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  1. http://ax2eroge.at.webry.info/201407/article_5.html Lies and Truth (Harvest OverRay).
  2. 飾る世界の嘘 まどろみの様な 意味のない世界に杭を刺す Like a... nap? The second sentence makes no sense. The lie that adorn this world ???? Stabs this meaningless world
  3. Perguntei porque descobri que há uma música que fala sobre Juazeiro e Petrolina. Não conhecia a música.
  4. Isso, no mesmo estado. Mas moro longe dessas cidades, sou do sul da Bahia, enquanto Petrolina e Juazeiro ficam no norte. Você já visitou essa região? Ou fala da música?
  5. Oh, não esperava ver um tópico assim. Tou meio inativo, mas abro o fórum às vezes. Me sinto mais confortável escrevendo português, pois nunca tenho certeza se o que eu escrevo em inglês faz sentido. Culpa minha que nunca me importei em aprender gramática, e apenas uso inglês para ler na internet.
  6. Sorry for taking this long to reply. If you can't 'drop' mashiroiro.exe on shortcut setup, just type the path and click next. e.g. D:\JP\Visual Novels\Palette\Mashiroiro Symphony\mashiroiro.exe
  7. 旧内田駅があったところで、そこを中心に市街が発展していた。 Any help? "In the place where was the old Station Uchida, was where the downtown developed." ? sorry bad grammar
  8. First, be sure to change your time zone. Download NTLEA 0.92 -> http://up.ht/1yxk8dj I just remember that only this version works in Mashiro Iro 1 - Open ntleass.exe 2 - Drop mashiroiro.exe to create a NTLEA shortcut 3 - Click NEXT > NEXT > Create 4 - Launch the shortcut.
  9. 1 - Download the crack file -> http://bit.ly/1v6rPm3 2 - Open the crack (Don't close it until the instalation finish) 3 - Try install the game 4 - Type the serial You may need NTLEA to play the game. Be sure to change your time zone.
  10. I've read all released volumes and it was very good. Unfortunately I have watched only 11 episodes. I think the episode 11 adapted the last part of volume 3. Rinslet best girl.
  11. Little Busters adaptation: Shit. I haven't watched Fortune Arterial and Tsukihime yet, but seems that the adaptation was not good.
  12. Sharin no Kuni, Himawari no Shoujo ~ Same writer of G-Senjou no Maou. Rewrite Tsukihime
  13. Welcome to the forums! I'm brazilian too. Here are some recommendations: Rewrite, G-Senjou no Maou, Sharin no Kuni
  14. I think my first anime was Inazuma Eleven (or Hunter x Hunter), when I were a kid I watched on TV. But at that time I didn't know that it was a anime.
  15. Jaan, this is my new pijamas US ~ ID: 298644642 Buut, I'm almost inactive.
  16. Welcome brazilian fellow I'll also recommend Little Busters! for you, I hope you enjoy it Unfortunately there's not much brazilian forums that talks about Visual Novel.
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