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  1. I can not install Nevertheless, however thanks for helping me
  2. sorry for the inconvenience, but the files are corrupt, i downloaded this 2 times, i want to play this T_T Are alternative links?
  3. This is iso? The iso files opens with another program? if yes then what?
  4. but those items does not exist, I would say Is there someone who has downloaded the game and help me with what I have
  5. i have those folders (DMMD.exe" and/or "DMMD_crack_for_ver_110.exe) should I click sdrt4280x ? or no? Also, when I click on DMMD_crack_for_ver_110.exe keep getting a black screen for a few seconds and then closes
  6. I have windows xp 64 bit, i have downloaded dmmd from fuwanovel and i have change local system to japanese and i tried running sdrt4280j.exe first but i got this in a windows: error reading setup intialization file) i have stop the seed in torrent and antivirus, and i have directx, i have all the files in folder and it is not corrupted. I have download this 3 times and this dont work. i want really play the game, please help me, i'm sorry very much for my english
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