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  1. Ohh... I'd changed my Keyboard setting to Japanese, so I thought I'd already done that, but it turns out the Regional setting is something different. It's working now. Thanks ^^
  2. I did a forum search, and someone posted a thread about Moon in 2013, but it asked about a different problem than the one I'm experiencing (or that is talked about in the game's Readme). Trying to open the game brings up this error message. http://s27.postimg.org/bzx111ra9/Moon.png I've tried using all the compatibility settings, but it all results in the same message.
  3. 20 minutes and 20 percent, this is going well.
  4. Awesome chart. A VN translation coming out in 1988 is surprising, though. The internet didn't even exist yet.
  5. Alas, once the time comes I'm afraid I'll have no choice but to play Meikyuu soon as it comes out. No matter how awful the cliffhanger is, the promise of Yuuji's backstory is too much not to read it right away. >_>
  6. Relative to the quickly translated Kajitsu, it's pretty short. But whatever, points taken. And I don't think I'll regret anything. I have no idea what Rakuen's about, so it doesn't have me as interested as Meikyuu, which I know is Yuuji's backstory.
  7. I think people are being a little pessimistic. koetsl is translating one relatively short VN (vndb says it's 10-30 hours), for which there won't be any dilly-dallying since it's a commercial product rather than a fan translation, and suddenly the likewise fairly short Meikyuu won't be available for several years?
  8. Someone in the comments says Meikyuu is 80 percent translated? Does anyone know if there's any truth to that?
  9. Okay, thanks batman. This discussion is over my head for the most part since I'm a newbie and uninvolved with the community, just wanted to make sure I could still play some of the VNs I haven't gotten to yet...
  10. The game was released at Comiket 86. Discuss it here.
  11. Wasn't the preview for the Grisaia anime supposed to come out yesterday?
  12. I hope you'll still keep on playing Visual Novels sometimes, Tay, even if you stop being the admin for this place. It would be sad to see people lose passion for such a great thing.
  13. Initially, I mainly found her grumpiness endearing. The narrative trumps her up as being unfriendly and mean, but considering who her company entails, can you really blame her? In the Common Route (where everyone was meaner than they become in the heroine routes), I actually found her to be one of the more easygoing characters. Early stuff with Yuuji aside, leave her alone and she won't bother you.
  14. I finished Shizuru's route a few days ago, and something that confuses me is that Nishikujou-sensei warns Kotaru that Shizuru is 'unstable.' Does she mean physically unstable/unhealthy? Because Shizuru never came across as emotionally unstable in her route. Very much the opposite, actually. She always seemed very steady and levelheaded. The complete lack of such a trait seemed odd since the factoid was presented in such a way that it seemed as though Shizuru's "instability" would factor into the story later on. Lucia would be the emotionally unstable one, if anything. (Or maybe Akane as well, I haven't played her route yet...)
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