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  1. I've been logged out and lurking for years but I logged in to say I really hope this comes to fruition. I somewhat foolishly bought the Steam version hoping for the R-18 patch to be reliable coming from Fakku, but of course Sekai/Denpa were the ones working on it and had to fuck it up like they do everything it seems.
  2. Helloo people, i'm new... Anyway, I'm playing Grisaia no Kajitsu right now also, on the Sachi route first as I don't want to start routes of either my most liked or disliked characters so kinda aiming downing the middle and going with Sachi, though she's becoming 1 of my favourite characters, but I suppose that happens when you go down a characters route xD
  3. Whoever Tokidan is, he's certainly hidden himself well! xD I was planning to try found out his personal email address and contact him through that but i've no such luck finding it...
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