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  1. What are you playing?

    It's 3AM or something and I finally finished Da Capo. Kotori's route was full of romance. Getting into Da Capo, the kind of content it had was exactly the kind of content I was expecting from a romance-focused moege. It was refreshing to finally read something within what I imagined the story to be. I loved Miharu's route, and it made me realize who real best girl is. I love bananas now. Etc route was pretty interesting, and is a nice play with the overall theme of the game. After reading it all and unlocking all scenarios, I think I can say that Da Capo exceeded my expectations as a moege (or whatever the more appropriate term is for these moege derivatives). It lives up to its reputation, at least. However, I do have some qualms about some of the routes I just finished. I guess I'll just put those in my journal so I don't spoil people who just want to read through buzz here.
  2. Unlimited Chat Works - Random Talk

    Please. I knew you liked Brook, but I didn't know your username would be for Brook too. I was so surprised when I heard the sword's name in Fishman Island! But yes, thanks for also pushing me to go continue One Piece. I finished Whole Cake Island last month and may I just say, that I do not regret any goddamn episode of the 880 I've finished. It's great. Also, 20? You're so mean! I'm 21 now. D&D huh. I never really got into it because it's hard participating in campaigns because of unpredictable schedules and horrible timezone compatibility with online friends, as well as the never-improving internet connection and hardware that I use here. But yes! You can always holler me up at Discord! I'm still looking for a job right now, so I'm pretty much a bum at the moment. This old man is available to listen to your yammering more than ever! You should also get 100% Orange Juice if you haven't. My best Steam game.
  3. Reading VN is masochistic

    Imagine deleting games and not just keeping them there just in case you want to ever open it again. In any case, your three scenarios aren't just limited to just VNs because they're not the only storytelling media people consume. A great majority of the population must be masochistic if these types of experiences make VN readers so. Even more since the kind of experiences that embody the three aren't confined to storytelling forms. I think you need more than this thread about innate masochism to deal with your thoughts about yourself and your life though. Best regards. I think that fits the definition of 'engaging plot'.
  4. Unlimited Chat Works - Random Talk

    It has been ages. What's the best indicator? Your age now. I did want to tell you something though. I finally know why your username is Shikomizue. Sorry for disappearing for a while. Lots of things happened. But I think right now, things have never been better. I hope it's been better for you too!
  5. I like Eushully games and I support endeavors to translate them! Thank you for your hard work!
  6. Unlimited Chat Works - Random Talk

    The man is alive. I repeat, the man is alive. I have, but I have to buy it first! Gotta get a job so I can get things on the road~
  7. Unlimited Chat Works - Random Talk

    You know you're partially at fault for my disappearance, you know. I've done nothing but play Granblue and other mobages for the past three years! It's been a hectic life playing a portable MMO! I recently started playing VNs again (partly to spite my friend who was planning to play VNs the whole semester break but had his laptop break on him) and I wanted some discussion, so I'm back! It's hard to sustain and keep up with it on Discord, and Twitter's a pain in the ass platform to engage anyone in, so I'll be here. Don't worry, I won't regress back into being a spammer.
  8. Unlimited Chat Works - Random Talk

    Man I never thought I'd see this thread die.
  9. What are you playing?

    Started playing Da Capo three days ago. I thought it was about time I tried playing through a moege. I've currently finished four routes (Mako, Moe, Sakura, Nemu) and so far, Sakura and Nemu had the most interesting ones. Reading a little about the next games' synopses and stuff had me getting more interested, so I'll probably continue onto the next games when I'm given the chance to get them.
  10. Shikomizue: The Great Acronym Maker

  11. Shikomizue: The Great Acronym Maker

  12. Shikomizue: The Great Acronym Maker

    Fuwanovel. Make it salty. <3
  13. unforgettable skype quotes

    Mostly shitposting, so talking about anything ranging from school to whatever screwed up stuff you're consuming at the moment. We also play with the bots, so there's that. Nadeko's also being used to spam NSFW in the appropriate channel, sooo. Also planning to play Hearthstone, actually. If you ever want to drop by, just tell me.
  14. Shikomizue: The Great Acronym Maker

    Go make an acronym out of "KosakiFag". <3
  15. Shikomizue: The Great Acronym Maker

    Shikomizue. Goodluck trying to make yourself look good.