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  1. Well ill be damned it's already done. There's even a hack tool. Well ask and you shall receive... I guess... Thanks for all the help and helping me find out that it was already done. I will be coming back.
  2. Wow this got popular fast. Hmm... Well I intend to take my time so no worries there. I do have difficulty reading Japanese but, slow and steady right? Well thanks for the well wishes even if it takes a long time I am a patient man... and I do enjoy a good H-scene...
  3. Have to do the story... even I don't know why, but I have to. As for knowing Japanese I am taking a class at my local cc. And yes this is my first vn to work on. Not play but work on.
  4. Perhaps... Kinda why I wanted to start with it. Small acorns and all that. Plus I have a thing about knowing the story, even if it has very little. I am possible one of the few people that have to know the story. Its a neurotic thing.
  5. Hello As the title stated I am brand new to this and am seeking help. I am not going to lie I have no real skills in anything but am patient and willing to learn. So here is the thing, I found a VN I want to play. I was hoping someone had translated it but to no avail. So, as my father is want to say, if you want it then be prepared to do it your self. The games title is this Japanese Let’s裸GO! ぼくラの自由研究 Romanji Let’s la Go! Bokura no Jiyuu Kenkyuu It can be found for download here http://www.getchu.com/soft.phtml?id=759347 Developer コンプリーツ File Size 708MB Any and all help, words of encouragement, or the pointing out of glaring errors I may have made are welcome. If you would like to help I will check back here daily. Thank you for reading and considering this.