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  1. Yeah, it's been stalled lately. We'are still going to finish the tranlation, even if it doesn't include all of the routes. I believe there'll be an update posted in a month or two. I don't see any reasons to "prove" anything. If you are interested in something regarding the project you are free to contact me or post here. This topic was created only to seek some help which unfortunately continues to fail.
  2. We've tried to work with the old group but in the end decided to translate everything from a scratch, so you can't say we've revived, we aren't related to the old project. We originally planned to just release a patch without announcing anything but needed some help so there you go... Last month was very slow, so there's nothing to update for now, things will hopefully change soon
  3. I updated the progress. We have three routes translated, we might get a little slower now, though. I also changed how I measured TLC progress, that's why it jumped that much, now it correctly reflects overall progress. Editing should start soon, too.
  4. Hah, thanks everyone. The game is indeed pretty good! I'll try to post some updates, just don't expect anything regular.
  5. Akatsuki no Goei VNDB -> link We are a group of people who have been working on Akatsuki no Goei for a few months now. Since we could use some help, we decided to make an announcement here. The game contains Akatsuki no Goei, its Fandisc and Sequel. We are only translating the first game, if we find more translators we might work on all three games. Overall progress: Translation: 65% TLC: 11% Editing: 0% QC: 0% I am not going to post detailed progress. Don’t expect me to update this often, either. If something significant happens, I’ll do so. Recruitment: We will not make y
  6. There's this stalled project that recently fonud a translator, editor is already on board and all that's missing is someone who'd deal with technical side of things. The tools are done already, the project uses tortoisesvn and assembla. I expect you to not disappear after a few weeks, I'm not exacly sure what it is you'd be required to do, prolly just minor stuff and packing the patch when things get done. PM me if interested. It's a VN for Windows, I want to keep the game's name secret for now. EDIT: Got a volunteer already, so for now the search is stalled. I'll edit this messege once
  7. If you don't find anyone in ... let's say a couple of weeks I might TL Yuuri's route as well.
  8. Thanks, I should be ok with these now.
  9. Hey, I'm translating a VN (1st timer) and there're a few lines I'm not sure how to deal with, any help would be appreciated. 1) 笹塚の野郎……蛙の解剖じゃあるまいし俺をステンレスの台の上に載せやがって。 It means being a guinea pig? And what is that "ステンレス" stainless what? 2) ごりり。 That's probably an onomatopoeia, but I got no idea what it means, and I think it might be somewhat relevant. 3) I pasted whole parts of a conversation I don't quite follow. Any idea what she's reffering to in the brackets, maybe some hidden meaning? Though Person B doesn't quite get it either. The background to that coversation
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