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  1. Am I just blind and/or stupid but doesnt Miyako have a H-scene in her after story?
  2. Dude, this is the internet. A place full of arogant shit that doesnt give a fuck about the health of others....you must be new ;D
  3. OK, guys let us speak about the important things in our lives!!! ....when is Justin Biebers new album comming?
  4. But one of many bad songs. Btw I'm happy to see that i have a fellow ass-man at this thread, respect Ouraibaa
  5. Hahaha, you guys are great i think i will have a good time at this place xD
  6. Hello guys I am new and i could talk about how gratefull and happy I am that someone is finally finishing Miyakos route but that would be to mainstream so i will instead post the image of a creepy pig @Frostian Tsubame fell for the mysterious power of a dick
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