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  1. I couldn't get the .img file to open with 7-zip, got a "7-zip cannot open this archive" error or some bs. I've just about given up on this VN as I've wasted over 2 days trying to get this to work, might as well go back to Grisaia no Kijutsu. Thanks for the help, even if this was a lost cause. I'll tinker around every now and then to see if I can get it to work.
  2. Force Checked before and after mounting the .img file, and nothing was missing (Pieces: 1309 x 2.00MB, have 1309).
  3. I know my way around visual novels, but this is the first time I've gotten an error like this. Are you running your computer with Japan system locale?: Yes. Game Name: Muv-Luv Extra. Description of Problem: When mounting .img file, error occurs in Japanese. Your Operating System: Windows XP Professional 32-Bit (x-86). What did you already try? Everything but post here. Did you download your game from Fuwanovel?: Both the Fuwanovel and the Piratebay torrent. When I mounted MUVLUV_EXTRA.ccd, the game's Menu appeared with only an "Install" or "Quit" option. I'd mounted MUVLUV_EXTRA.img
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