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  1. I watched my mmr go from rank 400 to almost 1000 in the last 5 minutes of the event. Scary stuff. Made it though. Hopefully, they don't use this system again. Also a step up scouting is coming in a day or so. I have enough gems to spare. Hopefully, I get something good.
  2. That's great! I have done 3 of these refund things and 2 of them had mainly Kotoris boxes (the other was the Printemps box). I got my sixth SSR Birb lol.
  3. I used about 300 gems. Got really good stuff out of it including 2 URs. Had 100 more, but didn't use it in case there wasn't a refund. Hehe. Oh well. Free stuff regardless.
  4. Don't leave. You just got back. :c At 63k now. 3 days left and I need about 100k more to hit my usual goal. What fun. I have a convention to go to for the next 3 days too. Oh what fun. I'm hoping I'll find some neat stuff. Probably just gonna get some posters and such.
  5. At least you got that amount of smile veils in the short time you started playing again. I only have 5 smile veils after over a year of playing. It's good now, but a few months ago, having 2 when your team needed 4-5 sucked. Good thing now is that I've hit that point where I don't have to worry much about SIS anymore.
  6. I'm lazy rn. Third day or so and I barely got to the first Maru. Going through team configuration stuff since I'm bored and want to see what upgrade path I can do for my teams. So far, not doing anything yet (for now) since I got a few Step Ups to do in the next few months and that might change up my current team roster. @Eclipsed You should really only try for high score in Genki Zenkai DAY! DAY! DAY! (592) + Kimeta yo Hand in Hand (569) + Todokanai Hoshi da to Shitemo (563) = 1724 since it has the highest note count. Unless you have a really strong cool team that is several tech ages stronger than your smile team. And I see you're doing well in T1. Nice.
  7. That's pretty short. I know most of them were short but... that's a little shorter than me. And I'm somewhat short. 5'4'' Never knew Maru was that adorably short. The height differences look more significant in the anime from what I can remember. idk Oh and I use third to fastest speed for Easy, Normal, and Hard. EX and Master are second to fastest speed. When I get bored I move it to fastest. I've been lazy the past few days so I let my LP hit max here and there. It bothers me slightly considering I tend to try to maximize my efforts with what I have.
  8. T1 for me as usual. I need more pure scorers.
  9. LB9MFAP9LJT LUCS9A63SFS A couple more codes here.
  10. Second person to get Rin. This rush hurt my fingers more than I thought it would.
  11. Done with my grinding. Actually did most of the grinding yesterday because of homework today. Only used a few gems today, so not much time spent today.
  12. I never spent on gems, but I've spent a lot on merchandise and codes.
  13. Finished at exactly 35k, have both event EXs FCed, SSSed Wonder Zone and Love Marginal.
  14. T1 all the way~!!! Sucks that I have a morning class when Umi event starts a few hours before.
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