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  1. I have changed it, and it's still the same. I also have installed the required font for this VN several times now.
  2. So, I've been playing this on my PC and there was no problem at. Then I got my new laptop, and I wanted to continue this there. But after I moved it to my laptop, it crashed when a dialogue comes up. And so, I checked what's the problem and I found this And I think that is the reason I keep crashing, any ideas?
  3. By the way, I wonder if there is a dl link for the full version of the OP. I've been looking for it but just can't find it. I know the full version exist, I mean, go to Extra(If I'm not wrong) and then Music, then choose "solitude" and bam there's a full version of it.
  4. Kinda scared to just read it like that, I might struck something that I have to know in the first one. So, do I have to?
  5. I shall wait my self to death if I have to. Only need Miyako's though.
  6. Mostly I would stop if the story ends with either death of the heroine or, like what you've wrote, Tiagof. It's not a "sad death" by the way, it's more like getting old and/or die together with the protagonist. Some sorta fetish? What do you call it? Psychological problem? Anyway, I hope you guys finish it soon! I'll be patient like a dog here, and cheer on ya!
  7. Oh mai gad I can't wait for Miyako's after story!! I can't proceed to any other route in the original unless I read the after story in S! x(
  8. Nah, I know wide about what this game is about, but I was expecting the route to expand as far as fighting Caesar in the war. Give me a bit spoiler, which route expands to Caesar's battle in the war?
  9. Ahh man, I just started reading Comyu ~A Black Dragon on a Gentle Kingdom~ recently even though it's been on my PC for months, hell, I never expected this VN got a heroine that could interest me. But I was wrong. I got interested in Takekawa Benio, she's somewhat an unique character, and her stuff isn't too big like what most perverts like these days (yes, those perverts includes me but I'm not a fan of big boobs). But then she got the shortest ending of other heroines (I think, I lost the mood to read another route after finishing Hisoka's). Man, can't they at least give me a longer after-story or maybe a better after story than ending it on a two-timed date that hasn't even begin? Haha, maybe I just read too much VN with long after story huh? Actually, is majority of Visual Novels (the one with routes like this one) always ends with a short after story?
  10. Indeed learning JP is faster than waiting for TL, besides, the thing you learned could be used to read any other un-translated Visual Novels right? (And also other things than reading VNs ) Plus, if you learn Japanese because you want to read the VN, the feelings that you have for the VN might not change, because you REALLY LOVE that VN that you go through all the pain. But there are 'uncapable' people like me who can't learn a language in 5 years or more, even though my dream is to study in Todai. I just hope Ryu's work will continue, ganbatte Ryukito! EDIT: Oh yeah btw, Ryukito, do you have any plans to translate Amane's route? That route is one of the reasons I want to read this, other than that is to see Kanako and Aoi became lovers
  11. The only reason I want to read this is because I want to see the Double Dating that Aoi mentioned in the short after-story in Amane's route (it seems that event was included in this Fandisk). I bet this would only concentrate on sex scenes though... Sorry for lame English, still new here
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