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  1. Tay

    Happy Birthday!

  2. It depends on the vn; Fate stay night did nothing to me except leaving me astounded about how many hours I've put into it ('bout a 100,), not saying I didn't liked it though. Damn... some of that stuff was intense. Games like Little Busters! and G-Senjou no Maou have left a HUGE impact on me though. Little Busters kept me on the verge of crying almost throughout whole refrain and I've never had such a strange emotional connection to fictive characters. Right now, even in real-life I sometimes think "It's a shame Masato ain't here, he would've liked this." or "I wonder what Kyousuke would do in a situation like this." I'm never forgetting Little Busters... ever, and i'm really excited for Ecstasy The reason why G-Senjou no Maou left such an impact on me is because of the nature of vn's; YOU are the protag, YOU talk to all the characters, YOU make the choices etc. I ended up really taking a liking to Haru and the ending made me feel... lost. It was such injustice I thought, and then I just cracked. In fact, I cracked so bad, that when I was talking about it with my mother, I started crying again. Just recalling the scenes, the dialogue, the injustice was enough to make me cry again. Especially because it all involved Haru. Anyway, those are the only 2 that had such an extreme impact on me. The rest... not so much. I remember when playing Sharin no Kuni my emotions were also running rampant, yet it wasn't quite as memorable as Little Busters or G-Senjou. I guess that's because of it's good ending and it's pretty straightforward throughout the game.
  3. The one you see first will be the one most to your liking I think, because that's the way you'll get to know the characters, setting and plot. Anything else tacked on afterwards just seems either out of character or out of place. Not saying this is always so, but exceptions acknowledge the rule
  4. Is there any news on a release date? I've only seen the anime which I thought was great so I'm really excited!
  5. I guess it's all up to the translators then
  6. So from what I gather, the question "Are we getting noticed?" is actually unrelevant, because even if they did, it wouldn't matter. I thought that the vn developers suddenly found a hidden audience, willing to pay (if they can read the vn that is ) I'm not thinking widespread marketing and such, that would be extremely unprofitable. But, they know who their audience is... it's us, right? We have already set aside or accepted cultural differences and are enjoying vn's through fan translation. We don't want english/engrish voice actors, just more translated vn's for us to enjoy. The question is whether "we" are big enough a number for them to actually turn a profit. I think it's strange though, why don't they like fan translation? Their game and their name will be more widespreadly known without losing any kind of profit, right? If anything, they gain sales outside japan. That surprises me, seeing the vast amount of animes and vn's and how they are consumed by people of all ages and both genders. Oh, and I wanted to thank you all for replying, it's very fun to read all your views and opinions!
  7. This is something i've been wondering for a while, but are we, as western vn readers, getting noticed by vn developers? I have no idea how big the complete western vn community (VndB, Fuwan, hell... i've even found a dutch community) but are sales outside japan big enough a number to compete with the japanese? To get actually noticed? I'm asking this because I think It could have dire ramifications for the development of vn's, to satisfy the western buyer. Considering Fuwanovel's catchphrase 'Make visual novels popular in the west,' I thought it would be an interesting topic, and where better than to ask here
  8. That's actually a rather fun question I drink alot of water usually, on weekends something alcoholic. I usually eat whatever can be found in the larder but ever since christmas it has been nothing but chocolate... I wonder why
  9. Happy new year, best wishes to all of you!^^
  10. I've watched and read both the vn and anime of stein's gate and I felt a certain... disconnect from the characters. The biggest fun in watching the anime after reading the anime was pointing out all the little differences. The anime had that ova though, which gave me that closure I was looking for. I'd rather read the vn than watch the anime though.
  11. Zhpd2


    @Alxariam You're totally right about their condescending attitude, you're actually allowed to like Katawa Shoujo here @Tay Kamidori can be a bit... tedious at times You'll be more busy fighting monsters than anything else really. I stopped after the game rolled me right into Emelita's route, which wasn't the one I wanted to do, but I think i'll pick it up again sometime. It's at least worth a try @Steve As a matter of fact, I just picked up it up again I stalled after playing through the game once without doing any of the routes and I was thinking "What? That's it?" I think I got the gist of what it's really all about now, I haven't even met Saya yet. @meru Haha, i'll give it a try Oh, and thank you guys for welcoming me, it means alot^^
  12. Zhpd2


    Hey everyone! My name is Tim, i'm Dutch, 18 years old and I like to play guitar and write songs. I've been into vn's since half a year ever since playing "G-senjou no Maou," never before have I felt such a strong connection to a fictional character. It made me realize that the very nature of vn's is much different from that of a novel, movie or game, and ever since playing that game, I was hooked. I've played Fate/stay night, Saya no uta, Katawa Shoujo, Sharin no Kuni, Shuffle! and i've just finished Steins;Gate. I've stalled Kamidori Alchemy Meister and Little Busters. Anyway, after searching around the web for vn's too read, I inevitably found vndb.org, yet I didn't really like the community it has. After downloading a couple of vn's from tpb I found that fuwanovel had quite a few vn's ready to played, translation included. So after googling I came where I am now. So... that's me, hope you guys had a great christmas^^ Greetings Tim
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