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  1. しびれを切らす here means "to run out of patience waiting." 草食系 might also be throwing you off; while it literally means "herbivore," here, it means something closer to "beta" (as in "alpha male" vs. "beta male"). I might go with "The culprit was one of the maids in my club. She'd gotten sick and tired of waiting for that beta master ("master" in the sense of a maid cafe; I'm blanking on a better word for it here in English) to make a move on her, so she'd gone to his room to take him then and there."
  2. It's more that they've been bundling parts with each volume ever since the first. I might go with "They've been bundling in a part here and a part there ever since the first issue. Put them all together, and you get yourself a handmade vibrator. Neat, right?"
  3. A1's slightly bigger, but still under 1MB (exact sizes are 996KB for A1 and 961KB for A2). As for the rest, A3 is 922KB, A4 is 704KB, and A5 is 1.13MB.
  4. All the skits in A2 are compiled in a single file, and it's fairly small -- only about 7kB long. To put this in perspective, the longest day in A2 (which is technically broken up into a couple scripts, but that's not too important) is a little under 70kB long, and the entire game is just under 1MB
  5. I believe the "fait accompli" here is referencing the act of sex. Loosely, we could go with "One round in the sack is all you need to turn everything around, so... Maybe I should've tried to trap you in the end." Hopefully that makes sense in context. (also, in the following line: "scary," not "dreadful.") Additionally: んむっ……ふふっ……中々夜伽に誘ってくれないからぁ……んぐちゅぷっ……じゅるじゅるっ……こうしてわたしからぁ……んちゅっ……ちゅぷっ…… Nnn... fufuu... It's an invitation to a wonderful Night service... *suck*... *suck*... My Night Service that is... *suck*... *suck*... --> Should be "You never seem to invite me to service y
  6. ディヴァシティ might be a corruption of "Devastating" (the author believing "devasty" to be a word?). My first instinct on ウォルナー is "Warner."
  7. A line from American Gods comes to mind: "They were holding hands tightly, as if simply holding hands could keep the world at bay." I'd probably go with something like that, something romantic, rather than something literal.
  8. It simply means "Maybe we had met" (or, in slightly more natural English, "Maybe we once knew each other"). かも is a "I wonder"-if, not a conditional-if. Additionally, looking through your translation, one of the biggest problems I see is that you are very literally translating the phrases such that they appear in exactly the same order in English as they do in Japanese. This isn't really a good thing; I would recommend rewriting much of that first paragraph.
  9. My gut instinct would be to go extremely non-literal here and simply come up with something that works in English. Off the top of my head: What a good fuck / fucking again? I cummed all over her / he's coming after me again? Note that I'm also coming from the perspective that it's better to cut a joke or a pun than to overexplain it, which may not be yours.
  10. Are you telling me you don't want CGs of Stacy on a Harley?
  11. kazuko best girl confirmed. (thanks for the support~)
  12. This actually worries me to some extent. The biggest logical reason to buy up a fan translation (rather than doing your own) is the belief that doing so allows you to acquire the translation for less than what would be a fair market rate (the other, of course, being saved time). What might seem like fair compensation for something you expected to do for free might be a far cry from what you might ask for in a more traditional contract.
  13. I'm not quite sure what you're struggling with here, but here's how I might render the line: After all the times that line had come up in my dreams, at some point, my mind had grown convinced that it was a warning against the emotions that had sprouted within me.
  14. してる = している ばかにする = to make a fool (of someone). Based on what you've told me, there's probably an implied subject in here somewhere (likely not the test itself, though it could be?) and the indirect object is the speaker; i.e., "Argh. She/he/it/they/the universe is making a fool out of me!" would be a literal translation. There's obviously a ton of ways to handle this line, though.
  15. Well, there's little overlap in jobs there; I'm certainly not the one doing the uncensoring. I mean, unless you want me to work up some masterpieces in MS Paint. (kinda tempted to do this now...)
  16. Nah, things are moving ahead. I was busy last month, so I didn't get as much done as I would've liked, but things keep on trucking.
  17. Q: Are there any plans for a packaged version that includes all of these? A: Yes, we will be selling that. However, that would involve a long wait, so we chose this [digital and episodic] method of distribution.
  18. I'm not sure what's confusing you, so I just went ahead and translated it: 「なんか、過ぎてみればあっという間だったかな」 Looking back, it feels like it all happened so quickly. (literally, "now that we've tried going through it") 「そうですね……あっという間、でした」 Yeah... Everything went by so fast. 「でも、これで気ままな一人暮らしに戻れるよ」 But now I (you? I'm assuming every line flips speakers and there's exactly two, but...) can go back to living alone the way I like. 「やはり、病院はお嫌でしたか?」 So you really did hate the hospital? 「綾乃ちゃんがお見舞いに来てくれたおかげで、そうでもなかったかな。病院食も、意外と美味しかったし」 Not that much, I guess, sin
  19. It's just slang, similar to how e.g. している becomes してる or それは becomes そりゃ.
  20. What I'd go with would be something like: His/her/that/the name had catapulted straight to the top of my list. ...No, maybe it was out in the margins, where it would stand out the most. りゃ is short for れば here.
  21. The "urasuji" is part of the penis--frenulum, in English
  22. ...Did someone say poll?! http://strawpoll.me/6293047 (Though I do agree that the games should be released in order; barring hell freezing over, that should happen.)
  23. Number of scripts is pretty much meaningless. For instance, in the original Majikoi, every route was contained in its own script file, but the file for each major route was some 10k lines long. And even here, while Azumi and Benkei have roughly the same number of script files, Benkei's is some 400kB compared to Azumi's 300kB. (To put these numbers in perspective: Koyuki's route is about 300kB.)
  24. A few other notes/suggestions regarding the translation: --Consider dropping "elder." --Perhaps have Harp say "My uncle did that?" Whenever there's a "confirming" line like this (I have no idea what to actually call them in English), I try to make it sound as not-blase as possible. --While いくら can mean "how many," here, it means "even if." (c.f. いくらなんでも, an expression you've probably encountered somewhere before.)
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