise (And I'll not play harem route) which this time we'll see the romance between Aya and her Nii-san (It was her call to MC here). For the seiyuu, Aya was voiced by Yukimura Toa who also voiced Palamedes back in Eiyuu Senki and Karen in curently translated Libra the Vampire Princess. For her scenes, well it's quite normal compared  to XXXjob back at Rio's route, femdom back at Michika route, humiliation back at Hiyori's route and sex in public back at Koharu's route. By normal I mean only blowjob, anal, and usual sex (Although Aya choose anal as her first sex though). Oh, and by the way all sisters had started their sex career by masturbating lol.
    For Aya herself, she was quite skillful at household, especially cooking but bad at handling technology (There's a scene when Aya managed to broke the TV until her nii-san fix by changing the setting). She also love all of her fellow imouto and MC of course. For the conflict, I think this is the only route when they acknowledge the incest was taboo in society and MC himself realize that, so he decided that he'll try to distance himself from Aya if possible. But of course, since they already became lover it was harder than said if they distanced each other (And when Aya jealous, she decided to tease MC in the bathroom). And since MC already became lover with Aya, there's no problem in regard of MC cluelessness about her love iirc (Or it was toned down compared to previous routes). Although they tried their best to keep it secret, in the end all of other 4 imouto knew that though. They decided to agree with MC and Aya relationship just like in every route (Well, actually every imouto accept their older brother relationship with one of them except back at Michika route), and after that MC and Aya had sex for whole days.
    Okay, for nukige, I think it was nice and once again the animation was good (Also it had interesting ejaculation countdown feature). In regard of scenario, since according to VNDB this game had 3 writers, I suspect that one of them was main writer who write Aya and Rio route (Aya because it managed to add incest taboo, while Rio was had good chemistry between herself and MC), another one was femdom fan who write Michika route (And he made MC looks like very horny there, so much I renamed MC 'Hornyman' to express my insult there), and another one who write Koharu and Hiyori routes (Because the conflict was like 'my twin was better to you instead of me' thing). Well, VNDB didn't list what route they write anyway for each writer, so I'm free to speculate here I suppose (Of course I didn't knew which one is main writer there though). Other than that, couldn't comment much.
    That's all for my experience in regard of Imouto Paradise. Sorry if it's very late here. Next I'll try to play Yumina (Actually replay though, since I played Yumina too back in 2013). I'll try to give the comment about Yumina in VN Reading Club May thread later.
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    Happy Birthday Kosaki, now you won't get arrested for reading Japanese porn games
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