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  1. Okay if you want pure love stories i would suggest Clannad, Rewrite and Muv Luv Alternative. The latest "classic" Grisaia no Kajitsu is great too
  2. loving the e-mote system. sweetlight's recent game Himawari!! also used it to great effect.
  3. Man i really need to play Nanairo Reincarnation soon since Dragon Age Inquisition is coming. I think its a lost cause though xD
  4. Currently replaying Hoshimemo. Favorite's games are so fun to replay again and again. really hope someone translates Eternal Heart someday.
  5. RT @kotobukiyas: 水着美少女はいいものだ・・・今期注目の新アニメ『グリザイアの果実』、天音は2015年2月、みちるは3月と連続で発売予定ですよー^^!(byキジ)http://t.co/dTgKQPD89i http://t.co/OnuzLhN2tC

  6. I liked Episode 2 more since it showed Yumiko's POV when Yuuji joined the school. i thought it was pretty cool they did that.
  7. I just replayed Grisaia no Kajitsu's common route again and its still funny a year later. can't wait to see them in the anime. Currently reading the Fate route of F/SN since i heard the current anime is really good.
  8. RT @fw_official: PC版『グリザイアの果実』ですが、お陰様でかつてないリピートを頂いておりまして、 現在メーカー在庫が切れてしまいました。 来週21日には出荷可能になりますので、もうしばらくお待ちください。

  9. Check this out: Lets bring the Grisaia trilogy to the West http://t.co/cf4DKdLxq4

  10. 2ndシングル「あなたの愛した世界」ジャケット写真公開! -南條愛乃 NBCUniversal Entertainment Japan OFFICIAL SITE- http://t.co/u0qBC3bbGP

  11. RT @koestl: So yeah, Sekai Project is going to run a very ambitious Kickstarter to bring the whole Grisaia series over. With some really ni…

  12. RT @koestl: As for "why Kickstarter" - SP is a small company trying to make huge projects happen. Voice licensing costs are big.

  13. RT @sekaiproject: Hm. According to this document, Grisaia fans have some preeeetty good things to look forward to.

  14. RT @koestl: 2015 might be the death of me

  15. RT @sekaiproject: We have news about a certain license coming up soon. Possibly related...? https://t.co/yg3V9Xbv67 #grisaia

  16. RT @MorningMusumeMg: 本日加入しました、12期メンバー! 左から、 尾形春水(おがた はるな) 野中美希(のなか みき) 羽賀朱音(はが あかね) 牧野真莉愛(まきの まりあ) 宜しくお願いします\(^o^)/ #morningmusume14 http…

  17. thanks for the awesome work you guys are putting in. we lub yooou
  18. Did you guys see the Sakuga during Michiru's scene? That was some really good animation! The best part ihas to be Yumiko's scene imo. Loved it when the camera closed up to her eyes when she first sees Yuuji. Can't wait for her dere side to show up
  19. Just watched Grisaia damn exams took me this long to watch it xD i really love the animations and art direction they are going here. Seeing Yuuji speak with the characters is just too awesome.
  20. Everyone! Vote for JYJ - Back Seat for Kpop Music Mondays! http://t.co/UFBoeYsWJK via @eatyourkimchi

  21. Just finished playing Noesis's Ame Koi. Decent, short read about first love and rain. Ogura Yui is awesome as always.. the music is so good and the true end made me teary-eyed... Back to reading Astral Air now.
  22. damn thats a nice song but i liked rikka's song the most. plus shes sings and play piano xD Its a great chara-ge. The story is full of youth romance plus a drama on the side and very well written. if you love romance with happy endings you should read it.
  23. who wouldn't xD but i'm living with my family so it will probably stay in my closet until i get my own house >=(
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