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  1. Suggestion

    I Got No Money To Buy
  2. Suggestion

    Please Translate Harukoi Otome
  3. What are you playing?

    LOL , SAME AS ME . Started Anata O Suki Na Shiawase
  4. Katahane Files Missing

    Ok , But Finish This As Soon As Possible , And When Is Yosuga No Sora Finish?
  5. They Give Me A Error I Download It 2 Times , But Still Same
  6. My Intro

  7. My Intro

    Not Much , I Been Using Alot Of Time To Find This Site And My First Is Sono Hanabira Series
  8. My Intro

    Hi And I Am Yuki. And I Like This Site Alot , I Been Downloading Lots Of Novel Thanks And Hope You Have A Nice Day