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  1. Sry it's been a while since i needed something from this forum and i didn't check for a new post with extraction tools. Any tips on how to use the specific tools i need? Or are they simple like garbro, or KrkrExtract etc?
  2. Is anyone kind enough to decrypt me the scripts from this link? They are from the vn Golden Marriage. They are .ws2 scripts. Normally i'll just use Garbro for this but these scripts are from the Append Patch for the game. They aren't in an actual archive though to just auto decrypt/extract through garbro, so i have to rely on someone. Why does Essemble tends to put their patches on a folder instead of an archive..... Thanks in advance! ^^ http://www.mediafire.com/file/dm84i00y0pztvv9/Golden_Marriage_Append_Scripts.rar
  3. Can anyone help me get the scripts from Chaos;Child in a .txt form? The file which needs to be extracted to get them is .mpk and apparently you can use a program called QuickBMS but idk how to use it ;/
  4. Firstly I'm sorry for my inactivity on this forum. Since i am the only translator on this project the progress has stopped cause i was busy with some IRL stuff. And honestly now since i came back my vn backlog became rly big xD, like 20 vn's including the sequels of these series. So while i apologize i'll now inform you that this project is currently on hold, but i'm honestly going to finish it at some point.
  5. Can anyone help me extract the scripts of Wagamama High Spec plz?
  6. Common route is now fully translated! We have also made a new page with more details right here https://phantomworldtranslations.wordpress.com/about/ so check it out if you want! Up next is Luna's route! I'm also looking for translators and if anyone is interested you can contact me on kirito.cyprus97@gmail.com or just add me "KiritoCy" on skype
  7. Finally the Project Reached 20% !!! I'm also looking for an editor and translators if anyone's interested add me KiritoCy on skype or contact me on "kirito.cyprus97@gmail.com"
  8. The translation is now 15% . I forgot to point this out before, but i also intent to translate the append disk and the scripts are already included on this
  9. I've finally reached 10% of the translation progress! But because i didn't have time to see the exact number of lines on each route i've written the progress on how much scripts i've done. It doesn't mean much but thank you for the comments about before the first script, i must admit that i was in a rush making it cause i wanted to get fast to the story, but due to your responses i've decided that i should retranslate it. It's the only one i had the time to do so though. On the other hand i've done huge progress on the common route and i must admit that this vn is certainly unique and has some really hilarious scenes that you won't find anywhere else. I'll try to post the progress i do like this after two or three weeks of work to keep you all informed of my work and don't worry about the translation, it's really accurate but i would get an editor just in case much later on
  10. It's the fandisc? Fail......Forget i said anything...
  11. Help plz when i apply the patch it comes out like this........ https://gyazo.com/55fe512583b632b0ed71afc203c5ef06 And when i try to start the game..... https://gyazo.com/f3d6e09dd3db1a4ede6e413bbf8d5bd9 I reinstalled the game many times and still doesn't work pls help.....
  12. We've found a way to make a patch of the .data files and i thought i should tell you that we can patch the translated script now. Here's a pic of the prototype, well excuse my English if they are bad on it or any mistakes cause i didn't double-check anything yet but i would fix everything eventually
  13. The "desu no" i don't think there is a specific translation for it. Well i don't know even if there is cause it's a part of the character's speech if it was only "desu" maybe i could translate it with some another way but if she's speaking like that most translations i've seen about it leave it at the end of her line. I'll probably do that as well
  14. I considered contacting Mangagamer but when i only done a lot of scripts first at least. As for the size of the scripts are 4,72 MB unless the Append scripts are elsewhere and i have to look for them separately (or maybe they are mixed with those i already have?) but i'll cross that bridge when i get to it
  15. Vn info: https://vndb.org/v10680/chars This vn was always on my favorites so i started translating now that i've got more experience as a translator, as well as japanese in general, so i began translating it. Note: Thanks to Keisuke from my team for showing me how to get the original scripts. Note2: I will also translate the append disk which is the ver2.0 The common route is now fully translated! You can also check out our new page here! https://phantomworldtranslations.wordpress.com/about/ Total Progress Of The Translation Overall : 10613 /31,248 (33%) Luna's Route: 1926/7764 (24%)
  16. We're almost there. Just one more route to trek. Expect some downtime regarding translation progress during the next few weeks. At this point, I'm going to say Shizuru as a character has overtaken Hinata at my #2 spot for best girl ranking, and although everyone on the team may will diagree with me, I believe her route is the best (with Maya's route in tow). It also contains the most entertaining h-scenes. Just my personal preference, though. I do have a strong feeling Shizuru will end up being Eclipsed's favorite character due to her likeness of Louise (from Zero no Tsukaima) during certain points. Fiddle would like to reiterate that the above statement does not express the opinions of The Oxford Comma is Superior Subs as a whole, just that of our dictator. I surely disagree with you my fellow comrade in the team for the best girl ranking 1st must be Sena due to her personality + maid + she is a huge pervert even though i didn't read her route yet 2nd comes Maya ofc with her cool beauty personality that switches to a very cute one at her route 3rd may be Shizuru but until i test you out the route i'll leave no further comment 4th is Akari well her route was enjoyable and her reactions to ecchi were fantastic and hilarious and i will put Hinata 5th even though i'm a LOLICON i didn't especially like the loli heroines in this game her route was way too typical as well as her reactions with no deep story or anything and a predictable ending but i'll say no more cause spoilers
  17. Need an editor to get me a copy of the Tsuki ni Yorisou Otome no Sahou + Append Disc scripts in order for me to start translating it I tried various programs but well i cant get them in any way cause well i'm a translator not a programmer so i'm having a hard time understand these things anyway If anybody could get them for me to start the project i would really appreaciate it!! Plz Help ;D
  18. I think it's better to translate it in a way that readers will understand better than try and focus to translate it by the book with the exact english meaning of the word Like I wasn't staring at your underwear i was staring at your "entrance" or at the "line" that is shown underneath it or something if you don't want to write too vulgar lol
  19. I would LOVE to help on this but got my hands full on Noble Works ;s
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