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  1. Okay if you want pure love stories i would suggest Clannad, Rewrite and Muv Luv Alternative. The latest "classic" Grisaia no Kajitsu is great too
  2. loving the e-mote system. sweetlight's recent game Himawari!! also used it to great effect.
  3. Man i really need to play Nanairo Reincarnation soon since Dragon Age Inquisition is coming. I think its a lost cause though xD
  4. Currently replaying Hoshimemo. Favorite's games are so fun to replay again and again. really hope someone translates Eternal Heart someday.
  5. RT @kotobukiyas: 水着美少女はいいものだ・・・今期注目の新アニメ『グリザイアの果実』、天音は2015年2月、みちるは3月と連続で発売予定ですよー^^!(byキジ)http://t.co/dTgKQPD89i http://t.co/OnuzLhN2tC

  6. I liked Episode 2 more since it showed Yumiko's POV when Yuuji joined the school. i thought it was pretty cool they did that.
  7. I just replayed Grisaia no Kajitsu's common route again and its still funny a year later. can't wait to see them in the anime. Currently reading the Fate route of F/SN since i heard the current anime is really good.
  8. RT @fw_official: PC版『グリザイアの果実』ですが、お陰様でかつてないリピートを頂いておりまして、 現在メーカー在庫が切れてしまいました。 来週21日には出荷可能になりますので、もうしばらくお待ちください。

  9. Check this out: Lets bring the Grisaia trilogy to the West http://t.co/cf4DKdLxq4

  10. 2ndシングル「あなたの愛した世界」ジャケット写真公開! -南條愛乃 NBCUniversal Entertainment Japan OFFICIAL SITE- http://t.co/u0qBC3bbGP

  11. RT @koestl: So yeah, Sekai Project is going to run a very ambitious Kickstarter to bring the whole Grisaia series over. With some really ni…

  12. RT @koestl: As for "why Kickstarter" - SP is a small company trying to make huge projects happen. Voice licensing costs are big.

  13. RT @sekaiproject: Hm. According to this document, Grisaia fans have some preeeetty good things to look forward to.

  14. RT @koestl: 2015 might be the death of me

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