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    Nightsworn reacted to Steve in Hoshizora no Memoria: Eternal Heart Translation Project   
    Uuh what? I don't even know who you are... I am the leader of the project and I was replying to a question about the progress so not sure why you even quoted me...
    So please don't worry, I can moderate this topic myself, when it gets too out of hand you can see I take action too I am always quietly watching~
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    Nightsworn reacted to FerusTachi in Hoshizora no Memoria: Eternal Heart Translation Project   
    Chinami was pretty annoying but I don't think her route was that bad, could have gone with a better epilogue I think. But I am rather looking forward to this as well. Yume's route needs a sequel because in all honesty I think it rushed to the ending a little (or a lot). Mare needs a sequel because it is Mare we are talking about here. Though at the end of the day Isuzu is still my waifu, there is just something about her route that I love.
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    Nightsworn got a reaction from FerusTachi in Hoshizora no Memoria: Eternal Heart Translation Project   
    Mare <3 Kosame <3 Komomo <3 Yume <3 Asuho <3 Isuzu <3  Chinami... well... she annoyed me a bit but she was still cute and I didn't want her to be dead when it seemed she was so <3 
    Really hyped for this
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    Nightsworn reacted to Steve in Hoshizora no Memoria: Eternal Heart Translation Project   
    Its more like we like the other characters, but we LOVE Mare. Favorite is like that, they can make characters you wouldn't normally like in other games very lovable, I explained it a bit in my hoshimemo topic.
    Same goes for Iroseka, the girl with the biggest boobs (Kana) ended up for me being the most likable girl out of the normal route girls - where as in other games I wouldn't even touch a route of girl that looks like that.
    But whenever I talk to big favorite fans (especially JP ones in pso2 or something) or view art or read stuff from the JP artists, its all about the lolis, Mare and Shinku and now Yuuki.
    When the information about the new game came out saying that the loli there is not actually the same size as Mare and Shinku 141cm but actually 137cm, everyone was talking about that girl and most of the art is for her as people believe that it will be the main focus of the game.
    And that is the point, sure the other characters in favo games are awesome, compared to some other eroge they are on the level of the best heroine in those games, but favorite manages to make something special, something above that level and those are the main loli girls.
    And when you get deep into the favorite design, you can see that. Sure there was Yume in Hoshimemo and some people like her as a character and her personality, but you can just look at how long screen time she had in the game, you didn't even see her for 90% of the game. Where as Mare was there all the time, solving the routes of everyone. Almost like the guiding character for the reader and the protagonist at the same time, helping you to get through the game, while ultimately waiting for you to finally realize that she is the one seeking love.
    And when you realize that, you just have to see how you two match together, she was there clueless, trying to make you happy by helping you with your love, you trying to discover love with other characters, when you both had it all from the very beginning, you had your happiness together right in front of your eyes, you just didn't see it.
    And these are the deep moments Favorite helps you discover, these are the moments that make your heart race.
    And sure, if you are reading for the story then the stories of the other characters are very awesome, Komomo's story is so good, Kana's route in Iroseka and Irohika is one of the best and most emotional stories I've ever read. But the true romance and the true love and all the dokidoki moments with butterflies in your stomach are with the main loli characters.
    It is hard to explain to people who didn't fully commit to 2d dating how good Favorite is at this, since they probably don't even see these things there. These moments are as strong if not stronger than the moments you rode a bike 10km up a hill to meet that one girl and get your first kiss, the moments at summer camp you were sneaking outside of the compound into the forest to talk there while holding hands.
    And even though some might think I'm crazy and delusional and whatnot, I don't think I will ever be able to get back to the 3d dating, where it is now all about responsibilities and such.
    I will much rather chase these childish dreams, relive the times long past and the times I never got to live, because you just grow up so fast. Favorite help you form these dreams and in the end make them come true, because as we know, dreams are the seedlings of realities~
    So yeah, so far they managed to do it twice (Mare and Shinku) and we will soon see if they can make it happen for the 3rd time.
    And who knows, maybe there are people who get these fluttery tingly feelings with the other characters too, but from the people I talked to they either get them with Mare and Shinku or they don't get them at all (because they don't care about them and are not looking for them).
    also... how did this post turn out so long, I just wanted to quickly explain
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    Nightsworn reacted to Mephisto in Hoshizora no Memoria: Eternal Heart Translation Project   
    fixed that for you