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  1. Got ma pre-ordered Angel Beats woooo Taped that Tachibana illustration to my wall and received weird stares from my family. I wonder why. Also fml I forgot that I didn't have any computer with a dvd drive
  2. Both. I mean who cares, nobody is gonna care what words I use.
  3. When I was looking for h code for Hanasaki Workspring one guy recommended this: http://www.hongfire.com/forum/showthread.php/438331-ITHVNR-ITH-with-the-VNR-engine It's just basically VNR integrated into ITH I guess? Some games that require h codes for hooking originally can be hooked with ITHVNR, like Hanasaki Workspring. Thought I would post this because ITHVNR is not listed.
  4. Title says everthing. Fujiwara no Mokou is here, alongside with Kasen Ibaraki and Shinmyoumaru Sukuna. Also yay Moe Harukawa, I really love Forbidden Scrollery.
  5. Mikimir


    Hearthstone for Iphone is out (quite some time ago). Incoming 1v1-me-I'll-rek-u-m8 friends.
  6. I could build Noah's Ark before I see a single development for gods sake.
  7. Night. I always end up sleeping 3 hrs late than planed due to my nocturnal VN reading habit. I mean, sleep is for the weak right?
  8. Eden! Totally not gonna leave you craving for more.
  9. Iphone 6 plus. Isn't it obvious? Jk just buy any Android phone that has micro sd card slot so you can get some extra storage. Pick whatever design you like if you don't want any specific specs but I'd recommend HTC one, galaxy s series, or google nexus.
  10. High school dxd. It's intended for mature people right?
  11. DANMACHI BECUZ HESTIA=WIN Disappointing action scenes but at least it won't bitch slap me in the face later on like SAO did.
  12. I liked it. Well, kinda. I was just sooo freaking glad I completed the game and overwhelmed by the sense of achievement of clearing a game I spent 35+ hrs on.
  13. If I'm not pissed off by any heroine routes and not bored by going through the endings, I usually consider the VN I read is good. A lot of heroines pisses me off or bores me tho (Tsubame, Maki, Kotori, Nene, etc).
  14. With my laptop snuggled comfortably in my bed with beverages and snacks. Life is wonderful.
  15. Yuzusoft without a doubt. Sanoba Witch was kind of a disappointment for me though.
  16. Rewrite's Shizuru route made me a bit sad but it only lasted for hours and Inwouldn't say I was depressed... The closest situation I got to getting depressed was when I lost my laptop and couldn't play VNs I guess.
  17. Maybe the second laptop disabled wifi. Check the bottom of the laptop and you should find a switch. Try turning it on.
  18. Move your game folder to C:. That worked for me.
  19. Tsubame's route frim Majikoi S God I reaaally hated her route.
  20. The ones I bookmarked are the ones I sorted. Alphabetically
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