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  1. For some reason in one of the early scenes after the introduction in white during Yuuma's conversation with Shinku the game crashes for me (the part where the door opens) I have locale set to Japanese I downloaded some sort of file which supposedly prevents crashes; but to no avail https://github.com/Nekotekina/favoload Anyone can help me out here ?
  2. Hmm yeah, I browsed around for the CG set and I found out that it was indeed a CG part of the bad end, guess that's remaining empty then.. forgot to save at any point of Amane's route =)...
  3. Was looking through my CG's and I noticed that I have a missing CG - specifically from Amane's route, any idea how I can get a hold of it? This is the first installment of the trilogy; Screenshot is in spoilers
  4. Looking for a kinetic novel (no choices) and story driven, examples would be.. World End Economica Umineko no Naku Koro Ni Fault:Milestone series (IIRC this doesn't have choices, correct me if it does) etcetc..
  5. I've been snooping around once in a while and I noticed that some sort of translation was released for this VN a few months ago by EA Games SakuraGame; Were there any improvements made in regards to this or is it still the same old that there is on Steam? Not sure if I want to actually go through the horror I've seen by this company.
  6. The OP is amazing as always even in English, jesus this looks really good. Real pity I already played Umineko otherwise I would have waited for this
  7. Does anyone else have any idea about this?
  8. Any idea if this VN is still being translated? I saw it on the Fuwa TL news but I'm still not convinced whether the project is dead or not :v
  9. I remember reading Saya no Uta off youtube, was pretty decent.
  10. Is it possible to keep all CGs/savedata in any way if by any event you need to format/buy a new computer?
  11. All I know about steam sales is that WEE is actually master race Hagana top tier waifu and that If my Heart had Wings on Steam is censored and also crappy, I wouldn't buy it :#
  12. Hmm, only one I didn't know about was of the otaku thing, rest I knew about :v
  13. Is this still in editing or is it 100% translated and ready to go? Can't seem to find out. http://fuwanovel.net/novels/koisuru-natsu-no-last-resor
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