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  1. Kyuuketsuki no Libra TL quality

    If that happens I will be more than happy to play the game again. Until then however that's a big no no from me. Motherfucking stomach bam. Wtf guys seriously.
  2. Kyuuketsuki no Libra TL quality

    I made it about 2 hours before I had to stop. It's like they forgot to edit the translation and released it as is or something. I thought I was losing my mind with weird phrases such as "A stomach bam" but it just keeps getting weirder until I found myself actually angry at how confused this was making me. With a fixed script this game could be great but as it is, yeah don't buy it for sure.
  3. I have to agree with Saggz. The translation is quite frankly, baffling. I've only made it about 2 hours into the game if that and already I just can't bring myself to continue as it's just driving me crazy. The more I read the stupider I feel for not understanding these weirdly worded sentences. There are only 2 explanations as to why it's so off. Either they got someone to translate/edit and English isn't their native language, or they mistakenly added the raw translation script to the game instead. I want to like the game I really do, but with the translation as it is currently I just can't handle reading anymore without getting irritated and confused, which leads me to shutting it down.
  4. Koiken Otome Discussion and Poll

    No bonus route far as I can tell. Either that or this patch doesn't show you the option to start it. All 4 routes finished and that's all there is.
  5. After the intro movie the game just stops responding. The movie finishes and then the pop up window never closes and both screens are just white. However when I try and close the game down it asks me if I am sure I want to quit with a normal ingame pop up menu thing. Not sure if this is intended or not or even how long the "prologue" is but thought I'd mention it in case it's an error.
  6. XBlaze Code: Embryo anyone play it?

    I finished all the routes just yesterday with exception to the gag route and I gotta say, I was enjoying the stories quite a lot but I have 1 major complaint. They just kinda... end. I know it sounds weird but it's like they wrote 3/4 of the story and forgot they had to end the story so they made it so within 2 or 3 scenes the game is over. Not to mention there was only 1 ending I'd consider truly happy. The rest are all downer endings, which left me with a bit of a bad taste in my mouth at the end. Kuon - Route spoilers so beware obviously Mei Hinata Es Totally threw me out of the story since there was little build up to the characters becoming attached to each other in my eyes. The true route is somewhat exempt from this since they did a decent job with it but everyone else. Shame since it had a pretty decent story and I liked the characters only to feel let down at the end. However on the plus side due to an error on my part I ended up with 2 copies of the game. That'll teach me to forget I pre-ordered. Now to work out what the hell to do with this second one...