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  1. Hi there french mate, welcome to the forums
  2. It has been a few years now i started to listen to japanese progressive trance, mostly from Taishi (who also made eroge openings), nhato, HSP / Hiroyuki ODA, Kana... Here are a few: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1jQGx88tHfw Taishi feat. Noriko Mitose - Starry Rain (Nhato Remix) - Astraythem OP2 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6c-ojIpQdS8 Nhato - Voices Hatsune Miku - Unfragment (Hiroyuki ODA 2012 Remix) KaNa - Flower Of Snow (Original Mix) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D6ngHDeXJiA Taishi ft. みとせのりこ - Unreal Player
  3. If you know someone in Japan yu could buy them from Amazon.co.jp and make him send them back to you
  4. Okay here's mine: 1) Kanon 2006 2) Clannad + After Story 3) Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuutsu + Shoushitsu 4) Tetsuwan Birdy decode + R2 5) Hidamari Sketch 6) Toradora! 7) Cardcaptor Sakura Bokusatsu Tenshi Dokuro-chan 9) Lucky Star 10) Chuunibyou demo koi ga shitai
  5. Sorry i wasn't precise enough in my first post, i'll edit in sometime later. Well basically i'm not looking for anyone, i just have a SVN in place, extracted all files and was wondering if nyone was interrested to join in the JP>EN translation. I will only be doing JP>FR in my spare time but that way we can help eachother. I can also add folders for anyone who would like to translate into another language than english or french. @Aaeru, yep you got it right. Also their aren't that much french VN sites except the ones that the french teams have. Only this fan VN forum wich is only
  6. Hi, I just started a side trnalsation project on Astraythem visual novel from Chuuablesoft in french http://vndb.org/v7423 This thread is mainly here for those who would be interrested in translating it into english. I have created a SVN repo on assembla so you can give me your nicknames to add you of the project. This being a side project to improve my japanese and use it as exercises i already have extracted the scripts using Nagato's tools for Katahane. Though the tools are made to work on an old version of majiro VN engine so their might be problems for the integration or ev
  7. Hi and welcome to the forums
  8. Yes you can overwite with the newest patch without any problems
  9. So you did touch something because rewrite.reg was for 64bit systems and never had a reg path of [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Key\Rewrite] with the missing Wow6432Node Delete rewrite.reg, rewrite_modif.reg and the bat file then download this http://www.mediafire.com/?pre7pvtu8wb0srd Extract it in the game folderso the three files are next to everything then run the bat in admin mode.
  10. The bat now looks for C:\Windows\SysWOW64 and uses rewrite32.reg as base file to import in registery, you might have modified something because on like 8 64bit computers it does use the good reg path...4There must be 3 files: the bat, rewrite.reg and rewrite32.reg. rewrite_modif is the created one.
  11. Did you try running the bat in admin mode ? Can you screen the text message please ?
  12. No because there is no registery problem with 64bit windows systems Explain your problem and capture error textbox if there is one, there can be multiple problems but the bat does now work with all systems so it can't be a reg problem Thanks
  13. I live in France and yes the VN community is quite small, but in the last two years the number of VN translation project has doubled and we're tryiing to get a small community here but it is difficult. (http://esprit-vn.fr/) The fact is i know quite a few people who play VN because they were the ones who talked about them in the first place and who dragged me into their association (Kawa-Soft) wich officially translates VN. But as said above the manga/anime community here in France is so large, with some communication skills and more projects we might be able to create a bigger community arou
  14. Yes i fixed that in the new batch with a second reg file for 32bit system The batch now finds out wether your system is 32 ou 64bits Aaeru will upload it shortyl
  15. This fix method was made for 32bit windows users. Run the bat, click yes when it wants to import registery settings.
  16. Thanks, someone tested it later but still thanks. Also no Rewrite does not actually need to be in japanese locale to work it was just written in case. Then problem is it's locked for non japanese computers but you can use this patch: http://sst311212.99k.org/system/rlse/SiglusEngine_Patcher.rar
  17. Oh and by the way i'm looking for a tester with 32bit windows to make sure my fix works see here:
  18. Thanks but if i asked it's because i do't have the space nor i want to bother with virtual machines. Also dosen't take much time for someone to extract a 2ko rar and run a bat script
  19. Yes it works with all versions of windows that is 32bit since microsoft has been using that prehistoric registery for AGES
  20. Hi, As some people with 32bit Windows system had trouble with the batch i've made i tried to fix it but since i have no 32bit system i'm looking for someone that would test it for me. Here is the link for the fixed batch with two reg files: http://www.mediafire.com/?0fggmw70i832f8m - Extract the three files in the same directory (dosen't matter wich one since i dosen't import the reg), - Run Make_Rewrite_Work2.bat - Copy code from the rewrite_modif.reg file created in your post Thanks PS: The batch isn't ready to release yet !!
  21. Can you provide us more information please like specs, OS, wether you get an error or not... Also did you erase Wow6432Node or did you just copy the reg code i gave without thinking ? Because that code only worked for him because of the path
  22. Okay great to hear thar. I didn't even think about that iqsue when making the bat I'll fix it sometime tomorrow, glad i was able to help
  23. Hi, Could you try modifying the reg file to have this and run it please ? [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Key] [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Key\Rewrite] "setup_dir"="C:\\Program Files (x86)" "exe_dir"="C:\\Users\\Cazares\\Documents\\Vuze Downloads\\[Fuwanovel] Rewrite\\Rewrite" "dat_dir"="C:\\Users\\Cazares\\Documents\\Vuze Downloads\\[Fuwanovel] Rewrite\\Rewrite" "dat_setup"="full" Thanks Actually Wow6432Node is specific to 64bits windows so that might be the problem. If by modifying the reg it then works tell me so i can provide a fix
  24. I mean you can find old CIA files about Interrogation and such that are interresting in terms of psychology and for others technological knowledge
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