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  1. Shikomizue: The Great Acronym Maker

  2. Shikomizue: The Great Acronym Maker

  3. Shikomizue: The Great Acronym Maker

    Fuwanovel. Make it salty. <3
  4. unforgettable skype quotes

    Mostly shitposting, so talking about anything ranging from school to whatever screwed up stuff you're consuming at the moment. We also play with the bots, so there's that. Nadeko's also being used to spam NSFW in the appropriate channel, sooo. Also planning to play Hearthstone, actually. If you ever want to drop by, just tell me.
  5. Shikomizue: The Great Acronym Maker

    Go make an acronym out of "KosakiFag". <3
  6. Shikomizue: The Great Acronym Maker

    Shikomizue. Goodluck trying to make yourself look good.
  7. True or False

    False. You're on your own. Next person likes dancing to dubstep.
  8. unforgettable skype quotes

    You make it sound as if I wanted it to be full of guys.
  9. Not really the uploader for those files, so if they're down, you'll need to look for them on your own again. Rance III and Kichikuou Rance are titles I can help with, since they're now freeware from Alicesoft. You can easily find them via a certain eroge download website. But for Widenyo, you're on your own. In fulfillment of Fuwa's new policies regarding piracy of visual novels, I cannot help with anything that isn't declared free ware by the company that produced and distributed it. You'll have to look for it yourself, if you're desperate. Or you could buy a legal copy, if it is still available somewhere. Widenyo's found in the Alice 2010 set released by Alicesoft, but it's fairly old, so it might be hard to find now. Especially if you're outside Japan.
  10. True or False

    False. I am not disappointed with official localizations in any way, provided that they don't cut content that's central to the plot. In cases where they do cut out content or modify it in a way that it loses the original impact of the VN, it becomes true. Irrelevant thoughts: Next person is probably furious over the fact that Baldr Sky will not be 18+.
  11. True or False

    Which one? Next person likes the term peropero.
  12. True or False

    False. Sadly, I'm looking forward to it. Next person would like more games from the WAB series.
  13. Koiken Otome Discussion and Poll

    I'll just be waiting for the release. I've been kinda excited about this one anyway.
  14. True or False

    Neither true nor false. There's no question. Next person would like to use enema.
  15. Hello, Fuwanovel community!

    I have no idea how you found me, but I am here to respond. Welcome to the forums, youngblood! Are you ready to continuously question yourself as to why you joined this community? If you are, then you're more than ready to be here! It took you a while to formally enter this place, but now that you're here, there's no escape. <3 I hope I get to know you more. <3 Ifyouaren'tthatguyI'mthinkingabout,ofcourse.