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About Me

I'm a great fan of weird videos, feel free to send me ones~

I was bored so i decided to change this.

My real name is Juan Ramon i'm 17 years old and i'm in 4 semester of high school on  a religous school ugh, i watch anime since i was 12, this was because i watched some caramelldansen anime amv watched that anime, later i decided to watch pokemon movies and search anime on youtube.

I started playing VNs when i finished koihime musou S3, i was in facebook and saw a screenshot of the vn, i knowed what where VNs but i throught it was only japanese so i asked the link and started playing it but never finished.

I'm a fan of KEY, i liked rewrite a lot, since it had supernatural powers and it was interesing for me so that week i didn't do any homework tehee~

As you can see i'm a mexican from tacolandia, it's hot here you might not surive~

I'm a great fan of hyperdimension neptunia, since i watched a anime promocional image, i have all of the released tl main series and "working for a ps vita halp i need money!".

My fav anime girl as you call "waifu" is tohka from date a live


Noire from nepunia:


I don't have fav mangas or animes since i like a lot of them.

I'm the producer of CruelN1N1 productions, former recorder from karaoke and planing another stupid projects~

Feel free to add me on steam and PSN network: CruelN1N1 both use same names



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